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The Three E’s of Social Media - Daily 'Net Features - Website Magazine. According to the Nielsen Company’s recent Social Media Report, social networks and blogs reach nearly 80 percent of active internet users in the U.S.

The Three E’s of Social Media - Daily 'Net Features - Website Magazine

Social media has not only become a medium by which many people have shared their life stories, but more and more businesses are also using social media to share their brand’s message. Because social media is still a fairly new medium of marketing, businesses have yet to fully understand how to make a deeper, more personal connection with customers or potential customers via these platforms. It’s easy enough to post company news and blast special deals to people, but if you really want to build a powerful community of people who will happily promote your products or services, your social media strategy must include the following Three E’s: EngageIf you’ve been reading up on social media, you’ve probably seen this buzz word floating around in marketing circles. An example of a company who understands the three E’s is

Brands Want Content Curator Jobs. Digital media has emboldened many brands to consider themselves publishers.

Brands Want Content Curator Jobs

After all, American Express has credibility on financial matters and Coke has a network 36 million Facebook fans. Who needs publishers to serve as intermediaries? The problem is publishing is a lot harder than it looks, or rather it’s a lot harder to do it with the consistency, day after day, that’s needed to build a long-term audience. That’s leading some brands to hook onto the idea that their role lies more in the curation of content. Curation is the vogue digital term for the ability to not only aggregate and distribute carefully selected information, but also to provide a unique voice on top of the original pieces of information. Brands are trying to establish themselves as trusted sources of information. The trap of social media noise.

If we put a number on it, people will try to make the number go up.

The trap of social media noise

Now that everyone is a marketer, many people are looking for a louder megaphone, a chance to talk about their work, their career, their product... and social media looks like the ideal soapbox, a free opportunity to shout to the masses. But first, we're told to make that number go up. Increase the number of fans, friends and followers, so your shouts will be heard. The problem of course is that more noise is not better noise. In Corey's words, the conventional, broken wisdom is: Follow a ton of people to get people to follow backFocus on the # of followers, not the interests of followers or your relationship with them.Pump links through the social platform (take your pick, or do them all!)

This looks like winning (the numbers are going up!) Leadership (even idea leadership) scares many people, because it requires you to own your words, to do work that matters. Relentlessly focus. Introducing Google Currents.


IBM's content curation has supercharged its intranet. 10 iPad Apps for Web Curation. Curation vs.

10 iPad Apps for Web Curation

Aggregation? Curation is such a necessity these days. The overwhelming wave of information we are exposed to is drowning us in facts and opinion. Not only do we need to be curating the information that we are consuming but we need to be insisting that our students have the skills and necessary tools in which to curate their own world. I have listed a number of capable curation apps that can help to do just that. I tend to use more than one of these and in fact there are days that I would use three or four. Pearltrees: FREE Pearltrees is a place to collect, organize, discover everything you like on the web. Flipboard: FREE Flipboard creates a personalized magazine out of everything being shared with you, from Instagram photos and Facebook updates to Tumblr posts and articles from your favorite publications.

Zite: FREE Zite is a free personalized magazine for your iPad that automatically learns what you like and gets smarter every time you use it. News360: FREE. Social Media Learning Lab.