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Keith Carter Photographs - Home. Linda Connor. Linda Connor has spent more than twenty-five years exploring and investigating exotic and spiritual places.

Linda Connor

A frequent visitor to India, Mexico, Thailand, Ireland, Peru, Nepal, Egypt, Hawaii and the American Southwest, Connor takes her 8 x 10" view camera on a pilgrimage into our history. What she reveals is a past filled with presence; a past which informs and molds our world today. Among her various images is a photograph of a ceremonial cloth carefully wrapped around a tree trunk in Bali; petroglyphs hidden in the cliff dwellings of Arizona; magnificent star trails captured in Mexico and votive candles meticulously arranged for ceremonial rites at Chartres.

Connor's photographs have appeared in numerous books, including Spiral Journey, published for her mid-career retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in 1990. She is the recipient of many awards including a 1988 & 1976 NEA and a 1979 Guggenheim Fellowship. Tom chambers photography. Clay Enos Photography. Russell Joslin Photography. Gordon Stettinius Photography. Portraitsintro. I take portraits.


Recently, I made a conscious decision to simplify the portraits I had been taking. I chose to make simple studies of the head, shirtless with a neutral background - a bust. My primary influence is Roman, the cold marble heads on pedestals I fell in love with in Rome. Anne Arden McDonald. Ken Rosenthal Fine Art Photography. Gotreadgo fotografie. Tod Seelie Photography. Daniel Grant Photography. Jim Slobodian Photography. Matt Callow - Photography. PETER TONNINGSEN PHOTOGRAPHY.

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Historic Route 66 Motel #2. 1620 East Route 66 Blvd, Tucumcari, NM 88401

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Filling A Sieve

#Instant #Polaroid #FilmIsNotDead #Filmwasters / on Instagram Amy, Sunny & Belle trying to take the credit for someone else’s work. / on Instagram Two boys, an empty beach and a Frisbee. Out of Contxt. ENDLESS SHAKA - by Ray Potes. Ray Potes, Photographer Hamburger Eyes 26 Lilac St.

ENDLESS SHAKA - by Ray Potes

SF CA 94110 ray[at] Ray is based in San Francisco and available for assignment. Portfolio site coming soon. Rebecca Pendel Photography. : Documentary & Toy Camera Photography of Nic Nichols : Holga, Lomo and other Lo-Fi Cameras! HEREYOUARENOW. Rebecca pendel photography. E L E C T R O L I T E.