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Forensic Science

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Skeletal_Forensics_Webquest.pdf. Crime Scene Creatures ~ Interactive: Determine the Time of Death. Pure Science Specials - Crime Scene Insects. National Geographic. Secrets of the body farm / Разложение тел. National Geographic. Secrets of the body farm / Разложение тел. SFU Forensic Entomology. INVESTIGATING FORENSICS. The Blood Typing Game. Science Channel Presents. Blood Types: ABO and Rh (with donuts and sprinkles!)

Blood Groups. Blood Typing. Blood Spatters. How Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Works. If you're flipping channels one day and come upon a crime scene as depicted on one of the many TV shows that focus on forensic science, such as "CSI" or "Dexter," you might notice something strange.

How Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Works

Among the technicians dusting for fingerprints and collecting hair fibers at the murder scene, you spot an array of red strings running from the floor, the wall, the table and the sofa. All of the strings meet at nearly the same point. Suddenly, an investigator begins recounting aspects of the crime: When it happened, where the assault took place in the room, what kind of weapon the perpetrator used and how close to the victim the assailant stood. How could he have learned all that information from a webwork of strings? The strings themselves aren't important. Of course, analyzing blood spatter isn't as simple as fictional bloodstain pattern analysts like Dexter Morgan make it appear.

Bloodstain Tutorial. The success or failure of any criminal investigation often depends on the recognition of physical evidence left at a crime scene and the proper analysis of that evidence.

Bloodstain Tutorial

Crime scenes that involve bloodshed often contain a wealth of information in the form of bloodstains. The pattern, size, shape, and the location of such stains may be very useful in the reconstruction of the events that occurred. William G. Lesson_Viewing_Crime_Drama.pdf. Violence Formula: Analyzing TV, Video and Movies. Violence is the foundation of many films, TV movies, and action series.

Violence Formula: Analyzing TV, Video and Movies

In fact, violence is often synonymous with "action. " Because screenwriters, directors and producers use violence often and in many ways, how do we begin to recognize the distinctions in media violence? How do we determine if shootout or fist fight is one too many? One way is to understand that there is a basic formula to the portrayal of violence in TV, movies and video.

Here are the three basics of the formula, plus questions to help you recognize them: 1. Without the violence, there would be no story. Take a look at your daily TV listings. TV action series demonstrate a similar inclination for violence driving the story. TV and film plots begin with violence, and impending conflict continues to drive the story. Lesson_Forensic_Science_Crime_Dramas.pdf. Explosions - Chemistry Encyclopedia - reaction, examples, gas, equation, molecule, mass, atom. Photo by: Ramzi Hachicho An explosion is a sudden, violent change of potential energy to work, which transfers to its surroundings in the form of a rapidly moving rise in pressure called a blast wave or shock wave.

Explosions - Chemistry Encyclopedia - reaction, examples, gas, equation, molecule, mass, atom

The shock wave can cause substantial damage. Potential energy may exist in either of three forms before an explosion occurs: nuclear , chemical, or physical. Generally, nuclear explosions are much larger and more destructive than chemical or physical explosions. Chemical explosions are more frequent than nuclear or physical explosions. Nuclear Explosions Nuclear explosions may be caused by either fusion or fission reactions. In a fission reaction, a single large atom, such as uranium, is bombarded with neutrons, causing the nucleus of the atom to split into two smaller nuclei and several neutrons. A nuclear explosion at sea. Famous Explosions. 1998 US Embassy Bombings Kenya And Tanzania. Lockerbie news reports. The Sorrow Over Lockerbie (Flight 103) 747 Crash Bomb Pam Am. Forensic Science: An Introduction. Reddy's Forensic Page: forensic science for high school students. This list of books is for FORENSIC SCIENCE FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS only.

Reddy's Forensic Page: forensic science for high school students

For latest books in forensic science and books of general forensic interest for students and professionals and for books in speciality areas like Forensic DNA, Fingerprints, visit individual pages or visit FORENSIC SCIENCE BOOK STORE. You can buy these books at Discount Prices from <A HREF=" 48ed-b102-c22044df9b8d&Operation=NoScript"> Widgets</A> WHAT IS FORENSIC SCIENCE? Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU) launches free online Introduction to Forensic Science CourseSo You Want to Be a Forensic Scientist!

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