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Le tourisme de proximité ou la valorisation des richesses de son territoire. Carbon Neutral. Many ways to become carbon neutral You can make a hotel carbon neutral on energy consumption in many ways, for example by constructing wind turbines in the backyard, installing solar panels on the roof or through other alternative energy sources such as hydropower.

Carbon Neutral

Is it not an option for the hotel to be self-supplied with energy, it will of course depend on an energy supplier, who most likely will not be able to deliver carbon neutral energy. Even if the hotel is reducing it's energy consumption, there will still be CO2-emissions from energy consumption that can not be eliminated. Entreprise Citoyenne - Responsabilité sociale, citoyenneté et développement durable des entreprises et fondations d'entreprise.

Tourisme solidaire - Ates. Collectif des Associations de Développement en Rhône-Alpes - Solidarité Internationale - Agir ensemble.

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Tourisme Durable. Voyage ethic'able. Environnement.