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My New Roots: Raw Cashew Dreamcake. 25 Delicious Camping Recipes. Easy Camping Recipes, Gourmet Outdoor Cooking - Dirty Gourmet. Super Spackle - The Ultimate Ultralight Backpacking Snack. Print This Post Most often these days, we all want a snack that tastes fabulous with as few calories as possible. It should be delicious and addictive, but not do too much caloric damage or require too many trips to boot camp to work off. But one group of people – ultralight backpackers — wants the same delicious snack strategy, except with as many calories as possible.

Their goal is to pack as much nutrition and energy into the least amount of food, thus their need for calorie-dense meals and snacks. The squirt gets a squirt! Unless you have an obsessed family member, like I do, you might not understand exactly how driven an ultralight backpacker is. The term ultralight backpacking means this: The base weight of a fully loaded backpack must be less than 10 pounds. So in our house, we (and by this I mean my husband) have a scale to weigh gear, we have paid hundreds of dollars for an ultralight sleeping bag, a light pack and tent. We (him!) To eat, not to use to patch the walls. Ingredients. Food for Campouts. We went camping this weekend down at Big Sur. It was so fabulous and fun to be with friends in such a beautiful place. We were lucky to get a camp ground at Plaskett Creek. the camp host there is my new BFF, she made our lives so much easier. I think Enzo is to blame for her generosity with us. On Saturday Silvia and Justin, our friends, were in charge of food.

Cut the bananas and stuff them with chocolate chips.Cover them with tin foil and place over fire to grill for about 5-10 minutesRemove the banana from heat and mix the banana pulp and the melted chocolate together.Eat! Camping Advice | 10 of the best camping foods. 15-Minute Camping Meals | family camping. One of the things I really like about family camping is cooking. I don’t get to cook many meals during the week, so when we are camping, I like to make up for that by getting creative with our camping meals.

Getting creative doesn’t mean spending a lot of time on meal preparation, though. Here are some great camping recipes that don’t take a lot of time to prepare. Fish Tacos Fish tacos (photo by Tammy Camp on Flickr) Usually, when you think of fish tacos, you think fried fish. 1 bag shredded cabbage 1 bag corn tortillas 1 lbs. of any firm fish Top with your favorite salsa or spicy tartar sauce Bonus tip: Squeeze a fresh lime over the cabbage and add an avocado slice, or two. Pizza Grilling pizzas on one of our camping trips, this summer I have talked about pizza before, because it’s one of our favorite camping meals and it’s really easy to make.

Pizza crust, such as Boboli Tomato sauce Sliced pepperoni Favorite veggies, sliced at home and packed in a resealable bag BBQ Chicken Fajitas See also… Dutch Oven Recipes. Here it is - my dutch oven cook book with all the dutch oven recipes I could find. Everything from chicken recipes to dessert recipes for you to have a go at on your next camping trip.

Dutch ovens let you get away with easy cooking so give these a try. I'd love to hear back from you on your results or if you have questions about any of these dutch oven recipes. I'm always looking for more to add, so drop me a recipe if you have one to share. For help with dutch oven temperatures and coal placement, see my Heat Settings page. If you want to cook a hearty chicken dinner or an easy dessert in your dutch oven, these recipes will help you create great food for your friends. My dutch oven cook book is free for you to borrow from. Camping Recipes. Correcting The Worlds Wrongs With Campfire&Bananas - Home - Burgh Baby. "What are you doing? " my husband asked.

He was staring at me as if I had eighteen heads, each with 20 piercings and Mike Tyson-esque tattoos. "Making Campfire Bananas," I said. In my head, his question was quite possibly the dumbest one I had ever heard him ask. "What are those? " he asked. ::blink::blink::blink:: ::blinkblinkblinkblinkblink:: "Are you serious? " "Yeah, what are they? " "You are a victim of child abuse," I told him in a bewildered tone. I turned to Twitter to report this crime against humanity. My memories of Campfire Bananas are wrapped in Girl Scout camp and fires by the lake and all sorts of . . . . hell, who really cares? Anyway, let me share with you how joy can be packaged in a banana peel. Campfire Bananas You'll need some bananas, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and I am a fan of throwing some peanut butter into the mix as well. Stuff that strip full of good stuff. Put the peel back in place.

Wrap it in foil. Once it's done, unwrap it, pull the peel all the way off, and eat. ... snacks on the trail - | Blog. Sometimes having everything neatly wrapped up all in one place can be a great thing... especially when you have a 50lb bag on your back or just a couple of unhappy campers... ... that's why we can't live without these... ... wonderful chewy energy packed homemade cherry-coconut-almond (with a hint of lime) trail mix bars. ... simple and fun to bake (especially with kids!)... ... they'll make sure you and your band of merry explorers will never have to turn back early. Chewy Cherry-Coconut-Almond Trail Mix Bars: 2 Cups Rolled Oats 1/2 Cup Flour 1 Tsp. 1/2 Cup Brown Sugar 1/3 Cup Melted Butter 1/4 Cup Maple Syrup 1 Cup Sliced Almonds 1 Cup Dried Cherries 1/2 Cup Coconut Flakes plus some for topping (Sweetened or Non-Sweetened) A Dash of Lime Zest.

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Drizzle the butter/syrup mixture over the dry ingredients and toss with a fork until well incorporated. Bake at 325 for 10 to 15min or until golden brown. Let cool completely and cut into rectangles. Happy Trekking! Camping PA - Readers Favorite Breakfast Recipes. Camping Food.