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10 + 1 Picture Books to Teach Inference. I remember I was told to teach inference as a 4th grade teacher, it was one of the many skills students were supposed to develop in literacy, and I was astickler for following the rules. So the first year I sat with my lesson plans, every word penciled out and guided my studenst through the lesson. We inferred because the book told us to. When a child asked me why they were learning this, I answered, “Because you will need it next year.” That successfully quieted the child, and I felt satisfied, I had been able to give them a reason for what we were doing and so they did it. Yet, the act of inferring is so much bigger than “next year.” I have to start with one of my favorites and the one I chose to start this year’s lessons with; I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen. And I have to highlight the kind of sequel This Is Not My Hat also by Jon Klassen.

Boats for Papa is a new picture book by Jessixa Bagley that I immediately fell in love with. No, David! Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne. PROBE 2 Reading Comprehension Assessment | Triune Initiatives Ltd. PROBE 2 better enable teachers to evaluate students' skills and ability to read closely and intelligently. Like the original PROBE , this new assessment was developed from the ground up, including: writing original stories, creating the question taxonomy and crafting specific questions.

The stories are, as much as possible, culturally and geographically unbiased, not compromised by pictures, leading titles or introductions that may interfere with students using the text. The primary purpose is to gather relevant data for teaching purposes. Consequently, it is best described as a controlled, in-depth interview - designed to achieve a greater understanding as to how readers engage with text. FOR USE BY specialists and classroom teachers.

FOR USE WITH ♦ 7 yr olds to adults - wherever English is being read ♦ younger students who decode well ♦ students learning to read English as a second language SETTING individual CONTENTS (2-book kit) 1. Combook.pdf.