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27 free data mining books – Data Science Central. I've received an unsolicited email today from Pedro Marcus, from DataOnFocus.

27 free data mining books – Data Science Central

While usually I don't even open them due to the volume that I get each day, this one was actually very interesting, thus I'm sharing it with you. Free data mining books An Introduction to Statistical Learning: with Applications in R Overview of statistical learning based on large datasets of information. The exploratory techniques of the data are discussed using the R programming language.Modeling With Data This book focus some processes to solve analytical problems applied to data. In particular explains you the theory to create tools for exploring big datasets of information.Big Data, Data Mining, and Machine Learning On this resource the reality of big data is explored, and its benefits, from the marketing point of view.

You can check the full list here. DSC Resources Additional Reading. Diaz Perez Kepes Mineria Textos R. Text Data Mining with Twitter and R. Twitter is a favorite source of text data for analysis: it’s popular (there is a huge volume of variety on all topics) and easily accessible using Twitter’s free, open APIs which are easily consumable in JSON and ATOM formats.

Text Data Mining with Twitter and R

Some people have used Twitter for sophisticated analysis such as predicting flu outbreaks and the stock market, but let’s start with something simpler and less ambitious: an introduction to text data mining using Twitter and R. We’ll download live data using the Twitter APIs, parse it, build a corpus, demonstrate some basic text processing, and plot a hierarchical agglomerative cluster—because everyone likes pictures.

I query for a controversial topic, abortion, in hopes of visualizing the two sides of the debate. There is a specialized package for R called twitteR, but it isn’t available for Windows, but it’s easy to substitute the generic XML package and the Twitter search API documentation for our needs. Basic Text Mining with R. RDataMining-book.pdf. Tree-Based Models. Recursive partitioning is a fundamental tool in data mining.

Tree-Based Models

It helps us explore the stucture of a set of data, while developing easy to visualize decision rules for predicting a categorical (classification tree) or continuous (regression tree) outcome. This section briefly describes CART modeling, conditional inference trees, and random forests. CART Modeling via rpart Classification and regression trees (as described by Brieman, Freidman, Olshen, and Stone) can be generated through the rpart package. Detailed information on rpart is available in An Introduction to Recursive Partitioning Using the RPART Routines. 1. To grow a tree, use rpart(formula, data=, method=,control=) where 2. The following functions help us to examine the results. In trees created by rpart( ), move to the LEFT branch when the stated condition is true (see the graphs below).

R Decision Tree. Decision tree is a graph to represent choices and their results in form of a tree.

R Decision Tree

The nodes in the graph represent an event or choice and the edges of the graph represent the decision rules or conditions. It is mostly used in Machine Learning and Data Mining applications using R. Examples of use of decision tress is − predicting an email as spam or not spam, predicting of a tumor is cancerous or predicting a loan as a good or bad credit risk based on the factors in each of these. Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu On A Chromebook Using Crouton. Yesterday I wrote about installing Ubuntu on your Chromebook using Crouton.

Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu On A Chromebook Using Crouton

However, Crouton only installs a few apps so here's what you should install on your new Ubuntu installation running on top of Chrome OS and a few thing that you may want to fix, like the brightness and volume keys or how to get Ubuntu Software Center to work. Note: Below I'll only cover Unity and Xfce but there are some generic tips as well. 1. Seleccionar o referenciar celdas de Excel mediante VBA. De Wikilibros, la colección de libros de texto de contenido libre.

Seleccionar o referenciar celdas de Excel mediante VBA

Referenciar o seleccionar celdas cuando se programa macros con VBA, es indicarle a VBA sobre que celda, se debe buscar o realizar algún evento, es algo básico que debe saber si se intenta realizar una macro o bien modificar alguna macro que haya sido grabada con la grabadora de macros que trae incorporado Excel. 'Hacer referencia a la hoja que se encuentra en la posición 2 sin importar el nombre Sheets(2).Select 'Hacer referencia a la hoja de la pestaña anterior a la activa ActiveSheet.Previous.Select.

Shiny - Google Charts. Sitios donde tomar cursos de programación gratis. MTK6577 USB Driver China Mobile How to Install [Guide][Download] Here is quick guide of installing MTK6577 Usb drivers on PC Windows 7 x32 or x64 , MTK chip is also used in China Mobiles. I will provide you Guide for installation and Download for these drivers. As we know MediaTek uses VCOM Driver for fastboot and flashing china mobiles. This tested by SP Flash Tool. Requirements : Download VCOM USB Driver for MTK 6577 China Mobiles. Follow these steps. Step # 1 : Open Device Manager in Windows. Step # 2 : Now Turn of MTK Device and Plug into Computer via USB cable.

Note : If you not seeing this try removing battery from mobile and plug into computer without battery. [TUT] Instructions MTK6577 USB VCOM Driver Installation. [TUT] Instructions MTK6577 USB VCOM Driver Installation Since here every day again and again problems with the USB VCOM driver installation for MTK6577 appear Phones, here is a short guide to the installation, and a final, successful test with SPFlashtool!

[TUT] Instructions MTK6577 USB VCOM Driver Installation

Installation of the USB VCOM driver: [1] With USBDeview, clean up your PC from all possible old MTK VCOM entries, then reboot your PC. [2] Smartphone is switched off, and still dont connect via USB to the PC. Mt65Xx Preloader. Xin driver mt65xx preloader. Añadir aplicaciones. View topic - Super Begginer Tutorial -=Windows Xp users Only=- Ok.. first all you need is: Cheat Engine and Pinball 3D which comes with Windows XP Ready?

View topic - Super Begginer Tutorial -=Windows Xp users Only=-

First: Open pinball 3d in your games directory. Open cheat engine, dont start playing pinball yet. Now we are going to try to find the address, that changes the scores of pinball 3D. So... right now your score should be zero. El retorno de los blogs en 2012: Claves para triunfar sin morir en el intento. 2012 será un año importante para el marketing de contenidos, y los blogs vuelven a resurgir con fuerza para vivir una época dorada, pues los consumidores cada vez se basan más en ellos a la hora de realizar una compra o directamente informarse de algo, como también para encontrar una gran variedad de testimonios y opiniones que difieren de los medios tradicionales.

Para ser más claros, el 52% de las personas que hacen compras se han basado en los blogs para tomar la decisión, y no olvidemos que la gran cantidad de contenido compartido en las redes sociales, proviene de la blogósfera. La audiencia actual de los blogs son más conscientes de lo que está a su disposición en ellos y en la actualidad es crucial que los bloggers comprendan ciertas técnicas muy necesarias para tener una audiencia fiel, pero lo más importante es que se tengan habilidades para mantenerlos. Contenidos de calidad. Lo hemos escuchado más de una vez, y no hay ningún misterio.

Segmentación y temática. Cooperación. Hurricane Electric Interactive Programming. [Solución] Jugar con joystick generico. Buenas, me uni a la Comu para dejar esta solucion para aquellos que tuvimos el problema de no tener FIFA 11, pero queremos jugar al DEMO 12 con joystick.

[Solución] Jugar con joystick generico


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