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Thank you. Home - Strømsholmen Seasportcenter - Fishing - Diving - Atlanterhavsveien - Atlantic Road - Norway. Endangered in the Wild, In Danger in Captivity. Home - Strømsholmen Seasportcenter - Fishing - Diving - Atlanterhavsveien - Atlantic Road - Norway. The Heart of Iceland.


SAVE the ARTIC. SEA SHEPHERD. NASA: California Drought Causing Valley Land to Sink. As Californians continue pumping groundwater in response to the historic drought, the California Department of Water Resources today released a new NASA report showing land in the San Joaquin Valley is sinking faster than ever before, nearly 2 inches (5 centimeters) per month in some locations.

NASA: California Drought Causing Valley Land to Sink

The report, Progress Report: Subsidence in the Central Valley, California, prepared for DWR by researchers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California, is available at: Giant hole 'world's end': 100-meter wide giant hole in Siberia baffling experts. Mystery of the Siberian crater deepens: Now two NEW large holes appear in Siberia What created the mystery Utah crater?

Giant hole 'world's end': 100-meter wide giant hole in Siberia baffling experts

Stand for Trees - Homepage. She's Alive... Beautiful... Finite... Hurting... Worth Dying for. Last pangolins. The world is running out of time to save its only scaly mammal Photographs: Rajesh Kumar Mohapatra ON THE third Saturday of February, the World Pangolin Day, the Internet was flooded with images and videos of a scaly creature, arousing curiosity of many.

Last pangolins

While some said it was an armadillo, others were amazed to find that the character from animation series Pokemon was a real animal. Japon : une centaine de dauphins échoués sur une plage. USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD 6) Underway in Japanese Waters Immediately Prior to Melon Headed Whale Stranding. By Kirsten Massebeau 150 melon headed whales washed up onto the shores of of Ibaraki, Japan April 10, 2015 (Japan time).

USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD 6) Underway in Japanese Waters Immediately Prior to Melon Headed Whale Stranding

Local residents and officials worked tirelessly to help the melon headed whales but sadly only three were eventually re-floated. These gregarious, and highly intelligent whales live in tight social communities, and are deep divers very susceptible to sonar and seismic testing. Each day strandings are increasing worldwide as the Navy, and Oil and Gas Corporations plunder the ocean with sound in warfare games, and in search of oil and gas pockets. Marine Mammals Win Against U.S. Military. (Before It's News) It’s a win for dolphins, whales, and other marine mammals off the coast of Southern California and Hawaii.

Marine Mammals Win Against U.S. Military

A federal judge has stopped the U.S. U.S. Navy training: Dolphins die after underwater Navy training exercise in San Diego - latimes. Three dolphins died this month during a Navy training exercise using underwater explosives near the San Diego County coast, authorities said Friday.

U.S. Navy training: Dolphins die after underwater Navy training exercise in San Diego - latimes

Scientists have yet to officially determine what caused the deaths at the Silver Strand Training Complex near Coronado, but examinations of the animals showed injuries consistent with blast trauma. The unit conducting the underwater training exercises March 4 had scanned the area and spotted no marine mammals before starting a countdown to detonate the explosives about 10:45 a.m., said Cmdr. Fascinating Photos of Reindeer People Living in Mongolia. After living in Nepal and exploring Tibet and the Himalayas for more than a decade, photographer Hamid Sardar-Afkhami decided he would travel to outer Mongolia to document the nomadic tribes and their unique way of life.

Fascinating Photos of Reindeer People Living in Mongolia

A scholar of Tibetan and Mongol languages who received his Ph.D. from Harvard University in Sanskrit and Tibetan Studies, Sardar was just the right person to capture the Dukha people, Mongolia's last nomadic reindeer herders. The Dukha are an ancient group of people of Turk descent who are dependent on reindeer for their way of life. In addition to milk and cheese, the reindeer provide transportation for hunting.

They're ridden to hunt wild elk and boar. The Dukha tribe is quickly disappearing. Découvrez cette extraordinaire tribu mongole qui vit en harmonie avec la nature et qui risque de la quitter. Hamid Sardar-Afkhami est un photographe passionné par le Tibet et la Mongolie.

Découvrez cette extraordinaire tribu mongole qui vit en harmonie avec la nature et qui risque de la quitter

Il a longtemps étudié les coutumes, les cultures et la langue des peuples qui se nichent au coeur de cette région aux paysages magnifiques. Captivity. Captivity is no place for a wild animal.


“If you don’t want to be beaten, imprisoned, mutilated, killed or tortured, then you shouldn’t condone such behaviour towards anyone, be they human or not.” – Moby. Although seals tend to fair better than cetaceans (dolphins, orca and whales) in captivity, the practice should not be considered any less distasteful. Marine Parks and Captivity While we applaud marine parks for their rescue, rehabilitation and subsequent release of sick or injured animals, we condemn in the strongest of terms the keeping of marine mammals for the purpose of exhibit, display and so called “entertainment.”

Antarctic Weddell Seal Pup's Kiss Goes Viral on Instagram. It might be freezing in Antarctica, but this adorable photo is melting hearts all over the Internet.

Antarctic Weddell Seal Pup's Kiss Goes Viral on Instagram

A photo of a Weddell seal pup kissing the cheek of its mom in Erebus Bay, Antarctica, is going viral on Instagram. The baby seal's smooch was caught by U.S. Geological Survey scientist William Link, and the image was shared on the Instagram accounts of the USGS and the U.S. Sea Change campaign: tackling ghost fishing gear. Our Sea Change campaign reduces the huge suffering caused by ‘ghost gear’ – abandoned fishing gear that turns oceans into death traps for sea animals The ghost fishing gear crisis Abandoned, lost and discarded nets, lines and traps are one of the biggest threats to our sea life.

A staggering 640,000 tons of gear is left in our oceans each year. That gear traps, injures, mutilates and kills hundreds of thousands of whales, dolphins, sharks, seals, turtles and birds annually. So, through our Sea Change campaign, we’re aiming to save one million animals by 2018.


AMAZONIE. NDDL. Humpback whale successfully freed from entangled gear. A humpback whale spotted off Kona last week has been successfully freed of life-threatening gauge line. But it wasn’t easy for the rescue team of 11 to catch the 45-feet long marine mammal out in the open ocean. The entangled whale was first spotted on Feb. 13, heading up the Hamakua coastline 45 miles northwest of Hilo. Beluga death renews breeding debate. VANCOUVER – The death of a beluga whale loaned by the Vancouver Aquarium to Orlando SeaWorld for breeding purposes is renewing the debate over whether cetaceans should be bred in captivity.

Прогулка с акулой, Гавайи. Indonesian Government Sinks Vietnamese Shark Poaching Boat, Creates New Dive Site. This morning in Raja Ampat, police detonated a single charge placed in the hull of the ship to sink it perfectly onto a sandy bottom, where it will now become a new dive site attraction. (© Conservation International/photo by Julius Thonak) Two years ago, we proudly blogged that the Raja Ampat government in the Indonesian province of West Papua had taken the bold step of passing a law protecting all species of sharks and rays in its waters (the first such law in Southeast Asia!) In recognition of the tremendous ecological and economic benefits to both fisheries and tourism of healthy elasmobranch populations.

This law rapidly gained national traction, and a year later I was delighted to congratulate the Indonesian government on its move to create the world’s largest manta ray sanctuary. Raja Ampat’s manta populations are at the center of a thriving marine tourism industry that is now the primary economic driver of the region. (© Shawn Heinrichs) La fin des petits Paysans. Drame au Testet : un mort. Premier récit. Plus de cinq mille personnes étaient présentes ce week-end au Testet, dans le Tarn, pour s’opposer à la construction du barrage de Sivens. Alors que le rassemblement était festif et joyeux, une personne est morte dans les affrontements qui ont opposé des opposants radicaux aux forces de police, dans la nuit de samedi à dimanche. Le poumon vert de la planète, c'est quoi ? Germes tueurs Arte 2014 01 09 22 20. Comment la Terre change sous nos yeux. La planète change, et nous en sommes fortement responsables. La dune du Pyla mise à mal par les grandes marées.

Io9. Une autre relation à la nature est possible. Psychanalyse du changement climatique: comment faire le deuil de la planète que nous connaissons. Plusieurs raisons expliquent nos difficultés à admettre qu’un changement climatique est en cours et que l’humanité en subira les conséquences. L’intérêt du livre que vient de publier le philosophe australien Clive Hamilton, Requiem pour l’espèce humaine, réside dans son analyse psychologique et même psychanalytique de notre façon de réagir face à un phénomène qui n’est pas immédiatement perceptible et dont les effets se produisent à la fois à long terme et de façon très variables selon les régions du monde. Prendre conscience d’un changement profond de notre planète sur plusieurs décennies, voire sur plusieurs siècles, ne fait pas, à l’évidence, partie des aptitudes naturelles de notre cerveau.

Paysans et jardiniers seront-ils bientôt obligés de cultiver dans la clandestinité ? Les paysans qui ressèment leur récolte seront-ils considérés comme des trafiquants ? Oui, ont répondu les sénateurs en adoptant le 20 novembre à l’unanimité un projet de loi élargissant aux plantes le délit de contrefaçon. Le bois illégal circule en Europe. Pour la première fois depuis l’entrée en vigueur du nouveau règlement européen sur le bois (3 mars 2013), les autorités ont confisqué du bois illégal venant de République Démocratique du Congo (RDC). Les Chinois à l'assaut des forêts de l'Aude. Le bois issu des grandes forêts de l'Aude et des P. -O. intéresse de plus en plus les acheteurs chinois. Au Congo, la France finance le plus grand barrage du monde - à l'impact écologique gigantesque. En 2013, le Congo et l’Afrique du Sud ont signé à Paris un accord pour construire au Congo le plus grand complexe hydraulique du monde.

Avec l’aide de l’Agence française de développement, de la Banque européenne d’investissement et de la Banque mondiale. _voeux_2014_web.