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s Mooncake Guide 2013 (PLUS GIVEAWAY) Legend tells of a myth that in the old days, there were ten suns revolving and taking turns to illuminate the earth. One day, the suns suddenly began to shine all at once. This made life on earth unbearable and almost everything was scorched and burnt. Hou Yi, a skilled archer, saved the world by shooting down nine of the ten suns. s Mooncake Guide 2013 (PLUS GIVEAWAY)
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Bliss. Disguised as bread. - Crazy Good Bread Co. Your life probably moves pretty fast. So we take our time to bake each specialty, artisan loaf of Crazy Good Bread with deliciousness so stunning, your mouth has to slow down and savor. Salt mixes with sweet. Sour dances with bitter. Bliss. Disguised as bread. - Crazy Good Bread Co.
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Beurre & Sel. Our Story. Beurre & Sel. Our Story. Whether they’re sweet cookies baked in our signature rings or savory cookies from our Cocktail Collection, all of our cookies are made just as Dorie has made them for decades in her narrow New York City kitchen using local butter and hand-harvested French sea salt … the butter and salt that give Beurre & Sel its name and its goodness. Cookies are our family’s way of holding on to memories and they’re our way of creating new memories for you, ones you can treasure and share. Late in the afternoon I’d start pestering Mom to stop working so we could start baking. And it wasn’t because I was desperate to learn the secrets of making great cookies or even that I cared about plain old baking 101 – it really had everything to do with girls.
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DiBella Baking Company, Inc. DiBella Baking Company, Inc. For over 100 years, the DiBella family recipes have been passed down from generation to generation. Created in the late 1800s by DiBella family matriarch Sophia and her daughter Anna in their tiny brick and tile kitchen in Sicily, these recipes were brought to the New World in 1910. In 1923, Anna began teaching her children the joy of baking and cooking, and daughter-in-law Josephine built on that heritage, refining the family’s favorite recipes over the years, and adding an extra dose of love for her children.
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Gilt Taste

As of May 24, gourmet food will be offered seasonally on Gilt Home. You’ll now be able to find everything you need for dining and entertaining—food, dinnerware, cookware, decor, and more—all in one shop. Our commitment to offering top quality culinary products and gifts remains the same and we’re excited to provide our food lovers like you with an exceptional shopping experience! If you have account credits, they’re already available to use across Gilt, and your login and password remain the same. We remain staunchly committed to providing you with some of the highest quality culinary offerings out there.
We are home to the classic whoopie pie with a modern twist. What exactly is a whoopie pie, you ask? Well for those of you who didn’t grow up in the Northeast, here’s a little history for you. Legend has it that whoopies originated in the Amish country of Pennsylvania where children’s lunch boxes were packed with these sweet treats. Upon seeing them, the kids would shout ‘whoopie!’ whoopsies! | whoopsies! |
Produzione dolci, biscotti, cialde cannoli - Cannolificio Mongibello - Belpasso, Catania, Sicilia - Cannoli, chiacchiere, bign , biscotti Nato da oltre un trentennio alle falde del Monte Etna, da cui prende la suggestiva, antica denominazione, il Cannolificio Mongibello si è ben presto imposto al mercato della pasticceria e della grande distribuzione con le cialde per cannoli, prodotto primario per la realizzazione di una delle più squisite specialità siciliane da secoli famosa nel mondo, alle quali si sono integrate nel tempo ulteriori produzioni dolciarie che spaziano dalla biscotteria secca assortita, ai bignè per pasticcerie fino ai biscotti per la prima colazione. La qualità dei prodotti, frutto delle più antiche ricette della tradizione dolciaria siciliana e l'impiego di ingredienti assolutamente genuini, hanno permesso all'azienda di imporsi ben presto sul mercato italiano come in quello estero, conquistando spazi e visibilità fra i più importanti nomi della grande distribuzione e conseguendo grandi apprezzamenti da parte di pasticceri, ristoratori e clienti finali per la bontà e la genuinità dei prodotti. Produzione dolci, biscotti, cialde cannoli - Cannolificio Mongibello - Belpasso, Catania, Sicilia - Cannoli, chiacchiere, bign , biscotti
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Bếp Rùa ♥ Hơi ấm gia đình tỏa ra từ gian bếp nhỏ Bếp Rùa ♥ Hơi ấm gia đình tỏa ra từ gian bếp nhỏ “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” Cách đây hơn một tuần, thì hình như chưa “giống” Giáng Sinh. Phải đến khi nhà mình ấm áp, thơm mùi quế, gừng, Bố đi làm về, Con đi học về mở cửa đứng hít hà, lúc đó mới thực không khí đã len lỏi trong từng ngõ ngách của từng căn phòng. Bọn trẻ đề nghị được mời bạn đến nhà để làm nhà bánh nên năm nay. Thay vì ngày cuối cùng của tháng 11 Mẹ bắt đầu “thiết kế” nhà thì phải đến sang đầu tuần thứ hai của tháng 12 Mẹ mới chuẩn bị lấy những tờ giấy in một mặt của Bố ra để vẽ và cắt khung. Từng chi tiết được “vẽ” lên bột trước khi nướng bằng thước kẻ và sống dao.
Löffle mich - Das Kuchenglück im Glas Löffle mich - Das Kuchenglück im Glas a mouth-watering treat in aquality glass jar. I am an ideal companion created with imagination and made by hand with heart and soul. an indulgence conjured up from natural, fresh and seasonal ingredients. Address your e-mail, including your desired cake varieties and quantity, to We will be happy to send your cakes by post, but at your expense. We have already seen that this method functions well.
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Because we love you, we’re offering free Standard shipping with all orders over $20 through January 31st. Order your Valentine’s goodies now and save! Welcome to Liddabit Sweets! Made in small batches every few days with as many local & organic ingredients as possible. We’re a tiny candy company based in Brooklyn, New York, specializing in handmade candy bars, caramels, honeycomb candy, lollipops…well, you get the idea. Liddabit Sweets
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