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Service Innovation. Universidad de los Andes - Maestría en Antropología. La Maestría en Antropología de la Universidad de los Andes cuenta con dos áreas: una de antropología social y otra de arqueología y antropología biológica.

Universidad de los Andes - Maestría en Antropología

El estudiante tiene la posibilidad de hacer énfasis en una de las dos especialidades, para responder a las principales demandas en investigación antropológica y arqueológica en Colombia y Latinoamérica. Asimismo, el estudiante podrá entrar en contacto con diversas áreas de especialización y múltiples problemas regionales, además de ahondar en su formación en teoría social. El programa brinda bases teóricas y metodológicas para identificar temas de interés e importancia en el contexto nacional y latinoamericano. ¿Por qué hacer la Maestría en Antropología de Los Andes? La Maestría en Antropología profundiza en la formación profesional y avanza en la investigación social en las áreas de la antropología social y cultural, y la arqueología y antropología biológica.

¿Por qué hacer la Maestría en Antropología de Los Andes?

Su programa involucra los desarrollos más recientes en el pensamiento social y antropológico global y latinoamericano. El estudiante participa en los proyectos de investigación de los profesores y profesoras, al igual que en sus grupos de investigación. Designblog. Courses Archive - +Acumen. Coursera- Cursos Gratuitos Online de las Mejores Universidades. Ritual Design: Designing Meaning into Everyday Experiences. Winter 2015 Feb. 20, 5:30p-8:00p Feb. 21, 10:00a-4:00p Feb. 24, 5:30p-8:00p Studio 1 Our daily lives are full of routines that give us comfort and stability, but also, can make us feel stagnated and bored.

Ritual Design: Designing Meaning into Everyday Experiences

In this class, we will play with daily routines to see how to make them into meaningful delightful experiences. Meaningfulness could mean changing your behavior, building strong connections to people around you, connecting to your spirituality and higher values, or just creating a memorable time for yourself. We will use rituals as our framework to design rich experiences around four everyday themes: food, grooming, productivity, and commuting. We will take existing routines, discover new meaning(s), and infuse ritual moments. While building on the entire design process, in this class the focus will be on developing strong definition and ideation skills and using advanced tools such as experience/user journey mapping, abstract laddering and storyboarding. Apply24 students. Questions?

Especialización en Gerencia del Servicio. Gestión de la Industria de la Hospitalidad. The Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Approval General description The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) is an autonomous and specialized university college offering professional master’s degree on the highest level in architecture, design and landscape architecture as well as PhDs and three post-professional and experience-based masters in urbanism, architectural conservation and landscape architecture.

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design

AHO was established in 1945 and is highly ranked internationally. AHO comprises about 700 students and 120 staff. Master of Design is a professional degree that encompasses a curriculum of the widest range of relevant subjects demanded and requested in the profession. Target goal. Service Innovation and Design [MBA] - Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulu. Page Content Laurea offers a cutting edge education in Service Innovation and Design - an ideal vehicle to create distinctive competences.

Service Innovation and Design [MBA] - Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulu

The aim of the programme is to provide students with multidisciplinary knowledge in service innovation and design through advanced studies of different service theories and their implications for service innovation and design practice. The programme brings students to the forefront of recent development in the service innovation and design field by including supervised development training. Another important objective is to improve students' competences in combining academic rigour with managerial relevance when working on independent projects. This Master’s Degree Programme in Service Innovation and Design is a 1.5 - 2.5-years, 90 ects credits professional program, which trains students from diverse backgrounds to become practicing service developers. The admission requirements Entrance examination Design for Action by Tim Brown and Roger L. Master of Hospitality Management, Leadership and Service Design »

Info Master's Degree in English.

Master of Hospitality Management, Leadership and Service Design »

Laura Patiño's personality profile - Study service Design. Home / Center for Service Innovation - Bergen, Norway. Design for service / Center for Service Innovation - Bergen, Norway. Home » Research » Design for service Service design is the cornerstone of service innovation, covering not only the process of developing a new service, but the whole way of approaching a firm’s delivery of customer value added.

Design for service / Center for Service Innovation - Bergen, Norway

Competitive advantage can be enhanced through service, i.e. theapplication of specialized competences (knowledge and skills), through processes, and performances for the benefit of customer experience. Portfolio guidelines and tips. Undergraduate portfolio guidelines Digital or time-based media A strong portfolio includes foundation and graphics skills, where applicable, effective use of 2-D form and composition, and an understanding of additive and subtractive color theory.

Portfolio guidelines and tips

In addition, portfolios should demonstrate an aesthetic awareness and effective use of software and tools. A strong video portfolio includes a five-minute digital or time-based media piece that shows an awareness of composition, storytelling and technical skills, with attention given to costumes, set and acting. A brief description of the applicant's role(s) in creating the work must accompany the submission. Writing Applicants may submit fiction or nonfiction writing samples, such as research papers, short stories, dramatic writing, poetry or other forms of creative or professional writing.

Equestrian Performing arts Applicants should present a four-minute audition.