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Diy deo. I have been using all-natural deodorants for a couple of years now.

diy deo

The aluminum found in many conventional deodorants has been linked to breast cancer. SCARY! I like to know that only healthy ingredients go into the products that I use every day on my skin. So…guess what has found its way onto my To Do list? Yes, that’s right! Homemade Soap Recipe. Grandpappy's Homemade Soap Recipe Copyright © 2007,2008 by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E. All rights reserved and all rights protected under international copyright law. Click Here for a Microsoft WORD printer friendly copy of this article.

Introduction. Pantry Soap. DIY Clean eyes makeup remover. Eye make-up remover is so darn expensive!

DIY Clean eyes makeup remover

Here is a quick and cheap DIY Eye Make-up Remover recipe. If you have kids, you’ll have the materials! Snow-Globe Soap. Dec19 by Brenda Ponnay Stuff their stockings with something they can wash their hands with!

Snow-Globe Soap

By Brenda Ponnay What’s cuter than a button, small enough to fit in a stocking, won’t rot your teeth and leaves you squeaky clean? A mini snow-globe soap, of course! Single-Use Flower Petal Soaps. Learn to make some pretty single-use soaps for your guests!

Single-Use Flower Petal Soaps

You Will Need: Fabric Flowers or Fabric Flower PetalsMelt & Pour Soap Base (Your Choice)Bath & Body Safe FragranceSoap Colorant (Optional)TweezersCookie SheetMicrowave Safe Measuring Cup Instructions: 1. Melt your soap base in the microwave (see Melt & Pour Soap Instructions), add your fragrance, and colorant if desired.