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Caso de éxito - MSF - Pastillas contra el dolor ajeno. Sedal - Carta a Sofia (Subtitles) Example UX docs and deliverables. Following on from my article about how to create great UX documents, I thought that it would be useful to collate some example UX documents and deliverables together. This should hopefully provide a bit of inspiration and assist when it comes to choosing the type of document(s) to produce. For each document / deliverable I’ve included examples, together with a quick outline and links to more information. The following UX documents and deliverables are covered: Adaptive Path. Diseño de servicios, estudios de casos. Watch and learn. Watch and learn. Blog de innovación. Diseño de Servicios: una tendencia que viene con fuerzas. Por: Ana Urquilla * (Especial para E&N) En las últimas décadas, el diseño ha experimentado una intensa evolución que ha ampliado su alcance, de un enfoque ejecutivo a uno estratégico.

Diseño de Servicios: una tendencia que viene con fuerzas

No se le percibe sólo como estilización sino como visión y proceso de innovación. Esta renovación de visión disciplinar ha permitido que el diseño se introduzca en estrategias, procesos, experiencias y servicios como campos especializados. Dentro de esta transformación surge la rama disciplinaria del diseño de servicios. Polaine, Lovlie y Reason (2013) definen a un servicio como el “proceso de una experiencia vivida a través del tiempo”. El término ‘diseño de servicios’ surge a partir de investigaciones de marketing de servicios publicadas entre finales de los setenta y mediados de los ochenta. El concepto toma auge mediante conferencias, publicaciones, programas educativos y demás; y en la actualidad se está convirtiendo en tema principal de la formación en diseño y negocios. 1. 2. 3. 4. Service Design 101. This article was co-written by Lauren Chapman Ruiz and Izac Ross We all hear the words "service design" bandied about, but what exactly does it mean?

Service Design 101

Clients and designers often struggle to find a common language to define the art of coordinating services, and frequent questions arise. Often it emerges as necessary in the space of customer experience or complicated journey maps. In response, here is a brief FAQ primer to show the lay of the land in service design. What are services? Services are intangible economic goods—they lead to outcomes as opposed to physical things customers own. What creates a service experience? Services are always co-created by what we call service users and service employees—the direct beneficiaries of the service, and the individuals who see the service through. This oftentimes means that the outcome will vary for each service user. A positive service experience considers and works to account for these situations—they are intentionally planned. Service design. Reaching excellence with customers requires more than a good strategy.

Service design

When it comes to execution, it takes craft, methods and skills to connect customers with the business in concrete ways. Service design offers a powerful toolbox to help organisations deal with internal challenges, enable a new customer experiences and create business value. A service design approach brings a human focus to the development of services. This helps organisations see the big picture as customers see it.

And when it’s time to get real, it offers tools to design every little interaction between the customer and the business in a consistent way across the organisation. Understand what customers care about Market surveys may tell you what customers like, but they will struggle to tell you why. Service design brings a host of tools that enable businesses to understand customers experiences on a deeper level. Imagine services that connect with customers and the business Seeing is believing. UX Designer & Design Researcher. Captain of Her Soul. Martha Nussbaum was preparing to give a lecture at Trinity College, Dublin, in April, 1992, when she learned that her mother was dying in a hospital in Philadelphia.

Captain of Her Soul

She couldn’t get a flight until the next day. That evening, Nussbaum, one of the foremost philosophers in America, gave her scheduled lecture, on the nature of emotions. “I thought, It’s inhuman—I shouldn’t be able to do this,” she said later. Then she thought, Well, of course I should do this. I mean, here I am. When she returned to her room, she opened her laptop and began writing her next lecture, which she would deliver in two weeks, at the law school of the University of Chicago. In the lecture, she described how the Roman philosopher Seneca, at the end of each day, reflected on his misdeeds before saying to himself, “This time I pardon you.” When her plane landed in Philadelphia, Nussbaum learned that her mother had just died. How to Serve. Understanding how to serve customers well is a major factor in the success of corporations: and service has a big role outside work too.

How to Serve

It’s one of the many ways in which there’s an overlap between getting better in business and getting better at life in general. Service means helping others to thrive. It’s a goal that’s been around longer than humanity. A service culture exists amongst Japanese Snow Monkeys We’re all keen on being served well.