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Fabulous Adventures of Listgirl. Amy tangerine. Last Saturday morning, Jack woke up crying at 4am stuck in the top right corner of his crib.

amy tangerine

Hello. I'm a Paper Addict. Happiness is Scrappy. Betwixt & Between. A little bit of me. Having another year of Project Life wrapped up and completed (almost!)

a little bit of me.

Feels amazing. I love love LOVE the concept behind Project Life, and how it easily allows me to organize my family's photos and memories in a way that will help me remember all of these little everyday moments, years from now. Because the everyday moments are really the extraordinary ones once they're no longer here everyday, right?! For me - the focus of my Project Life album is (and always has been) THE PHOTOS. Happy Little Studio. Coolbeans. Mumkaa. Becky Higgins. {creative crafting} Scrapbooking Kits, Paper & Supplies, Ideas & More at! Roebuck Adventures. The Picinic Basket. Look What I Made. It's that time again to share my Simple Scrapper layouts for the month.

Look What I Made

Living My Dream. Findingnana » Blog. Seriously...brains. Avinash and Nandini. iPhoneography, the worlds #1 iPhone photography blog, bringing you the latest news, reviews and events - iPhone Journal. Kinseywilson. For my Studio Calico September 2013 (Double Scoop) gallery, I did a Project Life spread with a watercolored faux gradient grid insert/filler card and I've developed a little crush on them...grids + sequenced color blocks???


YES. I actually made several of the same grid (the middle of the left side of the spread) because I wanted some extras just in case and I ended up using some of the backups on the right side of the spread as well (I like having a couple cards in each spread that tie my color combos together.) The top middle card with the punched circles over a grid card and the week in review card on the bottom right both started out as gradient grid cards that I got a little out of control with the paint brush so they got repurposed :) Shanna noel. On today. Design Editor. The Green Frog Studio. Mihm, Party of Two. In a Creative Bubble.

Lindsay Teague Moreno. Sheri Mae Designs. The moments in between. March has been a hang on for dear life sort of month.

the moments in between

It usually is - with spring break and three birthdays, there's just really no hope of it being a laidback month. Add in 5 days out of town and teaching a class, and it's fair to say it's been a whirlwind. We celebrated the last of the birthdays yesterday. The last Color Studio lesson went up this morning. And that brings us right up to.... reveal day! Studio Calico's April kit, Bluegrass Farm, goes up today.

If you're just starting your Color Theory Collection, these are my favorite colors for this month - Deja Blue, Clean Slate and Sunny Day. My projects with the Bluegrass Farm scrapbook kit surprised me. Once I started working with Pip, however, that changed. Cherish Everyday. Embrace your inner minimalist. Deb duty photography. Cathy Zielske's Blog. I have trouble sleeping.

Cathy Zielske's Blog

I'm not alone. Nearly 40 million men and women suffer from sleep disorders, ranging from insomnia to sleep apnea to snoring, just to name a few. I haven't slept through the night since I was a teenager. That said, during my 20s and 30s, I could fall sleep anywhere and pretty much at any time. Hardwood floors with a blanket? When I hit my 40s, the shit started to hit the sleeping fan. In 2009, it reached a breaking point for me. Jennifer Woodbury. I'm sorry 2013, but I am ready to see you out the door.

Jennifer Woodbury

I feel like I unwittingly hopped on a roller coaster in January when we listed our house for sale, and it just now looks like the end of the ride might be in sight. The first half of the year can basically be summed up with a stressful move out of our house, two failed IVF procedures, and Matt leaving his job of 5 years for what seemed like a promising new opportunity. And just for fun, let's also throw in Matt's long and painful case of the shingles in June. By the end of the summer however, I was optimistic that life would finally settle down. We were in a new (to us) house that we loved and Matt was settling into and really happy with his new position. And then not less than two hours later, he got a phone call from a co-worker telling him that the founder of his company had been arrested. So much for life settling down. Without Filters. The {Hufford House} Marcy Penner » scrapbooking and everyday life.

Elise Blaha. I'd love to introduce a new feature around here...

Elise Blaha

"three things I know to be true. " This is the tippy-top of the list of things I would share with a new small business owner (or in future posts, with new home-owner, mom, bride, newlywed, blogger, etc) who's looking for advice. Obviously, with everything, THIS IS WHAT WORKS FOR ME, but that's what blogging IS.

The Scrappy Jedi. Traci Reed Designs. Project Life and other creative endeavors.