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Common Body Issues Most People Ignore But Should Not. We all have different thresholds for pain.

Common Body Issues Most People Ignore But Should Not

Some might start popping pain killers even if it’s just a minor headache while others suffer from chronic pain in silence, soldiering on even though the pain is already unbearable. The reason why many people ignore pain due to physiological issues is because once they address it and found its root cause, it becomes a real problem that they have to deal with. But pain is your body’s way of communicating that something is wrong. All pains should be addressed by Chiropractor in Coquitlam but here are the most common that people ignore: What You Need to Know About Using Painkillers ~ Laser Light Therapy Inc.

People turn to NSAIDs or Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs to minimize their pain.

What You Need to Know About Using Painkillers ~ Laser Light Therapy Inc

But did you know that dependence to NSAIDs is bad? There are many side effects to the chronic use of pain killers and that includes increase risk of cardiovascular problems by up to 60%, complications of the gastrointestinal tract, allergic reactions, increased risk of hearing loss in men and miscarriage in women. The problem with pain killers is that they do not treat the problem. Humans and other living beings follow the circadian rhythm.

It is our body’s 24-hour cycle that is intrinsically present and improved by exposure to sunlight and temperature. This is also known as your internal clock. A disrupted circadian rhythm can be detrimental to your over-all health. Our blood is responsible for carrying oxygen to our vital organs.

Excellent blood circulation is critical to the core functions of our vital organs. A variety of illnesses, many of them are life-threatening, can manifest if our circulation is not up to par. It is important to watch out for poor blood circulation with Physiotherapy in Coquitlam and to detect these signs so you can do something to intervene. With early intervention, you can avoid the risks of heart ailments and death. Debunking Common Myths About Laser Treatment. Laser treatment in Port Moody is more than just a treatment to get rid of skin problems or to aid in invasive surgical procedures.

Debunking Common Myths About Laser Treatment

There are other uses for laser treatment such as in pain management, speeding up recover from injuries, boosting energy, improving immune functions and keeping inflammation and swelling at bay. Here are more myths about Laser Treatment in Port Moody and the truth about them: Chronic Back Pain Management – Non-Invasive Treatments That Can Help ~ Laser Light Therapy Inc. Coping with chronic pain is not an easy feat.

Chronic Back Pain Management – Non-Invasive Treatments That Can Help ~ Laser Light Therapy Inc

People suffering from chronic back pain have to face the effects of their condition on a daily basis in addition to overcoming the physical pain. Chronic back pain sufferers should look into various non-invasive ways to ensure that the pain is mitigated. Laser treatment has a variety of medical uses.

Perhaps one of its benefits that most people are not aware of is to reduce or manage pain. Laser therapy works in regenerating the cells in the body and repairing damages. Our immune system plays a vital role for our systemic functions.

Without a capable immune system, we fall prey to viral and bacterial illnesses. Many of these illnesses are serious and life-threatening. But despite the knowledge that the immune system is important, many of us do not pay attention to it until we succumb to illnesses. So many people do not eat the right foods to boost the immune system.

Many are also stressed-out, which can cause the immune system to crash. 4 People Who Can Benefit from Laser Treatment. When light energy is directed at the cells of our body, it does wonders.

4 People Who Can Benefit from Laser Treatment

We rely on the efficiency of our cells in order to function well. When cells are not performing well, we suffer from many health problems. Here are the people who can benefit from getting laser treatment in Maple Ridge: People with chronic fatigue. Chronic fatigue is a condition that plagues many people these days. Do’s and Don’ts in Managing Fibromyalgia ~ Laser Light Therapy Inc. Managing Fibromyalgia involves careful planning.

Do’s and Don’ts in Managing Fibromyalgia ~ Laser Light Therapy Inc

It’s also important to stop and assess what you are feeling. Listen to yourself and pay attention to your body’s responses in order to avoid taxing your body and triggering pain. Here are some do’s and don’ts that you can use as a guide in managing your fibromyalgia symptoms: Do try low-energy physical fitness activities. They can boost your mood and energy without triggering your symptoms. Many doctors now encourage their patients who have gone through cardiac surgery to become more active even shortly after the invasive procedure. Even though the patient might feel like lying in bed all day, it is important to perform some exercises, particularly physiotherapy in Coquitlam, in order to speed up recovery. Going for Professional Chiropractor in Coquitlam is vital for the recovery of cardiac surgery patients. Most people seem to think that walking alone will suffice and will work as a fitness activity.

But this might not provide the benefits that a program for physiotherapy in Coquitlam can. Here are some of the benefits of a complete physiotherapy program: Nearly all children experience ear infection at one time or another. It’s one of the most common illnesses that plague children all over the world. It is characterized by a constant ringing or popping sound in the ear, discomfort and pain caused by the buildup of pressure, diminished hearing functions, lack of coordination and balance and dizziness.

Although it’s not generally a serious illness, if it is not treated right away, it can worsen and may also compromise the hearing abilities of the afflicted. Most parents would treat ear infection using traditional or over-the-counter methods. But using medications such as antibiotics is actually not advisable because it messes up the body’s ability to respond to viruses and bacteria. Team BIOs. Dr. P. Bennett, DC Completed her Chiropractic training at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and first worked in Ontario as both a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Doctor of Acupuncture. She also practised in Halifax, Nova Scotia and returned home to Vancouver in 2006. Services. Services Available:Laser Therapy (billed as Chiropractic or Physiotherapy) $55.00 for 30 minutes, per machine $110.00 for 60 minutes, per machine $45.00 for initial exam without treatment (when applicable) Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy $60.00 initial exam and treatment $55.00 subsequent treatment Payment can be made by VISA, MasterCard, Cash or Debit (interac) **MSP coverage – if you qualify for Premium Assistance, you may be entitled to a fee reduction of $23.00 per treatment.

Please check with MSP or ask our staff to determine whether you qualify by contacting us at 778-285-2737** Services. Lipo Laser. Lipo Laser $1500.00 for 10 treatments – February and March special only Want to trim inches? Lipo Laser offers a safe, non-invasive treatment for reducing inches and tightening skin. For best results 10 treatments are completed within a 30 day period. Coquitlam - Laser Light Therapy Inc.