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Surprising Indoor Greenery. Surprising Indoor Greenery Posted by homeworlds on February 23, 2011 · Leave a Comment While researching ideas for my indoor garden, I came across some unusual ways of integrating foliage into our home – even merging with household appliances and furniture.

Surprising Indoor Greenery

Looks like life’s getting greener on the inside. Green Light by Natalie Jeremijenko, Amelia Amon, Will Kavesh of the Experimental Design Lab is 3-in-1 lamp, terrarium and air filter. An integrated solar panel makes this even greener than it already is. Have a look at this Table with a Planter by Emily Wettstein via topbestdesign. We’ve seen a lot of vertical planters but Vertilignes does it with style. Take Care Umbrella Stand by Mélanie Vandenhecke and Hugo Cociani of What Else? I love these moss tables at the ‘Kinky Muff Land’ exhibition in Osaka – the grass comes up close to you without you having to bend all the way down. Here’s one from Ong&Ong Architecture via Apartment Therapy. Pallet-able Patio: Cheap Chic Cocktail Table - Today's Nest.

I love the notion of sitting on the patio with a tall glass of sangria in the summer. Creating an outdoor space that you love to visit makes all the difference. Today we tackle a table that just about anybody and make. Best of all, it’s almost free. It will require a bit of work and you may want to enlist some help, but the overall result is perfect for a carefree patio. This isn’t the first time we’ve used palettes for building materials around here. Savour. .. cheap chic Get the rest after the jump... DIY Multi-Pot Plant Hanger Design*Sponge. How To Use a Laser Printer to Transpose Photos Onto Furniture Reddit.

DIY Patio Lights. I've done a few posts already featuring different DIY lighting projects, but this one is a little different.

DIY Patio Lights

It's EASY. Like, no tools required WHATSOEVER. I give you: DIY Patio Lights! If you already have twinkle lights on hand (and who among us doesn't have a giant ball of tangled twinkle lights in the garage right now?) Follow me after the jump!! I've wanted some of the rattan ball string lights I've seen in Target and Pottery Barn, but they're all stupidly expensive. That price does not include shipping.

Dollar Tree sells these grapevine balls by the bag. In fact, I happen to have an enormous hurricane lamp full of them. So I emptied my hurricane lamp, untangled a string of lights from the ball in the garage, and voila!! They're cool inside or outside and the little spheres can be spray-painted any color you like before they're popped onto the twinkle lights. Happy DIYing everyone!! 1001 Pallets, The place for repurposed pallets ideas ! Emilie Laperrière, collaboration spéciale. Houzz Interior Design Ideas iOS et Android: gratuit Une source inépuisable d'idées pour la maison.

Emilie Laperrière, collaboration spéciale

Avec plus de 900 000 photos soigneusement classées - par style, par pièce ou par emplacement -, il y en a pour tous les goûts. Lorsqu'une image vous inspire, il suffit de la sauvegarder dans votre album virtuel, un peu comme si vous découpiez des photos dans des magazines. Photo Measures iOS: 4,99$ Vous déménagez ou vous voulez acheter un nouveau meuble, mais vous ne savez pas s'il y aura de l'espace? Color Capture Si vous pensez que la couleur d'une fleur ou de votre café au lait serait parfaite dans votre salon, prenez-la en photo.

MagicPlan iOS: gratuit. Welcome to Rlbmut. Free Furniture Plans and Other DIY Projects. The free content provicded by this website is made possible by the following current sponsors.

Free Furniture Plans and Other DIY Projects

Thank you! Décoration. Bright Ideas for Incandescent Bulbs. The incandescent bulbs that shone so merrily in the Queen's palaces all her life and yours, Dear Reader, is going to be phased out by the federal government. They will eventually no longer be allowed to be sold in the United States. People will be looking for creative things to do with all those incandescent lamps (subject of a future Trashy Wench blog, I'm sure) and all the bulbs in those lamps, regardless of whether they are working or burnt out bulbs.

The incandescent bulbs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, all with wonderful curves of all shapes, sort of like the Wench and her wonderful female friends! Here are some pictures of bright ideas of what others have done with their curvy little bulbs: Hot Air Balloon Decorations Mini Terrariums Plant rooters and vases Micro Oil Lamps Dried or Silk Flower Ornaments Glamorous globes for miniature light strings.