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S Mooncake Guide 2013 (PLUS GIVEAWAY) Legend tells of a myth that in the old days, there were ten suns revolving and taking turns to illuminate the earth.

s Mooncake Guide 2013 (PLUS GIVEAWAY)

One day, the suns suddenly began to shine all at once. This made life on earth unbearable and almost everything was scorched and burnt. Hou Yi, a skilled archer, saved the world by shooting down nine of the ten suns. As a result, he was crowned ruler of the people. Much to the dismay of the people, this hero soon became a tyrant. Upon taking the elixir,Chang Er found herself flying towards the moon.

About one more month, we are celebrating Mid Autumn Festival again! P/S Please read to the end as there is a GIVEAWAY for all of you! MUST TRY: Raspberry‐Rum and Chocolate Paste Made using the finest ingredients, Jiang Nan Cun‘s traditionally baked mooncakes feature familiar favourites such as Silver Lotus Paste with Double Yolks and Melon Seeds and Silver Lotus Paste with Honey and Pine Nuts. MUST TRY: Purple Sweet Potato with Single Yolk MUST TRY: Pulot Hitam Mooncake.

Choux Creme. Risa Chocolates. Bliss. Disguised as bread. - Crazy Good Bread Co. Karamelleriet Håndlavede karameller. Promotional Cakes. Bring your sweet tooth a soulmate! Fudge Kitchen - Buy Fudge Online. Beurre & Sel. Our Story. Whether they’re sweet cookies baked in our signature rings or savory cookies from our Cocktail Collection, all of our cookies are made just as Dorie has made them for decades in her narrow New York City kitchen using local butter and hand-harvested French sea salt … the butter and salt that give Beurre & Sel its name and its goodness.

Beurre & Sel. Our Story.

Cookies are our family’s way of holding on to memories and they’re our way of creating new memories for you, ones you can treasure and share. Late in the afternoon I’d start pestering Mom to stop working so we could start baking. And it wasn’t because I was desperate to learn the secrets of making great cookies or even that I cared about plain old baking 101 – it really had everything to do with girls.

At night I’d be working at Spa, a New York City club, and let’s just say that showing up with cookies was good for my professional life and not so bad for my social life either. But every Tuesday, Mom and I would bake cookies. Everyone has a cookie memory. Cac khoa hoc lam banh Bakerland. DiBella Baking Company, Inc. Gift baskets for a new generation of gift givers.

Maison Dandoy. Gilt Taste. Whoopsies!  Produzione dolci, biscotti, cialde cannoli - Cannolificio Mongibello - Belpasso, Catania, Sicilia - Cannoli, chiacchiere, bign , biscotti. Bánh mì Việt. L'Albero del Pane. Bếp Rùa ♥ Hơi ấm gia đình tỏa ra từ gian bếp nhỏ. Löffle mich - Das Kuchenglück im Glas. CANASUC. Belle de Sucre Store - John Lewis. Baking & Dessert Recipes & Videos - *Tested Recipes* Nấu, Ăn, Học, Đi, Chụp, Nghĩ, Viết. Liddabit Sweets. Brix Chocolate - Home. Waitrose - Online Grocery Shopping.

Delicious hand iced biccies to order on line – say it with icing. Gü Puds. 舊振南餅店.