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26 Teacher Tools To Create Online Assessments. You teach, which means you need to know what students do and don’t understand.

26 Teacher Tools To Create Online Assessments

Which means you need to assess. You teach in the 21st century, which means you use the internet and digital tools to plan, share, and curate learning. Which means online assessments could be a boon to your teaching, whether for blended learning, a flipped classroom, eLearning, to better communicate learning progress to parents, or for students to track their own mastery. So then one or two of the 26 teacher tools to create online assessments by Classroomaid Chuang may prove useful to you, yes? E-learning Software, Services and Authoring Tools from authorGEN. Introduction to LAMS.


Claroline. Moodle. Si loin Si proche. E-Learning Strategy. Comparatif. Out with the old LMS in with the new: Part I « E-Learning 24/7 Blog. Out with the old into the new LMS: Part 2 « E-Learning 24/7 Blog. 10 Things to Consider Before Choosing an LMS. So you know you want an LMS.

10 Things to Consider Before Choosing an LMS

Good. This article isn’t here to tell you why you need one, or why you should use one, this is a guide for anyone who already knows they want an LMS, just wants a guide for what to check for. Over the years I have spent many hours testing content and trying various different Learning Management Systems, and have even done some LMS (like) design work with Articulate Online. Over that time period I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about what does work well, and what doesn’t work well in a lot of systems, so based on my knowledge on the subject, here is my list 10 things to consider before choosing in an LMS. 1. There are 3 LMS standards of significance these days, AICC, SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004. A little history on the standards… The AICC standard was developed by the aviation industry in 1993 and has evolved a bit over the years, but remains pretty similar to its roots.

SCORM 2004 was released in 2004 (shocker huh?) 2. 3. Use Scripted Demos 4. 5. LMS Resources. I know, I know.

LMS Resources

You don’t have time for all of this. You need an LMS and you have a teeny tiny amount of time to spend figuring it all out. Resist the temptation to skim the surface!! Several studies have revealed that at least HALF of the organizations that invested in an LMS were at least somewhat dissatisfied with their selection! Many orgs find themselves having to pay more than they anticipated to add or change features they thought they were already getting or in the configurations they needed. More LMS Options for Associations on a Budget. And the emails just keep coming in!

More LMS Options for Associations on a Budget

Of course I welcome more leads and suggestions for LMSes that are well-suited to the association sector and will continue to include links periodically. I am finding that I just don’t have the time to try out all of them. I am hoping to get a sample course together to post in various places so you can see how the same course or tutorial would work/look in different environments, but what I produce and what you’re going to offer are likely different anyway, so doing your own experimentation is your best option.

For the time being, know that I’ll note where I’ve experimented and where I haven’t… none of these comments are endorsements; no one paid for a chance to be listed here. Right now we can afford to be financially independent, so we mention anybody we want without offending an advertiser or sponsor, and that’s how we like it :) That said… Here are a few more LMS and LCMS options to consider: Educadium has a nice platform called Easy Campus. Whew! E-learning open source. Vous avez une expertise?

e-learning open source

Pour la commercialiser sur internet, il faut bien évaluer vos gains, surveiller vos coûts et faire preuve d’un peu de flair… Payer le juste prix pour une solution d’e-learning est une préoccupation naturelle. Elle l’est plus encore lorsqu’on souhaite l’utiliser pour vendre son expertise, pour commercialiser en ligne des modules de formation. Dans ce cas, l’évaluation du prix d’une formation en e-learning pourra se baser sur: Le prix du marchéVos coûts de productionL’attractivité de votre offre.

Home - LAMS Documents (English) Last changed Aug 23, 2011 14:52 by Jeremy Page Adobe has released a Flash Player version about a week ago.

Home - LAMS Documents (English)

This is -as of today, the latest version of Flash player for all platforms. This particular version of Flash has shown to have problems with LAMS Authoring only in version LAMS 2.3.4. When trying to load LAMS Author, the loading process stops at about 50% load or it shows a black window instead. We strongly suggest to apply the patch if you are running LAMS 2.3.4. This patch is available from the Patches wiki page.

As usual, if you need any help, let us know. Thanks,