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Ideas and evidence for marketing people. Coca-Cola's Joe Tripodi On Staying Relevant. The Very Best of Coca-Cola. 5 Lessons from Coca Cola’s New Content Marketing Strategy. Coca Cola has been part of popular culture for over 100 years and has been called a “Vision Brand“.

5 Lessons from Coca Cola’s New Content Marketing Strategy

Its marketing and communication is purposeful and connects with its audience in a way that makes it stand out from its competitors. Its mission is not about selling products but to create significant positive change in the world that makes the world a better place. Coca Cola’s mission statement To refresh the worldTo inspire moments of optimism and happinessTo create value and make a difference Recently they have realised that their marketing strategy that has worked well for them for decades needed to evolve and as such they are moving from “Creative Excellence” to “Content Excellence” Creative excellence has always been at the heart of Coca Cola’s advertising and they have decided that content is now the key to marketing in the 21st century on a social web.

Content for Coca Cola is is now the “Matter” and “Substance” of “Brand Engagement” Lesson 1: Create Liquid Content Lesson 4. Google Challenges Global Brands To ReMake TV Ads As Digital Campaigns. Google has partnered with four global brands for an advertising experiment to reimagine their classic TV commercials.

Google Challenges Global Brands To ReMake TV Ads As Digital Campaigns

The aim of ‘Project Re:Brief‘ is to remake the iconic ad campaigns with the help of the people who made them, using today’s technology, so they inspire a new generation of creatives and marketers. This year, internet advertising turns 18-years-old. And yet despite almost two decades of innovation online, digital ads are still being used to simply inform more than they’re being used to connect, engage and entertain. So we designed this experiment to re-imagine what advertising can be and push the boundaries of how creative ideas and our technology can work hand in hand.

Project Re:Brief provides creative remakes of the Coca-Cola “Hilltop” campaign and the Volvo “Drive It Like You Hate It” campaign. Take a look at a video introduction to Project Re:Brief: Volvo’s ad was re-imagined to tell the story of Irv Gordon and his 1966 Volvo P1800S through an interactive app: "Project Re: Brief. Project Re: Brief by Google. The Overview "Hilltop" (1971) - Harvey Gabor, Art Director "Forty years ago Bill Backer and myself had a wish, and that was to buy the world a Coke.

Project Re: Brief by Google

I am honored to have lived long enough to see that wish become a reality. " — Harvey Gabor This year, we partnered with Coca-Cola and Harvey Gabor to re-imagine "Hilltop" for the digital age. See how a wish made in 1971 was brought to life for today’s generation. Watch the film The Tech The Concept Harvey’s re-imagined ad enables users to actually ‘buy the world a Coke’ from their computer or phone, and connect with someone on the other side of the world through the magic of display advertising. Desktop Mobile Real-Life Social Networking The world is closer than ever before.