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The Hon Mlc Mr Mark Pearson and The Animal Justice Party: Captive Breeding of Dolphins to stop in NSW, Australia and addressing the license of Dolphin Marine Magic. PETITION calling for: an end to the captive breeding and keeping of dolphins, the release of all captive dolphins at Dolphin Marine Magic, (and in particular, Bucky, a wild-born dolphin who has been incarcerated in the confines of a small pool for more than forty-five years) and rehoming to a rescue and rehabilitation ocean sanctuary.

The Hon Mlc Mr Mark Pearson and The Animal Justice Party: Captive Breeding of Dolphins to stop in NSW, Australia and addressing the license of Dolphin Marine Magic

To the President and Members of the Legislative Council New South Wales Parliament. Free Dolphins Belgium. 合肥海洋世界海豚馆元旦开放 拟开海豚辅助治疗自闭症项目__万家热线-安徽门户网站. 2015-8-13 08:45 来源:江淮晨报 已有4150人浏览 六米深的巨大水池将来就是海豚们的表演场地。

合肥海洋世界海豚馆元旦开放 拟开海豚辅助治疗自闭症项目__万家热线-安徽门户网站

Cruel Dolphinarium Proposed in Poland – Here’s How You Can Stop It! Up till now, there has never been a dolphinarium in Poland.

Cruel Dolphinarium Proposed in Poland – Here’s How You Can Stop It!

With a new investment planned to be carried out in the city in Mszczonów, this may soon change. Free the Disney Dolphins: about the dolphins. When you visit a dolphinarium, such as the 'Seas with Nemo and Friends' pavilion at Disney's Epcot park, it's hard to see the problem: music is blaring, children are screaming and laughing and smiling, seemingly 'happy' dolphins are swimming around inside of the tank interacting with the trainer on the other side of the glass.

Free the Disney Dolphins: about the dolphins

Most park visitors are distracted and too busy to pause and ask vital questions about these dolphins, like: Where did they come from? Although it seems to be a popular belief, not all of the Epcot dolphins were born and raised in captivity. In fact, the dolphins who have lived and died at Disney- the happiest place on Earth- seem to tell a different story. According to my research in, 1985, Jay Sweeny and staff members from Epcot worked together to trap a pod of dolphins swimming off the coast of Florida (near Fort Myers), enclosing the animals in a net. All five of these dolphins are now dead. Deux dauphins de Corée en route pour la réhabilitation. [Photo] Careful move of dolphin back into the wild : National : News : The Hankyoreh. [Photo] Two more dolphins return to the wild : National : News : The Hankyoreh. Japon: la moitié des dauphins d'aquariums capturés de manière décriée.

Au moins 18 des 33 delphinariums japonais ont reconnu que leurs dauphins avaient été attrapés suivant la technique de la «pêche dirigée», jugée cruelle, qui se pratique dans la baie de Taïji (sud-ouest du Japon), précise le Yomiuri.

Japon: la moitié des dauphins d'aquariums capturés de manière décriée

Huit autres établissements se sont refusés à tout commentaire de crainte de «réactions négatives», ajouté le journal. Les pêcheurs de Taïji chassent chaque saison des centaines de dauphins qu'ils rassemblent dans un corral où ils sont dépecés pour leur viande, une activité traditionnelle fustigée par les associations de défense des animaux. Mais, selon ces derniers, comme la demande pour la chair de dauphin est insuffisante, les pêcheurs revendent à des prix très élevés des cétacés vivants à des delphinariums. C'est le cas pour près de la moitié des dauphins - 158 dauphins sur 352 - présentés dans les 33 delphinariums du pays, selon le Yomiuri Shimbun. Écologistes et défenseurs des animaux ont salué la décision de l'Association mondiale des zoos et aquariums. Melisa Sevim, ex-dresseuse de dauphins : "Je ne supportais plus de gagner ma vie de cette façon" The Dolphin Trainer Who Loved Dolphins Too Much. Ashley Guidry with Sandy, a wild-caught bottlenose dolphin, at Gulf World.

The Dolphin Trainer Who Loved Dolphins Too Much

Tim Zimmermann | Longreads | April 2015 | 25 minutes (6,193 words) Panama City Beach, Florida is set on the alluring waters of the Gulf Of Mexico, in northwestern Florida. It’s a town of cookie-cutter condos and sprawling outlet malls, built almost entirely on the idea that blazing sun, a cool sea, white sand beaches, and copious amounts of booze are an irresistible formula for human happiness (or at least a pretty damn good time). Everything about the place—from the ubiquitous fast food, to the endless chain stores, to the Brobdingnagian miniature golf courses—is designed to anticipate and then slake the vast and relentless array of human desires. Protocol For Releasing Captive Dolphins.

RELEASING CAPTIVE DOLPHINS PROTOCOL FOR THE REHABILITATION AND RELEASE OF CAPTIVE ATLANTIC BOTTLENOSE DOLPHINS (Tursiops truncatus) By Richard O’Barry Founder/Director Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project There are general criteria for the rehabilitation and release of captive dolphins back into the wild.

Protocol For Releasing Captive Dolphins

But not a complete guide or cookbook. Please help us end it. We have all heard of those traveling circuses that transport their captive animals from city to city, forcing them to perform in an endless cycle of depressing servitude.

Please help us end it

What you probably haven’t heard of is dolphins being featured as the main act. As hard as it is to believe, dolphin traveling circuses are a big hit in Indonesia. There are three separate companies running these inhumane operations, much to the delight of the uninformed spectators who pay pennies each to see the dolphins perform. There are 72 dolphins currently enslaved in Indonesia illegally, many of which are in captivity in these three traveling circuses. The Ric O'Barry Dolphin Project staff have been working closely with the Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) to lobby the Indonesian government to release the dolphins, many of whom were illegally poached from their ocean homes.

Dolphin Project sur Twitter : "Striped dolphin are the latest victims. It's Sunday Bloody Sunday here in Taiji. #DolphinProject. List of marine conservation groups in South Australia. November 28, 2014 | Posted in: Resources A number of community and environmental groups are actively involved in marine conservation work or advocacy in South Australia.

List of marine conservation groups in South Australia

This list is not exhaustive, nor does it assume that listed groups are in any way affiliated with the Marine Life Society of South Australia. If you would like to add a group to this list, please contact us and let us know. Save the Saddest Dolphins. Cetacean Cousins: Delfinariu Constanta. Dolphins in Captivity - Scuba Diver Life. By Christina Albright-Mundy Last year’s documentary Blackfish shined a light on the cruelty of orca captivity, and has resulted in an ongoing backlash against Sea World and similar marine parks.

Dolphins in Captivity - Scuba Diver Life

While orcas were the focus of Blackfish and have now become a mascot for ending cetacean captivity, the dolphin has suffered far more than orcas for the sake of entertainment. There is no debating the intelligence of dolphins. プールに戻れなくなったイルカ. Australian Marine Park Under Investigation. In the fishing town of Coffs Harbour on the east coast of Australia there is a marine park called Dolphin Marine Magic. In the marine park there is a small pool, and in that pool is Bucky. Although he is in remission from cancer and one of the oldest dolphins in captivity, Bucky performs two shows a day, 365 days a year.

He tail walks across the water on demand and performs flips and elaborate tricks in return for frozen fish. Members of the public line up to brush his teeth, pat his belly, and 'ride' Bucky around the pool. Bucky shares his crowded tank with five other dolphins, four of which he is the father. While all may appear calm on the surface, Dolphin Marine Magic has a secret: It does not meet animal welfare standards. Beachie, un dauphin seul au monde au SeaPark de Bruges. Lezersbrief: 'Sluit Dolfinarium' Wijzigingen in de Telecommunicatiewet maken dat iedere website de verplichting heeft te informeren over het gebruik van cookies. Ook dient toestemming gevraagd te worden voor het specifieke gebruik van cookies.

We beseffen dat dit lastig en zelfs klantonvriendelijk kan overkomen. Bij voorbaat onze excuses hiervoor. Cookies helpen om u een optimale gebruikerservaring te bieden bij het bezoeken van onze websites. Met cookies kunnen we het gedrag van bezoekers analyseren en daardoor onze webpagina verbeteren. Klik hieronder op "Akkoord en naar" om deze keuze te bevestigen. Beachie, un dauphin seul au monde au SeaPark de Bruges. Duisburg Zoo Captive Cetaceans. Victory: Abusive Italian Dolphinarium Shut Down Forever. A dolphinarium in Rimini, Italy, Delfinario Rimini, has been denied a license to reopen its doors. The victory is particularly sweet, given that the facility was recently cited for animal mistreatment over its bottlenose dolphins. Last year, inspectors reported disturbing conditions at the aquarium, including trainers administering tranquilizers and hormonal therapies to the dolphins to reduce aggression and sexual behaviours, improper housing conditions, and a lack of shade for the animals.

ABC slammed for ‘appalling’ judgment over kids’ dolphin show. †Introductory offers to be billed 4 weekly as per the following - The Australian Digital Subscription $3 per week, $12 billed 4 weekly; The Australian Digital Subscription + weekend paper delivery $3 per week, $12 billed 4 weekly; The Australian Digital Subscription + 6 day paper delivery $6 per week, $24 billed 4 weekly. At the end of the initial 12 weeks, subscriptions will automatically renew to the higher price to be billed 4 weekly as per the following - The Australian Digital Subscription $6 per week, $24 billed 4 weekly; The Australian Digital Subscription + weekend paper delivery $6 per week, $24 billed 4 weekly; The Australian Digital Subscription + 6 day paper delivery $12 per week, $48 billed 4 weekly, unless cancelled.

Payment in advance by credit/debit card or Paypal only. Dolphins living in terrible conditions, says experts - RazorTV. The Taiji Whale Museum: A Dolphin’s Worst Nightmare. With their smiling faces and energetic personalities, dolphins have long captured the hearts of enthusiastic zoo and aquarium guests. Children and adults everywhere become instantly exhilarated when they plan their trip to the local aquarium, absolutely thrilled at the chance to watch dolphins jump through hoops and splash tail-fulls of salty water on kids in the front row. Some aquariums even offer the totally “awesome” opportunity for guests to interact with cetaceans up close and personal through, “Trainer for a Day,” gigs or, “Swim with a Dolphin!”

Programs. Dauphins, delphinariums, Marineland, SeaWorld, shows de dauphins, dauphins captifs, orques, soigneurs, shows de dauphins, spectacles d'orques, bélugas, Dolphins at Underwater World in 'satisfactory' condition: AVA. SINGAPORE: Underwater World Singapore (UWS) responded to allegations by animal welfare groups that their animals were kept in "sub-standard" conditions, saying on Monday (Oct 27) that a pink dolphin at Dolphin Lagoon, named 'Han', was actually suffering from a non-transmissable form of skin cancer. "The dolphin mentioned in the Wildlife Watchers’ report was diagnosed skin cancer, which is not transmissible, and is being treated by our marine mammal veterinarian," said a spokesperson from Underwater World Singapore. "It is under the attentive care of our team of marine mammal trainers," added the spokesperson.

Government moves to suspend new approvals of aquariums for dolphins. The Government has recommended the suspension of new approvals for dolphin aquariums in Jamaica until a market and ecosystems survey is undertaken. The recommendation is contained in a new policy aimed at regulating the use of dolphins. According to the proposed policy, before new approvals may be granted for the establishment of dolphin aquariums surveys first have to be done to determine how many be sustainably created in the country. The Government says the policy will address dolphins in Jamaican waters, the trading of dolphins and the use of the mammals for attractions. Connyland delphinarium Suisse Roby Gasser. Dolphins Made and Wayan in Bali Kidnapped! By Ric O’Barry Director Dolphin Project Earth Island Institute. Dolphin Traveling Circus in Indonesia. Dolphin Circuses Defy Ban. Scientist criticizes aquarium over dolphins' living conditions.

Photos du journal - Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project. Le Suicide de Flipper le dauphin. Dauphins en captivité : les dessous du spectacle. Le marché du dauphin passe par la Suisse - Le Matin, l'actualité en direct: sports, people, politique, économie, multimédia. Les delphinariums bientôt interdits ? Ending Dolphin Captures at the Cove: Airlines Might Just Hold the Secret. Save Japan Dolphins. Au parc Astérix ils punissent cruellement les dauphins ?.. - Association animale ma-vie-de-galgo.

How One Family Went From SeaWorld Fans to Foes in a Single Show. SeaWorld : un dauphin fou mord une fillette. Dolphin to take part in Sochi Olympic torch relay. Dauphins en captivité: la fermeture du Boudewijn Seapark de Bruges réclamée.