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United Visual Artists. This summer we are proud to announce the first Empty Kingdom Art Show at 111 Minna.

United Visual Artists

Within the show will be a host of fantastic artists, one of whom is Alicia Martin Lopez. Alicia works with both digital painting and oil, which she describes rather well. Her work is mysterious and other worldly, she herself is intelligent and well spoken. Check out her art and interview! Please introduce yourself. The most valuable lesson I learned is that there is nothing better than a deadline and the fear of showing your work in public to force you to get it done! JAMES GILLEARD. Hugo Cataldo. Cheungkinmen's workbench. SKETCHBOOKS. Pages Now available from Boom Studios Email ThisBlogThis!


Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest. Arantxa Claudio. 3D Artist. MURAT SAYGINER. Calle Gaviota. Alex Tooth's Portfolio - Gallery. Mike Bear: Sketchbook. William kentridge - Buscar con Google. Pauls Concepts. Some character design from the Feudal Japan location of Sly Cooper Thieves in Time.

Pauls Concepts

From top to bottom. First pass lineup of some of the characters. Murray development art, Bentley and his alter ego "Rambo Bentley" and his RC. car. Crane Guard, El Jefe, Boar guard development, Rioichi Cooper designs and Sly in his boar guard armor. Le grand vrac ! Speto(*_*)'s Photostream. Nychos - I'd Like To Meat You — INNER STATE GALLERY. Hypebeast Feature - Hi Fructose Feature Inner State Gallery welcomes Nychos for his first Detroit solo exhibition titled “I’d Like To Meat You!”

Nychos - I'd Like To Meat You — INNER STATE GALLERY

Opening Friday June 21st. This exhibition is free and open to the public, opening night artist’s reception will run from 7-10pm and the exhibition will remain on view through July 18th. Gorilla Artfare - Collective Artblog - page 3. Literally the day after getting home from Mendocino, I started the Sonoma Plein Air event.

Gorilla Artfare - Collective Artblog - page 3

The idea was to use Mendocino as a warm-up. Day 1 Canvases are stamped early in Sonoma. Once I checked in, it was time to decide where to go. Indecision is the hidden enemy of the plein air event. “Lakeville Summer” 11×14 in oil on linen board. “The Old Commute” 9×12 in oil on linen. Got some lunch in downtown Petaluma(Mi Rancho, one of my fave cheap lunch spots) then drove down Highway 101 out to the edge of Sonoma County’s south side. November 2011. Already time to start holiday shopping?

November 2011

Here are ten art-centric ideas for you. THE MAGIC OF REALITYby Richard Dawkins / Illustrated by Dave McKean(The Free Press) This book's a welcome sight in a time when science takes a daily beating from dogma and delusions. The blurb on the back says it all: "THE MAGIC OF REALITY provides a beautiful, accessible and wide-ranging volume that addresses the questions that all of us have about the universe, separating often too-little-known facts from too-frequently-believed fictions. " Can we please make this book required reading in elementary schools? BLUE COLLAR • WHITE COLLARby Sterling Hundley(Adhouse Books) Untitled. SP-BOESCH-IAL. Animator, Scribbler. Trying to improve on drawing people and in flash.

Animator, Scribbler

Benoît Feroumont. LLRNCPDLC. Hé, merci pour vos messages sur la note précédente, c’était vraiment trop trop gentil !


(En vrai ça va, c’était juste un petit coup de mou) Bon je vide un peu mes tiroirs de l’année ces temps ci, alors hop des trucs en vecto qui traînent. J’ai fait beaucoup beaucoup d’illustrator ces deux dernières années, même si c’est pas forcément le genre de rendu que je préfère. Du coup je reviens bientôt avec une BD youpi youpi ! Et sinon, c’est quoi pour vous la ou les meilleures BD pour adolescents ? Posté dans la catégorie: Illu | | Ajouter un commentaire. David M - Blog. Dibujos, the art of willie. For those of you who follow me on instagram you might recognize the green lettering below... i present to you the cover of my second book, 'guillermo guacamole' (along with a few pages inside).

dibujos, the art of willie

Alex Alice. Ben Jelter Art. Nadya. Les sites des auteurs et de nos partenaires. Cel Paint Times. C L O C K R O O M. THE SPATTERING FIDGETS OF J.R. GOLDBERG. Dum DUM DUUUUUUM!!!!


Well, it’s finally happened… All of you have been terribly patient. My etsy shop is FINALLY up and running! I will be periodically adding new items to it, most of which are handmade. I apologize that it took as long as it did mine kinderlekh, but you know how life can get in the way, and trip you up. Anyway, pop by, take a gander, and keep checking for updates. Wooo!! Here is one of the lil’ buttons from the “Living Dead Love” set #1. CreatureBox. THE SPATTERING FIDGETS OF J.R. GOLDBERG. John K Stuff. Joe Murray Studio. Cover Illustration- Sterling Publishing. Ayomorales. Clio Chiang. INSIDE THE ROCK POSTER FRAME BLOG. Eliza ivanova. WWW. TERRYRICHARDSON .COM. Sr.coyote. Home - yayashin. Annette marnat. Index. Jules de Bruycker. ЮРИЙ ЛАПТЕВ .home. Tekkonkinkreet. The Mucha Trust Collection - Gallery - Mucha Foundation.



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