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Mixed Drinks

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Tgi friday's long island iced tea recipe. 15 New Drinks to Thrill Your Taste Buds. Strawberry Lemonade Vodka. Cocktail Hour - French Martini. The French Martini is a great beginner's Martini.

Cocktail Hour - French Martini

Like the Appletini, it's fruity and a little bit on the sweet side. That can often be your downfall though, as the bite of the vodka gets hidden away and you don't realise how potent they are until you've had a few and then get dizzy when you stand up. Summer Sangria. A party is not complete without booze.

Summer Sangria

I still remember the drink I prepared for my first house warming party was a Bellini, prepared with peach puree and champagne. I was not totally into cooking then but still managed to wow my guests with curry chicken and beef rendang prepared with Prima pre-mixed paste.... it wasn't difficult because most of my friends and colleagues do not cook so any sort of reasonably decent culinary effort was sufficient to impress. As the years went by and as I started to dig deeper into recipes, premixes started to feel like a cheating easy way out... the party dinner preparations became more frentic and tedious as I insisted on making everything from scratch.

Drinks took a backseat over the last few years. Most of the time, we would just open up bottles of wine as we ate. A spin on the traditional sangria, this tastes lighter and fresher. Summer SangriaRecipe : Combine 1x750ml bottle dry white wine, 60ml Contreau, 250ml of lemonade in a pitcher or jug. Raspberry Splash on the Rocks. Twisted Strawberry Lemonade. Last week, David Leibovitz’s blog had a delicious-looking guest post on strawberry vodka.

Twisted Strawberry Lemonade

Soon after that, TasteSpotting and FoodGawker exploded with entries showcasing different fruit-infused vodkas. Since everyone else was doing it… Yeah, I hopped on the infused vodka train. Ripe strawberries smell so good! And after three days in a tightly sealed jar with said berries, the vodka smelled pretty good too. Some people say summer is all about the beach and weekend cook-outs…I say it’s about the drinks. Twisted Strawberry Lemonade Ingredients: - 2 cartons ripe strawberries, quartered - 1 750-ml bottle of vodka - 1 cup sugar - 1 cup water + 4 more cups for diluting - 1 cup lemon juice - Ice Steps: (1) In a large jar or other seal-able container, combine strawberries and vodka. Pomegranate-Champagne Rum Punch. “Today I don’t feel like doing anything, I just wanna lay in bed.

Pomegranate-Champagne Rum Punch

Don’t feel like picking up my phone, so leave a message at the tone, Recipes from The Nest. A Very Merry Cocktail Recipe: The Spiced Pear Margarita. 5 Holiday Cocktails That Use Booze You Already Have Holiday Guest Post from Chris Gardner of Curbly. I love discovering new cocktail recipes and original ways to experience different, unique flavors with classic spirits.

5 Holiday Cocktails That Use Booze You Already Have Holiday Guest Post from Chris Gardner of Curbly

But, these days, discovering "new cocktails" on the internet usually means "new fandangled drinks that use a bunch of specialty liqueurs and spirits you don't have and aren't gonna buy a whole bottle of to try a new drink. " So, with that in mind, I decided to come up with five tasty, holiday-ish cocktails using stuff you can find in an average liquor cabinet. These'll work for Christmas, New Year's Eve, and, frankly speaking, Tuesday afternoons if you're feeling festive. These are all tested and approved recipes from the ManMade kitchens and friends...that was a fun day at the office. Arsenic Sauce For consumption with a three-decker toadstool sandwich. 1 1/2 oz. gin1/2 oz. sweet vermouth1/2 oz. homemade grenadine3/4 oz. fresh lemon juice3 dashes angostura bittersSoda waterGarnish: Lemon twist, wedge, or pomegranate arils Sparkling Pomegrita 2 oz. silver tequila1 oz.

Fresh Strawberry Margarita Recipe. I’m pretty sure you worked super hard this week.

Fresh Strawberry Margarita Recipe

You deserve me. I’m cold and icy and refreshing and filled with tequila. It’s probably like… 160 degrees where you live right? See… now you really need me. I’m nothing like those sugary sweet fake-tasting strawberry margaritas. My rim is also covered in sugar and salt. Fresh Strawberry Margaritas recipe for one margarita, can easily be multiplied 2 ounces Grand Marnier. Grown Up Hot Chocolate with Homemade Bailey's Marshmallows. Hi.

Grown Up Hot Chocolate with Homemade Bailey's Marshmallows

I’m dying to tell you about this boozy hot cocoa, but I drank my way down a few mugs and am currently trying to crawl my way out. Like everything else this week, it wasn’t my idea… a bunch of you [like Allison] looked at me [virtually] as if I was insane for not putting the marshmallow vodka in hot chocolate. I’m so glad I have smart invisible internet friends! No more words. Except… GET IT. Print Save Grown Up Hot Chocolate Yield: serves about 6. The 10 manliest cocktails (and how to make them)