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Free Corky Campaign : OrcaLab. Corky’s saddest anniversary #46 : OrcaLab. Corky's family in the summer of 2015 Posted by orcalab on Friday, December 11, 2015 · Leave a Comment Incredibly, December 11 2015 marks the 46th anniversary of Corky’s capture in 1969.

Corky’s saddest anniversary #46 : OrcaLab

There was a huge storm that tragic night, much like the one that is battering Canada’s west coast today, causing power outages and ferry cancellations. For some unknown reason, perhaps the weather, perhaps seeking disappeared relatives, perhaps for some other purpose, Corky’s family decided to swim through the narrow entrance of Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast north of Vancouver B.C.

The evening was pitch black but their entry was noticed and word spread. The problem Corky faces is SeaWorld’s intransigence. A Visit To SeaWorld’s Longest-Serving Prisoner. Corky, the longest-held orca in captivity The Blackfish effect.

A Visit To SeaWorld’s Longest-Serving Prisoner

It has happened to me. After watching the movie, I began researching articles, videos, books and found out about David Kirby, Naomi Rose, Ingrid Visser, Ric O'Barry, Lolita, Springer, Morgan, Luna, and then found Corky. Corky is a Northern resident, the longest-held orca in captivity (over 44 years), who had seven calves. The calves all died in 47 days or less. Dr. SeaWorld Orca Mom Too 'Depressed' To Nurse Baby. Recent footage taken at SeaWorld appears to show a mother orca who's too depressed to nurse her calf.

SeaWorld Orca Mom Too 'Depressed' To Nurse Baby

Ingrid Visser, Ph.D., a marine biologist who specializes in orcas, and John Hargrove, a former SeaWorld trainer, recently took a trip to SeaWorld San Diego with a team from Superpod, an upcoming orca documentary project. While there, they spotted an orca named Kasatka apparently refusing to nurse her calf, a 2-year-old male named Makani. YouTube/SuperpodDoc. SeaWorld : une maman orque trop déprimée pour nourrir son enfant. La tristesse d’un monde de silence. Il y a un sujet que j’ai appris à consulter de temps en temps sur les réseaux sociaux, puis régulièrement, plus profondément jusqu’à prendre conscience de ce qui est vraiment.

La tristesse d’un monde de silence

3 Traumatic Experiences Captive Orcas Know All Too Well. Efforts to prevent the live capture of marine animals date back to 1972 when the Marine Mammal Protection Act was passed to protect wild marine mammals from forced into captivity.

3 Traumatic Experiences Captive Orcas Know All Too Well

By 1976, Washington became the first state to prohibit the capture of orcas from their waters. While the legislation and bans in place showed progress and change in the public’s perception of marine mammal captivity, specifically of orcas, dozens had already been captured and sent to marine mammal parks around the world, including SeaWorld and Miami Seaquarium. Since the release of the documentary Blackfish in 2013, marine mammal facilities have taken a hit as the public, for the first time since protests in the 70s, question the captivity of orcas. Although much of the information in Blackfish wasn’t new to the scientific community, it brought global attention to captivity and just how detrimental it is on the physical and psychological well-being of orcas. 1. 2. 3.

Custody of killer whale plays out in court. Ikaika, an eight-year-old male killer whale at Marineland in Niagara Falls, is the equivalent of a troubled teenager.

Custody of killer whale plays out in court

He is full of sexual energy, has a violent family tree and a pattern of aggressive behaviour that often leaves him swimming alone. Even so, two marine parks are waging a cross-border court battle for custody of the valuable orca. A St. Catharines judge recently ruled he be returned to SeaWorld in Orlando, Fla., where he was born in August 2002. Freya, la plus vieille orque de Marineland, est morte. Les orques du Marineland d'Antibes. «À SeaWorld, c’est l’eau qui a tué cette femme et pas l’animal.

Les orques du Marineland d'Antibes

Quand une orque s’attaque à une baleine ou à un phoque, c’est terrible: les animaux sont déchiquetés, il y a du sang partout. Ici, ce n’est pas le cas. Captive Orca Freya Has Died At Marineland Antibes, France - Orca Aware. AN OPEN LETTER TO THE GOVERNMENT OF ONTARIO, ON BEHALF OF KISKA. Marc Bekoff - Here's Proof Orcas Die Young In Captivity. A new study shows captive killer whales don't live as long as wild relatives.

Marc Bekoff - Here's Proof Orcas Die Young In Captivity

The award-winning documentary "Blackfish" clearly showed that captive killer whales (orcas) live horrific lives. They are routinely mistreated, forced to breed, and forced to perform stupid and unnatural tricks all in the name of money (see for example, "Why SeaWorld Can't Float: Censorship and Business Ethics" and references therein). Le Sea Park de Moscou torture ses orques ! Un aquarium de Moscou admet avoir dissimulé la présence de deux orques pendant des mois, et les défenseurs des droits des animaux affirment que les créatures ont été maintenues et abusées dans des cages rouillées.

Le Sea Park de Moscou torture ses orques !

Des militants, membres des groupes civiques russes "Vita" et "Dolphin Embassy", se sont rassemblés lundi matin devant un aquarium privé de Moscou, le VDNKh, pour sauver deux orques qui auraient vécu dans des bassins rouillés. Les activistes estiment que les animaux, des orques, "ont été torturées" dans le parc, et affirment qu'elles ont été détenues pendant 10 mois dans le plus grand secret. Des visiteurs du parc aquatique ont rapporté avoir entendu des cris horribles et des sons intenses de projection d'eau. Selon les militants, une des orques est une femelle connue sous le nom de "Narnia".

Parmi les activistes se trouvait Irina Novozhilova, la présidente de "Vita Animals Rights Center", qui s’est battue pendant des mois pour dévoiler la vérité sur les orques. Miami Seaquarium: Release Lolita! - The Animal Rescue Site. What's Next For The World's Captive Orcas. Orcas are highly intelligent and social animals.

What's Next For The World's Captive Orcas

After the first orca was captured for exhibition purposes in 1965, the popularity of these animals caused the business to boom, resulting in today's 52 captive orcas worldwide. However, the state of orcas in captivity is a very contentious debate. Anti-captivity proponents argue fiercely that these animals are not meant for an artificial life, and that keeping them captive brings no benefit outweighing the unethical treatment they receive. On the other hand, many marine mammal trainers and veterinarians argue that captive orcas are well cared for, that many of them would not survive a reintroduction in the wild, and that the benefit they bring to research is tangible. Orcas deceased in captivity. Not included in the total number given on top of the page are the 30 unsuccessful pregnancies which didn't result in a live born calf. Center for Whale Research. L'orque Bjossa est morte, nouvelle victime des delphinariums ! Orque captive.

Awesome Ocean blown out of the water AGAIN! Once again Erin McKinney writes a load of unproven ''facts'' for Awesome Ocean, the site set up with Seaworld's money. Lets look at the FACTS and PROVE these facts this time, as this is just getting ridiculous and is presented as a factual report when really it is the presumption of one person only. In order to testify in court as an "expert," you must first offer your qualifications to the judge and jury.This is very true so we will look at their qualifications And contrary to what you see on TV, staying at the Holiday Inn Express does not actually make you an expert.No one said it did! So, let's set the table a little here - watching “Blackfish” doesn’t make you an animal behaviorist any more than watching “Top Gun” makes you a fighter pilot, people.Many activists have said over and over if Blackfish is such an issue to you ignore it and look at the real facts.

Have you?? LETS GET THIS CLEAR BEFORE MOVING ON AS WE GO OVER AND OVER THE SAME THING. Orca Kalia gives birth. Why this is not a good thing! UT San Diego today reported the birth of a new orca at Seaworld Well Kalia the hybrid has given birth to yet another hybrid, in a dysfunctional family. The hybrid lineage goes from her father Keet. Her mother is Kasatka who is Icelandic wild caught, and father Keet who is the son of Kalina who was hybrid and Kotar who was Icelandic.

The saddest Whale in the World. Killer whale born at SeaWorld San Diego. SAN DIEGO - A killer whale was born at SeaWorld San Diego on Tuesday, and both mother and baby appear to be healthy, park officials said. The 10-year-old whale named Kalia gave birth around 12:30 p.m. under the watchful eye of her own mother, Kasatka, according to SeaWorld. "This is the seventh successful baby killer whale born right here at SeaWorld San Diego and I've been so fortunate to see four of them," said Kristi Burtis, supervisor of animal training.

Marineland Antibes informations tarifs horaires shows insémination artificielle des orques. Marineland Antibes informations tarifs horaires shows insémination artificielle des orques. Orca Kalia gives birth. Why this is not a good thing! Release Canada's only captive orca, Kiska to an appropriate facility. Kiska is a female orca (killer whale) who was captured from Iceland roughly 40 years ago and has resided at Marineland, Canada in Niagara Falls Ontario ever since. She has birthed five calves there and all of them have died untimely deaths. The eldest of her calves, Athena living to the age of six. Kiska "lives" alone in a concrete tank and her physical and mental well being is of great concern to us as we are witnessing her physical and mental health deteriorate rapidly.

Dr. Naomi Rose, a marine mammal scientist has had the opportunity to meet Kiska. We feel that Marineland is in violation of the OSPCA Act Standards Of Care and we are asking WHY Kiska is not receiving help from the OSPCA. A Visit To SeaWorld’s Longest-Serving Prisoner. Man leading charge to have Shamu released from SeaWorld. CTV Vancouver Published Monday, April 7, 2014 4:51PM PDT Last Updated Monday, April 7, 2014 7:59PM PDT A B.C. man is urging SeaWorld to release a local resident from its concrete tanks. Corky, who performs under the stage name Shamu, was captured off the province’s coast in 1969 and is the longest surviving orca in captivity. Paul Spong, who lives on Hanson Island on B.C.’s north coast, hopes the success of the documentary Blackfish helps raise awareness about Corky’s plight.

“I think SeaWorld absolutely owes her, they have profited from her immensely,” said Spong. The orca was captured neared Pender Island after being separated from her pod and has been performing at the park since 1987. Spong witnessed her capture and it still jars in his memory. Les épaulards gardés à Moscou »peuvent aller sourd et fou», dit expert - Europe - Monde. The cries of the seven-year-old female and five-year-old male can be heard from the covered tanks at the VDNKh exhibition centre in the Russian capital where they have been kept for 10 months, according to members of the Vita animal rights group. The orcas were supposed to housed at the new VDNKh aquarium in spring 2014. But delays in constructions mean the creatures are living in temporary facilities, police told Vita according to the St. Petersburg Times. It is predicted that the aquarium will not open until 2015. Irina Novozhilova, head of Vita, has claimed in a statement that the creatures are living in "solitary confinement cells".

Спасите Нарнию и Норда! It might be true that we don't recall many moments from our early years. However, Cara's first memory of a dolphin had her begging her parents to ask the trainer to let the dolphin go! Death Toll Rises At SeaWorld. Original Baby Shamu, Kalina is 4th Orca Casualty This Year. Corky~ The forgotten. The Devastating Impact of Captivity on the Teeth of Orcas. A Lonely Sky - Short Story about Katina by Zach Affolter on ReadWave.

Косатки на ВДНХ. Ikaika Med Pool Waterworks 10-17-14. A Lonely Sky - Short Story about Katina by Zach Affolter on ReadWave. SeaWorld Gave Valium To Whales For "Grotesque" Behavior Uncommon In The Wild. SeaWorld Orcas Drugged with Valium. Ikaika - Orca Pod Wiki. SeaWorld vs Marineland. Killer Whale Ikaika Caught in International Custody Battle. SeaWorld Gave Valium To Whales For "Grotesque" Behavior Uncommon In The Wild. SeaWorld Orcas droguée avec Valium. Ikaika - Orca Pod Wiki. Un an après « Blackfish », les orques ont-elles de meilleures conditions de vie en captivité ? Косатки на ВДНХ. Russia, Stop Wild Orca Captures! ‘Solitary confinement’: Two killer whales kept in cramped tanks in Moscow park. LIBERTAD PARA KSHAMENK, LA ORCA DE MUNDO MARINO. The Hidden Cost Of Captivity- Oral Health of Killer Whales Exposed. 'Imprisoned' Killer Whales Spark Outcry in Moscow. LIBERTAD PARA KSHAMENK, LA ORCA DE MUNDO MARINO.

Deux orques sauvages ont été capturés par les chasseurs, pour les jeux olympiques. 'Imprisoned' Killer Whales Spark Outcry in Moscow. Russian orca capture activities moving into high gear — but are captors acting without permits? - WDC. Killer whale at Marineland appears to be ailing (Includes interview) Blog de hommage-orca - Page 10 - hommage a toutes les orques mortes en captivité - A possible end to a Sea World show. Damaged Teeth a Consequence of Captivity for Orcas. Libérez les orques et les éléphants captifs ! Corky’s saddest day # 45 : OrcaLab. New Efforts to Free a Captive Killer Whale. DEATHATSEAWORLD. Uk.whales.

Corky longest orca in cap with her calf spooky who lived 47 days. Les cétacés captifs peuvent-ils être remis en liberté ? Captive Killer Whales (Orcas) Separated From Their Mothers. Killer Whales in Captivity: 7 Reasons They Should Be Free. Orques captives : les chiffres et les faits. Corky~ The forgotten. Narnia captive Orca Russie.