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Orca Research Trust. Lone orca calf, fund raising video. 4196# Killer Whales and Northern Lights 2015. Rescue of Stranded Transient Orca. It was 7:30am when we received a call from Eric Keen on his vessel the Bangarang.

Rescue of Stranded Transient Orca

Eric is conducting a study on fin whales in the area and we work quite closely with him on our research. Plongée en apnée avec les orques ! Plusieurs millions de tonnes de harengs viennent hiverner tous les ans, à 300 km du cercle polaire, dans les fjords Norvégiens.

Plongée en apnée avec les orques !

Les orques ne ratent pas cette manne nourricière qui attire également d'autres mammifères marins comme les baleines à bosse que l'on voit à la fin de la vidéo, les rorquals ou les globicéphales... Dans le fjord d'Andfjorden, où ces images ont été réalisés en janvier 2015 par le réalisateur Didier Brémont, nouveau venu dans le Team www.Plongeurs.TV, il est courant d'observer plus de 200 individus à quelques encablures du port d’Andenes, lors d'une seule sortie en mer de quelques heures - les journées sont très courtes en janvier à ces latitudes. FAIRE CETTE PLONGÉE Le fjord d'Andfjorden est situé au nord de l'archipel des Lofoten, entre les îles de Senja et d'Andoya. Les sorties en mer et les plongées ont été réalisées avec le centre de whale watching Lofoten Opplevelser AS basé, en hiver, à Andenes.

Un orque échoué sur des rochers crie pour qu'on l'aide, voici ce que les gens font pour lui! - Images - Images drôles et insolites. Observatoire des Mammifères Marins (OBS MAM) 104-Year-Old 'Granny' Orca Spotted Leaping Wildly Out Of The Ocean. A famous 104-year-old orca has made another big splash this week, and a lucky photographer caught her on camera.

104-Year-Old 'Granny' Orca Spotted Leaping Wildly Out Of The Ocean

Just off the coast of Vancouver, Canada, Granny breached brilliantly as she led her pod through a narrow pass between islands, and Gary Sutton snapped the glamour shots, which Wild Whales Vancouver posted to its Facebook page. Gary Sutton Arguably one of the world's most known animals, Granny, or J2, made waves last year when the discovery of her age (then a ripe 103) spoke to how long orcas can thrive in the wild, as opposed to captivity. "It was a pretty incredible experience," Gary Sutton, of Wild Whales Vancouver, told The Dodo. "I saw this whale breach almost completely out of the water twice in a row and assumed it was a younger animal because of the crazy air time but when I looked closer later on and matched up the eye patch and chin clip to older photos, I realized it was the matriarch herself!

" Whale Rescue, providing logistical and practical expertise in the rescue of whales and dolphins. Whale Researchers Document a Rare and Stunning Display of Orcas in the Wild. ResidentOrca.COM - 104-Year-Old 'Granny' Orca Spotted Leaping Wildly Out Of The Ocean. “Whale Fingerprints”: How We Know Granny The Orca Is 103 Years Old. A 103-year-old orca whale named “Granny" has been making some serious waves this week, after she was spotted traveling for 800 miles off the coast of Canada with her pod.

“Whale Fingerprints”: How We Know Granny The Orca Is 103 Years Old

The centenarian, also called J2 by researchers, has not only astounded people with her age, but by disproving SeaWorld claims that orcas typically live up to 25-35 years in the wild. So how do researchers know that this particular whale is Granny? Stranded orca saved by volunteers who kept it cool for hours until high tide. An orca that was stranded on some rocks was kept alive for eight hours by a dedicated team of whale researchers and volunteers on the North Coast of B.C.

Stranded orca saved by volunteers who kept it cool for hours until high tide

"She cried often, which tore at our hearts, but as the tide came up there were many cheers as this whale was finally free," said in a Facebook post from the group The Cetacean Lab. Early Wednesday morning, the group received a call from a colleague about the beached orca, which was stuck on some rocks at low tide. June 30, 2015 - Whale Popcorn at East Point. The fog rolled in overnight out west and so our day started with us pushing north through Bellingham Channel past the Cone Islands and into the Strait of Georgia with Canada on the horizon.

June 30, 2015 - Whale Popcorn at East Point

Some little puppy dog faces watched us go as we passed Puffin Island and we slowed to get a good look at the masses of harbor seals hauled out. Dog mermaids. Orca bon-bons. Land sausages. Whatever you want to call them, they're pretty cute! Orca census shows increase in Southern Resident population. A census of the killer whales that frequent Puget Sound is due today, and it appears that the total population of the three Southern Resident pods is 82, up from 79 last year at this time.

Orca census shows increase in Southern Resident population

But that’s not the end of the story, because two small groups of orcas have not been seen recently — so a final count must wait, according to Ken Balcomb of the Center for Whale Research, which conducts the annual census. The three Southern Resident pods, well defined years ago, are no longer the same, Ken told me. The tendency the past few years is for the whales to split up into smaller groups of one or more families, known as matrilines. Immediate families tend to stay together, but larger groupings such as pods and subpods are becoming less certain.

L84 & Lolita updates; Bigg's T49C,T65As,T93 & T97,T123As; Windy the Humpback. Underwater Photography Guide. Incredible Photos of a Humpback Mother and Calf followed by an Orca Attack Text and Photos By Rodney Bursiel Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “A mind stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

Underwater Photography Guide

After visiting the Socorro Islands with Great White Adventures aboard the Solmar V, my mind was stretched more than I could ever imagine. Puget Sound orcas among most contaminated marine mammals on the planet. 1120348251017. Save Puget Sound’s orcas by protecting West Coast waters. The federal government knows enough now to better protect Puget Sound’s southern-resident orcas.

Save Puget Sound’s orcas by protecting West Coast waters

WHALE watchers and researchers are celebrating a baby boom in the local orca community after spotting another new “southern resident” killer whale calf in Puget Sound just a few weeks ago. The surprise discovery of newborn J52, swimming alongside her mother, builds on the good news of three other births earlier this year.

The thrill over this new calf might give the impression that all is well with a community beloved by photographers, tourists and nature lovers. But the reality is that the southern residents are still some of the rarest killer whales on Earth. Those four births have been offset by four deaths in the last year, so the population is barely hanging on after decades of decline. The federal government recognized the threat, listing the species as endangered in 2005 and protecting some 2,500 square miles of their Puget Sound summer habitat a year later.

Us.whales. In the Pacific Northwest of the United States, dams have cut off the main source of food for the remaining, critically endangered Southern Resident orcas who live in the ocean nearby.


There are 78 of these orcas left – JUST 78! The salmon stocks they eat are falling fast. But it’s not too late. YOU can do something about it Please join WDC in acknowledging PacifiCorp for making the right choice to remove four of its dams along the Klamath River, and sign our Letter of Support. Newborns J50 and J51 both doing well; Ts in Penn Cove today.

J-50, un bébé orque au comportement mystérieux. LE MONDE | • Mis à jour le | Par Nathaniel Herzberg Plus qu’un événement, « une bénédiction ». Au Centre de recherche sur les baleines de l’Etat de Washington, aux Etats-Unis, la découverte d’un orque âgé de quelques jours dans les eaux canadiennes a été saluée comme un cadeau du ciel. Le 30 décembre, des biologistes du centre ont pu observer et photographier le petit animal – tout de même 2,50 m et environ 200 kg – nageant au côté de sa mère, au large des North Pender Island, en Colombie britannique. J-50, un bébé orque au comportement mystérieux. J-50, un bébé orque au comportement mystérieux. Cinéma Animalier - Au plus près des Orques. Mutant 'Type-D' Orca may be a New Species of Killer Whale. Jun 29, 2013 08:53 AM EDT.

Update: Newborn joins J-pod; mother may be missing. By EMILY GREENBERG Journal of the San Juans Reporter December 31, 2014 · Updated 3:31 PM Comments Newborn J-50 swims alongside its presumed mother, J-16, Dec. 30. / Contributed Photo/Center for Whale Research The excitement of spotting a newborn orca calf in J-pod became shrouded in mystery after further study revealed uncertainty surrounding its birth. The Center for Whale Research confirmed seeing and photographing 42-year-old J-16 with, presumably, her newborn baby, off the south shores of North Pender Island in Canadian waters on Dec. 30. Les mystérieuses cultures des orques de l’Antarctique. Deux des plus grands experts mondiaux de l’orque, ce prédateur le plus haut placé sur la chaîne alimentaire après l’homme, se trouvaient récemment en Antarctique, en train de procéder au marquage d’une créature dont le remarquable comportement de chasse coopérative et la transmission de savoirs intergénérationnels ne rivalisent qu’avec les capacités humaines en ce domaine.

Calf born in endangered southern resident orca pod. A calf has been born in the endangered southern resident orca population. The Centre for Whale Research confirmed the birth of a new calf J-50, which it believes is a few days old, to the mother, J-16. Ken Balcomb, a senior scientist with the Centre for Whale Research, said the calf was spotted off in the Gulf Island, off South Pender Island in Swanson Channel.

"The calf was born sometime recently," he said. Center for Whale Research. USEA diving with orcas, whales, dolphins and seals. Pregnant killer whale J-32 was starving, necropsy reveals. Questions remain after a necropsy revealed a young female orca in the endangered southern resident population was malnourished when she died before giving birth to a full-term calf. Preliminary necropsy results released by the Center for Whale Research indicate that J-32 had a thin layer of blubber and had not been feeding adequately for an extended period of time.

Read more about the death of J-32 But the report also concluded the 19-year-old female likely died because she could not expel a nearly full-term fetus from her body, and that the fetus might have been dead for some time. "The question is why did the fetus die, and why are we having so much trouble with reproductive success in this population?

" said Kenneth Balcomb, the executive director of the center. Don't Let Orcas Be Dammed! ‘It’s a crime against science’: Dead orca’s teeth sawed off overnight. CTV Vancouver Published Saturday, December 6, 2014 5:09PM PST Last Updated Saturday, December 6, 2014 7:36PM PST Animal advocates say they are horrified after discovering somebody illegally desecrated the body of a dead orca whale found off the coast of Vancouver Island earlier this week. J-32: Rhapsody - an album on Flickr. Invasion of the Killer Whales ~ Full Episode. Of the Killer Whales A shift in power is taking place at the top of the world. 2014-11-19 01:00:00publishdisabledshowfalse11316Polar Bears Try to Catch Salmon Polar bears are forced to try their luck hunting salmon as arctic ice sheets dissappear. 01:00: of the Last Frontier: Arctic WanderersThe polar bears and arctic grizzlies in the far north of Alaska. 00:01: A shift of power is taking place at the top of the world.

The Arctic is undergoing a dramatic change, and with this change one iconic Arctic hunter may soon have to give way to another as solid ice turns to open sea. The polar bear, once king of the North, needs ice to stalk its prey. Mother Orca And Her Dead Calf: A Mother’s Grief? - Candace Calloway Whiting. The report that the Southern Resident orcas lost a calf came as sad news yesterday, compounding the disappointment of the losses to their fragile population this year – earlier losses included an older and well known female, two males in their prime, and another calf all of which failed to return this summer from the winter foraging.

But what makes the news of this calf so heartbreaking is that the mother was observed pushing her dead baby around trying to carry it for hours, and may still be with it today. Huge pod of orca whales hanging out near Moss Landing, Carmel. 'Imprisoned' Killer Whales Spark Outcry in Moscow. RussianOrca.comNarnia the orca, shown here after her capture in the Far East in 2012, is now being kept in a tank in Moscow. Russian police have refused to open a case into orca whales being held in Moscow in what animal rights campaigners say are cramped tanks that could leave the mammals deaf and insane. Activists claim that killer whale cries have been heard for months at the VDNKh exhibition center in northern Moscow. Realm of the Killer Whales HD Nature Documentary. Shock after Southland orca stranding - Story - NZ News. Orca (killer whale) and dog - READ THE DETAILS! Lost Orca Whale Needs Time and Food, Will Norway Help? - Candace Calloway Whiting.

La rébellion des orques. Mars 2014. Nul ne peut mesurer la détresse des orques captives dans les delphinariums du monde entier. Ce qui est certain, c’est que leur souffrance loin d’être seulement physique, est également morale. Et pour quelques-unes, de la détresse à la folie, il n’y avait qu’un pas. Uk.whales. Whales Help Disabled Member of Pod - SCUBA News, Videos and Events - The Dive Site. Cetacean News Network - The Southern Resident Orcas Have a New Baby At Last! Les épaulards du Pacifique Nord-Est manquent de nourriture. Mort d’un épaulard – le sonar serait-il en cause? - WWF-Canada BlogueWWF-Canada Blogue. Granny, doyenne des orques, est une très mauvaise nouvelle pour les affaires de SeaWorld CherryPepper Magazine Vegan.