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New Facebook Pages with Timeline Design – 12 Pros & Cons. With Redesign, It's Easier Than Ever To Make And Share Cool Infographics. When Co.Design first wrote about data visualization startup, CEO Stew Langille hinted that he was already planning the young company’s next move. “We’ll have to be nimble," he told Cliff Kuang in 2011.

"As this market evolves, we’ll have to evolve with it. " And evolve they have. Today, the company unveiled a major redesign that adds social functionality, community features, and a slick new interface for browsing’s massive inventory of user-generated infographics. “It represents a step toward the future,” Langille tells Co.Design over email, “making it possible for everyone to participate, communicate, and collaborate in the infographic creation process.” 12 Annoying Things About Your Website That Drive People Away. How many times have you visited a website and ended up sorely disappointed?

12 Annoying Things About Your Website That Drive People Away

Or worse, annoyed as all get out? For me, the answer is an easy one: a lot! So, I put together a list of the 12 things that annoy me the most about websites.


PremiumCoding. For U.S. companies, EU cookie compliance calls for website changes. Current estimates put the number of Internet users in the European Union (EU) at more than half a billion, making it an attractive target for online businesses.

For U.S. companies, EU cookie compliance calls for website changes

But recent and proposed changes to various EU directives mean an existing website, even if it's owned by a U.S. company or served by a U.S. -based server, may not be compliant with revised members gain immediate and unlimited access to breaking industry news, virus alerts, new hacker threats, highly focused security newsletters, and more -- all at no cost. Join me on today! EU data privacy laws if it targets citizens in the EU. These requirements may well mean a complete change to how a site or business processes work. The EU data privacy laws that came into force last May state that storing and accessing information on users' computers (i.e. cookies) is only lawful if the user has given consent.

ICO banner (for full size, right-click image and open in new window) IIS Security. 12 Critical Elements Every Homepage Must Have [Infographic] If you’re considering a website redesign or are wondering how to generate more leads from your website, it's a good idea to start with your homepage.

12 Critical Elements Every Homepage Must Have [Infographic]

Serving as your company's virtual front door, this page is generally responsible for drawing in a majority of your website's traffic. And despite its prominence, many businesses struggle to optimize it properly. You see, your homepage needs to wear a lot of hats. Rather than treating it like a dedicated landing page built around one particular action, it should be designed to serve different audiences, from different origins.

And in order to do so effectively, it needs to be built with purpose. So to improve the performance of your homepage, check out the following infographic detailing 12 critical elements every homepage must have. Internet Marketing Tools: Free SEO Tools. Website Speed and Performance Optimization. 5 Essential Elements of Fantastic Top of Funnel Offers. Popular Today in Business: All Popular Articles You’ve already done your on page SEO.

5 Essential Elements of Fantastic Top of Funnel Offers

You’re getting found. Traffic is healthy – and increasing. But that’s it. You’ve got this great magnet pulling in visitors but they’re like bees buzzing around a plastic sunflower. Top of funnel (TOFU) offers are one of the most critical steps in building a successful inbound marketing program to generate leads. You’re sitting in a bar when… I like to think about TOFU offers in the following way. These advertisements are what I call your “meet me” offers. Why are they there? Why Are They There? Does your offer speak to the reason a visitor is on the page where your offer appears? What Do They Want: The Value x Impact Formula Every industry will have its own specific factors that make great TOFU offers. Does It Make Sense?

Visitors increasingly can sniff out the free lunch offers and have learned to avoid even the appearance of something that doesn’t make sense. Do they Trust You? Making Your Offer. Five Ways to Improve the Visitor Experience of Your Website. Popular Today in Business: All Popular Articles No matter how good the product is that’s being sold online, if the website is not convenient for customers to use, it’s very possible they will move on to another site and never come back.

Five Ways to Improve the Visitor Experience of Your Website

It is paramount for business owners to find ways to make visiting their website a good experience for customers. Doing so does not require a major overhaul of the whole site. The main goal is to make it as easy as possible for the customer to conduct business on the website. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, but here are five that should prove to be a good start.

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