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Sweater project

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Free Determinng Fiber Content Burn Test Chart from Fiber Images. As crafters, many of us take advantage of special sales on fabrics and yarns.

Free Determinng Fiber Content Burn Test Chart from Fiber Images

Sometimes the fiber content of these specials may not be known. To determine the fiber content without special chemicals or microscopes, the "burn test" is a simple, non-technical method to determine the fiber content of an unknown fiber. WARNING - USE CAUTION. This method does involve an open flame and an unknown factors of how fast and how the yarns/threads will burn. Be sure to work in a well ventilated area and over a nonflammable surface.

You will need: the fiber in question a pair of tweezers an igniter (match, lighter, etc.) a non-flammable work surface container of water catch container (something that will not burn such as an old tin can, a glass or metal baking dish, etc.) 1. 2. 3. Note: If the fabric/yarn is a blend or if the fabric/yarn is treated (sizing or finishes), the burn test will product unreliable results. advertisement Return to Top of Page. Welcome to Samii Land! Felt alphabet blocks. Two kitties: Felted Sweater projects. When was the last time you changed the needle on your sewing machine?

two kitties: Felted Sweater projects

I'm guessing that mostly people only change the needle if it breaks. I'm guessing that my sister, who uses my Mom's 1960's nightmare Singer, has *never* changed the needle. I'm guessing that my Mom never changed the needle either. If you have a newer machine, chances are they provided a small envelope of needles, each with a different color tip.

Some brands might use a letter, like Q for Quilting, and some might have a number. And you will be much happier with your machine and your sewing if you choose the right needle for the task. I made this little needle keeper out of a fabric scrap and some quilt batting and I keep it close to my machine. Even if you stick to sewing fabrics of similar weight, it's important to change the needle from time-to-time to keep it straight and sharp. . * I have two machines, and their parts are not simpatico. Tutorials Archive - The Handmade Adventures of Captain Crafty. We are zooming to the end of the school year.

Tutorials Archive - The Handmade Adventures of Captain Crafty

For my boys that means moving on from preschool, exciting and scary! This week we worked hard to come up with a unique and special thank you gift for their teachers – made by them. Inspired by this tutorial, join us for our experiment in kid friendly batik. For this project we used - *2 yards of white Kona cotton, we cut the fabric lengthwise into four scarves. *Elmer’s Washable Gel Glue (Blue or Clear) *Cheap Acrylic Craft Paint *Saran Wrap – for protecting our work space *Blow Dryer – for speeding up the dry time! *Paint Brushes and Glass Paint Jars After our scarves were washed and dried we lay them out flat on a layer of Saran wrap and the boys decorated them with Elmer’s Gel glue — After the fabric is sufficiently glooped with lots of glue patterns you must let the glue dry overnight.

Liberally paint your fabric with your “fabric stain”, allowing it to soak all the way through your fabric. Free Patterns For Recycled Wool Sweater Toys. FELTED COAT PATTERN - Only Free Patterns. By adminOn March 2, 2013Under Patterns Cromarty Coat | Knit Rowan – Yarns, Knitting Patterns, Crochet Pauline’s Felt Coat for Hitty.

FELTED COAT PATTERN - Only Free Patterns

Hitty Madison has been busy getting ready for winter. There is a scale line of 1 inch on the pattern. Please make sure that your copy Felted Coat, Hat and Purse for Doll Click to zoom in new window: Alice Hermann Muscatine, IA: Second Place: but could not find a felted coat pattern. Felted Coat – CraftStylish – CraftStylish – Sewing, Knitting Felted Coat With Fun Fur Most current review / See all reviews Write a review. Coat felted from merino and silk lap | Flickr – Photo Sharing! This pattern is for a felt coat, jacket and vest by ReVisions #106. Chris Knits in Niagara: Nuno Felt Coat The application of Fun Fur to the Coat will increase the finished measurements slightly.

Coat 3/20/2011 · Original patterns, comments and works in progress, all from Chris’ knitted world. FLORAL FELTED COAT Vogue Knitting Magazine Holiday 2005 #13. DIY Alert: turn your favorite old sweater into happening baby slippers. Upcycled sweaters. I basically draw out a shape on paper that I think will work for a felted purse, I sometimes cut out a cardboard copy of this if I think I will make more than one.

upcycled sweaters

Recycled Felted Sweater Purse Then you need to find a sweater of your choice from the thrift store…go for 100% wool whenever possible they felt up a lot better than other types. Take this cool find to your washing machine and do all the things you have been told not to do to wash your wool sweater! Hot water, lots of soap and agitate! When you have done this rinse out the soap using cold water, spin and place in the drier…this should now be a few sizes smaller ! I use an easy envelope style flap on the front of the purse.