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Dave Anderson - Photography and Motion. Jan Saudek & S?ra Saudkov? Josephine Sacabo Photography. Jennifer Shaw Photography. Laura Burlton Photography › Lynn + Michael - engaged. Polly Chandler Photography. Julie Blackmon Photographs. Photographer El Rito, New Mexico. A Francesca Woodman Gallery. Maggie taylor. Portfolio – Elijah Gowin.

Keith Carter Photographs - Home. Linda Connor. Linda Connor has spent more than twenty-five years exploring and investigating exotic and spiritual places.

Linda Connor

A frequent visitor to India, Mexico, Thailand, Ireland, Peru, Nepal, Egypt, Hawaii and the American Southwest, Connor takes her 8 x 10" view camera on a pilgrimage into our history. What she reveals is a past filled with presence; a past which informs and molds our world today. Among her various images is a photograph of a ceremonial cloth carefully wrapped around a tree trunk in Bali; petroglyphs hidden in the cliff dwellings of Arizona; magnificent star trails captured in Mexico and votive candles meticulously arranged for ceremonial rites at Chartres. Connor's photographs have appeared in numerous books, including Spiral Journey, published for her mid-career retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in 1990.

She is the recipient of many awards including a 1988 & 1976 NEA and a 1979 Guggenheim Fellowship. Tom chambers photography. Clay Enos Photography. Russell Joslin Photography. Gordon Stettinius Photography. Portraitsintro. I take portraits.


Recently, I made a conscious decision to simplify the portraits I had been taking. I chose to make simple studies of the head, shirtless with a neutral background - a bust. My primary influence is Roman, the cold marble heads on pedestals I fell in love with in Rome. I concentrated on the texture of skin, hair, facial expressions, quality of light and the simple way the subject fills the frame. My intent was to produce a quiet, introspective and moody portrait, essentially a reflection of myself.e n t e r. Anne Arden McDonald. Ken Rosenthal Fine Art Photography. Gotreadgo fotografie. Tod Seelie Photography. Daniel Grant Photography. Jim Slobodian Photography. Matt Callow - Photography. PETER TONNINGSEN PHOTOGRAPHY. -{ Louviere + Vanessa: New Orleans }- Garrison beau scott. ALINE SMITHSON photography. Let's go Slowly.

PHOTOMO. BLAKE ANDREWS PHOTO.COM. Robert Holmgren Photographs. Melissa Lyttle // Photojournalist // 813-215-8329. Formerly « Three-Day Monk. Light Sensitive. Susan Burnstine Photography. Historic Route 66 Motel #2. 1620 East Route 66 Blvd, Tucumcari, NM 88401. Terrorkitten Contact · Archives · About · Links · Flickr · Portfolio Previous · Latest · Random · Marfa Country Clinic. 105 East Oak St.

Historic Route 66 Motel #2. 1620 East Route 66 Blvd, Tucumcari, NM 88401

Marfa, TX 79843 07-12-2012 · Comments (0) Categories: Hasselblad 501CM Kodak Ektar USA Afterlife, oh my God, what an awful word After all the breath and the pill and the fires that burn And after all this time, and after all the ambulances go And after all the hangers-on are done hanging on to the dead lights Of the afterglow. Listening to:"Afterlife" (Reflektor) - Arcade Fire Dan Wetmore: Heartland all images copyright ©2012 Phil Bebbington | contact me for usage info or print orders | Buy a Print! If Javascript is disabled browser, to place orders please visit the page where I <a href=" target="_blank">sell my photos</a>, powered by <a href=" target="_blank">Fotomoto</a>. Ottok photography. Isa Leshko Photography. Steph Parke Photography. Ann Texter Photography — Portfolios: Holga. Your waitress - film noir.

The F Blog. Filling A Sieve. I took the Bronica to the beach today.

Filling A Sieve

#Instant #Polaroid #FilmIsNotDead #Filmwasters / on Instagram Amy, Sunny & Belle trying to take the credit for someone else’s work. / on Instagram Two boys, an empty beach and a Frisbee. Joe and Noah near St Ives today / on Instagram Joe & Amy built a den to concentrate on Clash of Clans. Out of Contxt. ENDLESS SHAKA - by Ray Potes. Ray Potes, Photographer Hamburger Eyes 26 Lilac St.

ENDLESS SHAKA - by Ray Potes

SF CA 94110 ray[at] Ray is based in San Francisco and available for assignment. Portfolio site coming soon. the linkedin : the twitter : the insta : the tumblr : the vimeo : the youtube : the flickr : the ebay : the site : the store : the brain : the brotherhood : Rebecca Pendel Photography. : Documentary & Toy Camera Photography of Nic Nichols : Holga, Lomo and other Lo-Fi Cameras! HEREYOUARENOW. Rebecca pendel photography. E L E C T R O L I T E.