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Mottos for Writing a Research Paper Proposal

04 may 2021

Mottos for Writing a Research Paper Proposal

Making a research paper starts with writing a research paper proposal. It can be a Business research proposal or a Technology one, but its aim remains the same - to persuade your committee that you will be able to conduct good research on this issue. So, the weaker your research paper proposal is, the more pieces of work you will have to produce to get approval from the committee’s representatives.


So, how about defending your research paper proposal from the first try? Let us do it, my friend!


Be brief!


This is the first "online writing services" company advice for you. Your piece of writing should be shorter than ten pages: try to fit all your best ideas into this short work. You can do it!


Present your best ideas and strongest points!!


Imagine that this is your last chance to defend your research paper proposals. So, this paper should be filled with the most convincing facts ever, with lots of strong arguments and bright examples. Your research paper proposals should leave no doubt that you deserve to conduct this research (in fact, you are the only one who can manage to do it!)


Follow a certain structure!


Your committee representatives should provide you with the structure they expect you to follow. This is easy to just stick to their format. On the other hand, if your examiners have asked you to work out your own research paper proposal’s structure, take into consideration our research paper proposal outline:

•             Introduction of a research paper proposal;

•             Description of the issue under consideration;

•             Literature overview of a research paper proposal;

•             Procedure of research (including its methodology and timeline)

•             Expected outcomes of research;

•             Conclusion.

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