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Projets d'architecture

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HomeDSGN, a daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on interior design and home decoration. House on the Flight of Birds. La nouvelle création de Bernardo Rodrigues surprend d’abord par sa forme : composée d’assemblages de volumes rectilignes et de rondeurs, le tout n’en reste pas moins harmonieux, s’inscrivant avec subtilité dans le paysage.

House on the Flight of Birds

La composition en devient d’autant plus intéressante lorsque l’on comprend qu’elle est adaptée à l’environnement de la maison. La façade composée d’un rectangle orange permet de protéger l’ensemble de la maison du vent provenant de l’Atlantique et abrite une terrasse très agréable sur le toit de la maison, offrant une vue à 360° sur l’ensemble de l’île. Luxury Bespoke Furniture, Homes, Kitchens, Contemporary Interiors & Travel. Ribbon Vacation House by G2 Estudio. The Ribbon mountainside house was designed by Argentinian architects G2 Estudio.

Ribbon Vacation House by G2 Estudio

Located in San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia in Argentina, the construction of the residence (4,300 sq ft) was ordered by two families living in Tahiti, who wanted a vacation residence with a wide integrated space for leisure and recreation and all the necessary equipment to a holiday house. According to the architects, “the initial idea comes from the juxtaposition of volumes, each containing different functions, on one hand the social life and in the others the private life.

When this volumes meet each other, mixing the geometry and the space, it generate dynamic routes between the activity and rest areas of the house, that getting in tension they experiment the transition between being supported on the rock to raise into the sky searching perfect visuals…