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Mark Storey-Selfridges Design Portfolio. Top sensory marketing trends for 2016. Multi-sensory experiences will be crucial in attracting consumer attention in 2016.

Top sensory marketing trends for 2016

In a world where digital devices dominate, engaging consumers by stimulating their senses beyond purely visual or audio advertising has the potential to be incredibly powerful. Virtual reality to connect online and in-store experiences One of the biggest trends in 2016 will be the increased use of virtual reality technology, including those with added sensory experiences involving taste and smell. The number of virtual reality shopping experiences will also increase as online users move around the store, try products and then describe and review the items online using filmed live reviews.

Among the retailers looking to make its online and social media experiences more immersive is Asda. 4D cinema predicted to take off in 2016. Holovis - Transforming Sensory Experiences. Creative Event Planning and Corporate Event Management, London, UK. How Brands Can Turn Live Events into Multi-Sensory Experiences in 2016 Tom Craze21 January 2016 According to research conducted last year by London & Partners and CWT Meetings & Events, 78% of industry respondents believe that multi-sensory experiences provide more memorable, creative events than those that do not.

Creative Event Planning and Corporate Event Management, London, UK

Further, just 27% of the events professionals surveyed believed that truly multi-sensory events, with all five senses of sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch being utilised together, are currently commonplace or effective. While perhaps at a significant advantage to do so, the alcohol industry has already embraced the trend, with whisky brand Johnnie Walker Blue Label just one of those to trust in the benefits of multi-sensory events. Retail Window Displays + Sound: Store Sales Surge by 40% With Feonic Whispering Window®: get heard through the noise.

Retail Window Displays + Sound: Store Sales Surge by 40%

Promote products in your retail window display, attracting attention with sound effects and music. Gain up to a 40% increase in sales. Ideal for new season promotions. Effective Interactive Store Window Displays: use sound to enhance the best ideas from your retail marketing strategy. Feonic Whispering Window® is ideal to exploit the advantages of out of home advertising (OOH).

Tom Dixon launches Multiplex pop-up department store. London Design Festival 2015: British designer Tom Dixon has partnered with Selfridges to open a multi-sensory temporary department store at the Old Selfridges Hotel in London (+ slideshow).

Tom Dixon launches Multiplex pop-up department store

The Multiplex department store hosts fashion, fragrance, technology, furniture, accessories, beauty and food from a collection of more than 30 international brands and designers. Tom Dixon's machine component-shaped Cog lights and reflective Brew coffee sets are also among the collection of products on display. "It's a parasite on Selfridges," Dixon told Dezeen. Sensory marketing, a new weapon for restaurant owners – RestoConnection. What is sensory marketing?

Sensory marketing, a new weapon for restaurant owners – RestoConnection

Sensory marketing consists of a set of techniques for stimulating one or more of the five senses to incite a consumer to react or purchase. Can’t see what exactly sensory marketing is? It smells like yellow, it sounds like vanilla… “Everyone takes the limits of his own vision for the limits of the world”.

It smells like yellow, it sounds like vanilla…

Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher One month ago I was visiting London and I had the opportunity to be delighted by such an imposing city. See, Smell, Hear, Taste, Touch – Shop Using All Your Senses! Sensory marketing has drawn a lot of attention during the last decade.

See, Smell, Hear, Taste, Touch – Shop Using All Your Senses!

It is defined as “marketing that engages the consumers´ senses and affects their perception, judgment and behavior.”¹ Retailers and manufacturers recognized that multi-sensory brand experiences increase perceived product value, induce shoppers to stay longer at store, and ultimately to spend more money. But how to best stimulate all senses for branding? Does sensory marketing help to differentiate from digital marketing or can online platforms equally apply it? Retail. Retail Design Expo 2016: Trends and Innovations Edition two of the Retail Design Expo established the show as an essential forum for strategic design insights, future-scoping inspiration and connecting with key creative agencies.


Major themes included omni-retail, cultivating ‘beta’ commerce, the rise of the ‘retail habitat’, reframing the flagship, and the evolving media content-scape. AW16 Catwalk Communications: Digital Innovations While direct-to-consumer catwalk commerce dominated much A/W 16/17 show debate, there was plenty to review elsewhere regarding digital innovation and brand spin. Beyond instantly shoppable collections, digital news hubs, concierge telecoms and social media teasers/takeovers explored themes of immediacy, beta broadcasting and speedy retail.

Use sensory brand design to create multi-sensory experiences. Most brand owners today recognise the benefit of defining and applying a consistent approach to the aesthetic design of their products and packaging.

Use sensory brand design to create multi-sensory experiences

The most enlightened brand owners also see the value of defining a considered multi-sensory experience for their products. We have all come to expect a satisfying clunk to the car door, a pleasing ‘ker-lick’ to the stereo control, and it is no longer only Volkswagen winning loyalty (and a considerable premium) with a few judiciously placed panels of soft touch material. The feel, sound and even smell of a car’s interior experience has defined automotive marques since long before they called themselves ‘brands’. Selfridges will launch a gender-neutral pop-up department. There's change in the air, and Selfridges is one of the first to sense it.

Selfridges will launch a gender-neutral pop-up department

The London luxury retailer is sweeping aside cultural norms and launching a gender-neutral pop-up department that will include spaces on three of its four floors. It's called Agender. The unisex experience won't be limited to London, either. Selfridges outlets in Manchester and Birmingham will also feature gender neutral spaces. "We want to take our customers on a journey where they can shop and dress without limitations or stereotypes," the store said in a statement. Sephora Sensorium - melenie yap. Raison Pure NYC. Homebuildlife: November 2011. The New Décor at Hayward Gallery. Also currently on show at the Hayward Gallery in London is this bed curling round on itself by Cuban artists Los Carpinteros, part of an exhibition of work exploring interior design.

Above and top: Cama by Los Carpinteros Called The New Décor, the exhibition features work by 30 artists and explores the evolution of interior and exterior environments. Above: Sternbau No.3 by Lee Bul. Storytelling. Multi-dimensional storytelling: Brands should follow Hunter's lead and design sensory retail experiences. Checkland Kindleysides’ Kate Shepherd takes a look at multi-dimensional brand storytelling through the retail environment. When online retailing emerged in the 90s, many predicted we would soon no longer wish to shop in stores at all. Today a very different future is taking shape. The Whisky Shop: where every sip tells a story. The clink of ice on crystal, the warm amber glow of a fine malt and the image of a remote Highlands distillery swathed in mist.

Nobody understands the value of brand storytelling better than luxury beverage sector. An emphasis on heritage and craft, and a charming brand backstory, affirm product choice, provide powerful bragging material and justify a premium price point. The Whisky Shop, one of the UK’s largest specialist retailers, took brand storytelling to the heart of the design at their award winning London flagship store, using tablet technology as a vital narrative tool. Located opposite the Ritz in one of London’s top shopping areas, the flagship Whisky Shop was always going to be much more than a liquor store. While the shop wanted to maintain its luxury feel and reflect whiskey’s rich heritage and quality, there was also a desire to entice people who might feel a little too intimidated to come in and try the spirit.

Finery London. Multi-dimensional storytelling: Brands should follow Hunter's lead and design sensory retail experiences. You've Got Smell: 1st 'Scent Message' Sent from NYC to Paris. NEW YORK — The first transatlantic "scent messages" were exchanged today (June 17) between New York City and Paris, and they smelled like champagne and macaroons. At the American Museum of Natural History here in Manhattan, co-inventors David Edwards, a Harvard professor, and Rachel Field showcased their novel scent-messaging platform, which involves tagging photographs with scents selected from a palette of aromas, and sending them via email or social networks. The messages are then played back on a new device called an oPhone. From Paris, collaborators Christophe Laudamiel and Blake Armstrong joined the New York audience via Skype, and emailed a scent-tagged photograph of French delicacies and champagne they had just poured to celebrate the launch of the oPhone.

When the oPhone on the New York side picked up the message, the device dissipated a subtle aroma that matched perfectly with the picture. Style Psychology: Brand Experience and Consumer Behaviour Consultancy in Retail and Hospitality. Multi-sensory retail: why stores must appeal to all five senses. With the rise of e-commerce, many retailers are underestimating the role of their bricks and mortar estates. Indeed, Marks & Spencer chief executive Marc Bolland recently said that "online has replaced Marble Arch as our flagship store" – a bold claim that others would be foolish to take to heart as the way forward. The store still holds significant value for retailers. The issue is how they view the store environment. Brands fail to notice a store's potential because they approach it in the same way as any other sales channel.

Why multi-sensory shopping could save the high street - European Retail Blog. Fresh from two days of innovation and insight at ICSC European Conference in London, Shelley Matthews, European Retail Capital Markets, JLL, explains why the future of retail is all about ‘place making’. Making sense. FOBO is the new FOMO. FOBO is the new FOMO As teens go, Marcus, 16, is pretty typical. Like many his age around the world, the São Paulo native likes hanging out with friends, shopping at the mall and watching football on TV.

But there’s something else he has in common with many of his peers in other countries. Marcus needs to be connected online wherever he is, which means he’s constantly checking his phone for the latest texts, emails and status updates. During the research for our recent study, “Coming of Age on Screens,” in which we commissioned culture experts Crowd DNA to do a study of people ages 13-24 in 13 countries, we found that Marcus’ FOBO, or Fear of Being Offline, is the new Fear of Missing Out.1 Globally, 70% of respondents in the study said they have to be connected wherever they are.2 This feeling is highest among teens and young adults in Brazil. Forbes Welcome. Thanks for coming to Forbes.

Please turn off your ad blocker in order to continue. To thank you for doing so, we’re happy to present you with an ad-light experience. Hi again. Burberry Launches Interactive, Multimedia Store In London. UK high street has worst month since 2008. August turned out to be the worst month for Britain’s retailers since the financial crisis of 2008, a survey has shown, as poor weather and a spike in foreign holidays kept shoppers away from the high street. Retail sales fell by 4.3% on the year before, according to the monthly high street sales tracker from accountancy firm BDO. Selfridges' Fragrance Lab attempts to distill personality into scent. Distillation apparatus forms centrepiece in Aesop Nottingham. Digital influence in UK retail.

Department Store for the Mind. Experience retailing – adding value to the customer journey. ‘Experience retailing’ isn’t a new phenomenon, it’s been around for decades, but the stakes have been raised and now for retailers to stay ahead of the game they must deliver an all encompassing in-store experience that adds value to the customer journey. Fitch. Horticultural Spa - Haeckels. Rachel Wingfield. Bringing social innovation to life through design.

What do a near indestructible football, newly designed clothing for female medical patients and a new condom pack have in common? Firstly, they are all shortlisted for the 2013 Index awards for "design to improve life". Secondly, they all provide great examples for the theme of our next article on sustainability and design: how designers are creating real, practical solutions to some of the world's many social and environmental challenges – through social innovation by design.

Biologically light - LUCTRA. The Aram Gallery. Unread Messages. Inflatable dome by the River Thames filled with aromatic fog. The colour of sweet: Using multisensory design to improve human experience. Refinery29 Unveils Multi-sensory Exhibition for New York Fashion Week. Energy Futures. Better Healing from Better Hospital Design. Corporate social innovation is the new corporate social responsibility. Five keys to corporate social innovation.

Selfridges' Festival of Imagination - The Metropolist. Sensory Clothing Displays : adidas Climachill. Concrete Geometries Research Cluster at the AA - Sensory Engagement. Liz West’s ‘An Additive Mix’ immerses visitors in a psychedelic experience of light and color. Artist Blog: Liz West Exhibition in Cardiff. Top tips for multisensory corporate London events - Official London Convention Bureau. Retail Promotion Ideas: Cutting the Cost of Special Events - WhizBang! Training. Dirndlqueen: Eat The Music. Use creative tech and unique experiences to appeal to millennials. A Multi-Sensory Experience, Unrivalled in Montréal. Ultra Violet Creates Avant Garde Haute Cuisine Multi-sensory Experiences. FEATURE: Artist James Turrell Creates Intense Sensory Experiences - The Flame. Study: Constantly connected Millennials crave sensory experiences - JWT Intelligence.

Ballet Arizona's Topia at Desert Botanical Garden Is a Full Sensory Experience. Olafur Eliasson "Take Your Time" - All the pretty lights - The Little House A Multi-Sensory Experience by Moral Turgeman Autre Magazine. Becknichols. Touch-Activated Denim Ads : "interactive shop window" Multi-Sensory Ads: How to Differently Address the Young and the Old? Beautiful Handheld Object is Multi-Sensory Anxiety Relief. Experience Rethink - A user experience and design innovation agency. Pepsi Max Cherry launches 'Cherry Rooms' sensory experience. The-robin-collective. Designing For All Five Senses. Curiosity Cloud.