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Brandoftheworld. Fontello - icon fonts generator. Review of Popular Web Font Embedding Services. Advertisement In the mid-80s the desktop publishing revolution began with the introduction of the Mac Plus, Aldus PageMaker and the Apple LaserWriter printer. It took quite a few years for these tools to make an impact on the design and publishing world, but once they did, there was no looking back. In 2010 we see a similar revolution starting to take shape with web fonts.

Even though @font-face was introduced in the CSS2 spec in 1998, it wasn’t until this past year that all in-use web browsers added support for it. This year we’re seeing a wave of web font services being marketed, and this could have a profound impact on web typography. Web font services, like Typekit and now the Google Font API, have captured a lot of attention. But in the past 3 months there’s been an explosion of new services; services like Fonts Live, Fontdeck, Webtype and others with conjugated names involving “Font” or “Type”. Typekit Advantages Over Other Services Strong platform integrations. Webtype Fontdeck Kernest. Free Icon Fonts for Web User Interfaces. By Jacob Gube This roundup features 18 free icon fonts that can be used in your commercial projects.

The icon fonts in this post are perfect for your app user interfaces (UIs). What are Icon Fonts? Icon fonts are font files that have symbols and glyphs (e.g. arrows, folders, magnifying glasses) instead of standard alphanumeric characters. Icon fonts are like dingbat fonts, but are designed specifically for UIs. Icon fonts, just like other web fonts, use the CSS @font-face rule to display icons in web browsers.

And because they’re treated like web fonts, icon fonts: Have great cross-browser support (even IE6, for example, can render web fonts using the @font-face rule)Can be scaled on-the-fly if the user adjusts their web browser settingsCan be rendered with different colorsCan embody font- and text-related CSS properties (like text-shadow and gradient) See icon fonts in action by visiting my friend Chris Coyier’s icon fonts demo page. Free Icon Fonts 1. Number of icons: 137. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 9 Free Icon Sets to Diversify your Library.

Every designer needs to be ready to go wherever their projects take them. This is why you need to have a diverse library to count on. To help you with this task, we have some very stylish free icon sets to share. From weather to food and much more, you will have some fresh and beautiful icons to count on for your next project. Enjoy. 61 Outlined Weather Icons Collection In The Kitchen – Free Icon Set Line icon set for UI & more Cooking icons set Weather icons pack Flatty Icon Pack Free Set Colorful Ficons Icons 42+ Flat Icons Set Free Icons for the Weather Situations About the Author Gisele Muller loves communication, technology, web, design, movies, gastronomy and creativity. Related Posts shares 10 Super Useful jQuery Plugins for Better Typography No one ever said that web typography is easy, but it has gotten easier in recent years with the wide spread adoption of web fonts, the introduction of helpful typography tools, and as we see in this post, super useful jQuery plugins.

Read More. 34 Brilliant Free Icon Sets for Designers and Developers. Looking for hosting?. We recommend MediaTemple for web hosting. Use Code MTLOVESDESIGN for 20% off The beauty of open source is built within the community, along with all the many derivative works to follow. Designers and developers can benefit from working with each other’s graphics and source codes to learn and produce higher-quality results. Below you will find 34 free icon sets released during 2013. Free Colorful Iconset Christmas Icons Dark Glyphs 70 Free Icons 63 Blues Icons Free Pictograms for Keynote 35 Detailed Icons 48 Round Icons Almost Flat Creative Suite 45 Blue Drops Minimalist App-Style Icons Pages Icons Outlined Designer Tools Simple and Clean For the Love of Biscuits Bright E-commerce iWork & iLife 50 Glyphs Set Arrow Status Icons User Interface Icons Mini Icon Set Thanksgiving Vectors 5 Flat Devices Vector Icons by Chapps 8 Weather Icons Flat Indicator Icons @2x Flat Iconset Classic Icons Thinicons Random Flat Icons Credit Card Icons Yellow Icons Long Shadow Social Colorful Icons About Jake Rocheleau.

GraphicBurger | Tasty PSD & other resources made with care for each pixel. Free for both personal & commercial use. Have a bite! Freebiesbug | Latest free PSDs & other resources for designers. 50 Free Hipster Essentials For Designers.

December 19, 2013 • By Joe Howard • In Design From top-hats and vests, to curly moustaches, fixies and iphotography, the hipster trend is in full swing. It hasn’t taken long for the design community to catch on – washed out colors, script fonts, retro patterns, styled ribbons and arrow vectors are just a few of the tools the modern hipster designer keeps safe in their repertoire. However the hipster look is deceptively simple. For every arrow, pattern, badge logo or cursive font you see in a hipster design, you know that undoubtedly, a significant amount of time was spent crafting and curating that particular graphical element into the design. However, as you might have guessed, you don’t have to actually be a hipster to pull off a hipsteresque design, you might have a client who wants a hipster/retro website designed or maybe a friend or relative.

Free Hipster Set Intro (free font) Free Hipster Stock Vectors Duke (free font) Free Retro Badges Hipster (free font) Free Retro Icon Set Retro Badges. Nasty Icons. 45 free vector icons to spice up your designs! Icon search engine and market place | Iconfinder. Free vectors, photos and PSD Downloads | Freepik. Infographic Elements Vector PSD. EmailShare Today’s fantastic freebie is an infographic elements kit in PSD vector format.

The kit contains several commonly used elements to create infographic designs. The flat-style kit is a full vector PSD file with bright and colorful graphics such as bars, charts, spike chart, icons, etc., to help you present your statistical data nicely. You can easily edit and resize the components in Photoshop and make them fit for your needs. Preview of the Elements File Resolution: 800 x 1850 pixels File Format: PSD Keywords: Infographic Elements, PSD files Size: 434KB (zip) License: Royalty-free, Free for personal and commercial use Download Infographic Elements Vector PSD. A Collection of Free Flat UI Icons & Web Design Elements. Geomicons. Repper Patterns — Online Demo. Free Fonts Download, Fonts for Free. UI Space. Download a free PSD every day. Typekit.

Iconmelon. Homepage | Free and premium mousemade pixel perfect graphic design and web resources. | Pictos. Free vector graphic art, free psd graphicp, free icons, photoshop brush, font free download. Game over tv game skull and crossbones vector art - Download Over vectors. Playground from ZURB | Design tools and creative experiments. Collection. Follow @iconmonstr Support me ads via Carbon Basic Business Commerce Equipment Interface Miscellaneous Multimedia Network Security Signs Social Web Made in Germany © 2014 iconmonstr Ask me a quick question @iconmonstr Imprint License Donate.

Download free icons: 16 great resources | Design. There are a dizzying number of free icons available for download from the web - so where do you start? In this feature, we've gathered some of the best sites to help track down options that work for you. First, you need to know what you're looking for. The key to iconography is a consistent aesthetic (line weights, proportions, composition, amount of positive vs negative space used, etc) that displays a sense of competence and good decision-making in your design.

Each individual icon needs to communicate clearly but relate to every other icon used on the site or design piece. Scalability In other words, you need to make sure the free icons you download are scalable. Understand what your needs are: the amount of room needed to display the icons, if the background is clean or complex, and so on. Understand that icons are more about being literal rather than symbolic. 01. iconmonstr The iconmonstr website is a great place to find black and white vector icons. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. Ship iconen. Fontello - icon fonts generator.