How to Brew Beer - Home Brewing Getting Started - Popular Mechanics - StumbleUpon Serious about making large batches of beer? Splurge for a propane-powered rig with a three-tiered brew stand. This setup, by Indiana-based Blichmann Engineering, costs about $2000 and features a trio of 20- to 30-gallon pots and gas burners that put out 216,000 Btu per hour. (The high heat quickly boils large amounts of liquid, shaving hours off the brewing process.) More casual or budget brewers can make do with one big pot, heated on a common kitchen stove. How to Brew Beer - Home Brewing Getting Started - Popular Mechanics - StumbleUpon
Old-Fashion Homemade Fruit Wine Let yeast sit in warm water. Add all other ingredients into a container that will hold at least 2 gallons. Make sure sugar is dissolved completely. Add yeast and stir. Cover container with a bag and string or use an airlock for wine making. In about 2 months you will have some fine homemade wine. Old-Fashion Homemade Fruit Wine
Photo: Michelle Oddis Once in a while, a party trick comes along that grabs our attention. Food blogger Michelle Oddis of That's So Michelle loves making caramel apple shots we can't imagine anyone would turn down. Caramel Apple Shots Caramel Apple Shots
Skittles Vodka Tutorial
Ridiculous mixed drinks Ridiculous mixed drinks Squirtle, Wartortle, Blastoise (Pokemon Shot and Cocktails) Ingredients: Squirtle-1/3 shot spiced rum1/3 shot coconut rum1/3 shot blue curacao Wartortle-1/2 shot spiced rum1/2 shot coconut rum1/2 shot blue curacaoFill with Mountain Dew Voltage
With no special equipment required, homemade liqueurs are very easy to make! At the Base of it All Most homemade liqueurs start with vodka. This spirit is an ideal base for liqueurs because it's colorless and flavorless, making it the perfect blank canvas. Try creating some of the most popular liqueur flavors, like coffee, amaretto, and Irish cream--they all rely on vodka for their kick. Homemade Liqueurs Homemade Liqueurs
Since I'm going to have the house to myself this weekend I'm thinking about having some fun in the kitchen. I've been looking around on Pinterest for some yummy recipes to play with. The possibilities are endless ! Thirsty Thursday Thirsty Thursday
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