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Jeremy Scott Cleans House. Fresh by Moschino Jeremy Scott Cleans House For his second foray into fragrance — following his cuddly first scent in the shape of a teddy bear one year ago — Moschino’s irreverent, pop-loving creative director Jeremy Scott was feeling fresh.

Jeremy Scott Cleans House

So much so that that's exactly what he named it, Fresh. Bottled in a clear flacon with a plastic spray cap, the aqua-blue juice is a tribute to ordinary glass cleaner, that most mundane of cleaning products. Scott introduced the eau de toilette on his Instagram in early October. While we wouldn't put it past him, the fragrance does not smell like glass cleaner, but rather more traditional notes of bergamot, mandarin, ylang-ylang, peony, and white patchouli. $54 - $102 at Moschino stores worldwide, Colette in Paris, and Selfridges in the UK.

J. Walter Thompson London. AdAge Top 15 Campaigns of the 21st Century. Many ad campaigns over the years have sold soap.

AdAge Top 15 Campaigns of the 21st Century

Fewer have tried to change societal notions about beauty. Even fewer have tried to do both. Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty” is the campaign that did it. The campaign that had its origins in London and Canada with a billboard asking motorists to vote on whether the women pictured were “fat or fit?” Or “wrinkled or wonderful?” Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty” is the only campaign cited by every one of the Advertising Age judges as belonging on this list, and one that was described by the panel as groundbreaking, brave, bold, insightful, transparent and authentic. Last century, Listerine made it on to the list of Advertising Age’s “Top 100 Ad Campaigns of the 20th Century” with its “Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride” campaign, an approach tailored and imitated often throughout the century to feed on women’s insecurities and remind them they needed to improve their attractiveness.

Did Dove play a role in those numbers? Ms. Ms. 10 Small Things You Can Do Every Day to Get Smarter. You might be under the impression that intelligence is a fixed quantity set when you are young and unchanging thereafter.

10 Small Things You Can Do Every Day to Get Smarter

But research shows that you're wrong. How we approach situations and the things we do to feed our brains can significantly improve our mental horsepower. That could mean going back to school or filling your bookshelves (or e-reader) with thick tomes on deep subjects, but getting smarter doesn't necessarily mean a huge commitment of time and energy, according to a recent thread on question-and-answer site Quora. When a questioner keen on self-improvement asked the community, "What would you do to be a little smarter every single day? " lots of readers--including dedicated meditators, techies, and entrepreneurs--weighed in with useful suggestions. 1. Every online break doesn't have to be about checking social networks and fulfilling your daily ration of cute animal pics. The Behavioural Insights Team. 100 All-Time Greatest Popular Science Books (and 17 More)

These great books offer accessible science to all readers, no matter their knowledge level.

100 All-Time Greatest Popular Science Books (and 17 More)

There’s something here for everyone, whether you’re interested in environmental science, kitchen chemistry, or just want to try out fun experiments with your kids. Check out our picks for the best in popular science (including 17 bonus reads!) , and see how you can use them to better understand and explore our world. Astronomy, Cosmology and Space Travel The universe may operate on top of some incredibly mind-boggling physics, but those new to the subject can still wrap their brains around the basics. Biology and Natural History An understanding of biology means an understanding of how humans function and interact with the other organisms around them.

The Origin of the Species: Readers willing to maneuver Darwin’s dry Victorian prose will be met with some of the most influential and controversial scientific writings ever published. Physics Psychology and Sociology. 35 things you should do for your career by the time you turn 35.

We’re all for flexibility.

35 things you should do for your career by the time you turn 35

Going your own way. Paving your own path. Doing what works for you (and not doing what doesn’t). We’re also big fans of not putting a timeline on things. We’ve even said that there are plenty of things you don’t have to have by 30 (or 40, or 50, or ever...). But when it comes to your career, there are some things that we do recommend getting started on sooner rather than later. So, do you need to check every box off this list by the time you’re 35? 1. While it will obviously change from time to time, you should never have a hard time answering, “What do you do?” 2. Sia Chandelier Dance Tutorial with Ryan Heffington.

Culture / Ryan Heffington’s ability to create a connectedness between viewer and performer has earned Sia over 207 million YouTube views for “Chandelier," helping her to become this year’s most-dissected pop enigma.

Sia Chandelier Dance Tutorial with Ryan Heffington

In Ms. Furler's viral video hit, Heffington's genius choreography was embodied by the 11-year-old dancer, Maddie Ziegler.