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Hair bands ECT.

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Nautical Headband Tutorial. I love the whole "Nautical" trend going on right now ...well... on OTHER people.

Nautical Headband Tutorial

See, stripes make me look like a bucket o' fat. I'm already almost 6 months pregnant...I don't need any extra help. But I found a crazy awesome nautical headband that I had to try. And well...headbands don't really make you look fat. Difficulty: Easy Time: 15 minutes Cost: cheap Fun-o-meter: DUH! Materials Thick yarn or rope Felt Ribbon Headband Scissors Glue Gun Directions Step One: The Knot Step Two: The Band Step 3: Putting it all together And that's it! Unless you're preggo then sorry. Make a t-shirt headband.

Of all the headbands I've made, I think this is my new favorite.

Make a t-shirt headband

It's like wearing sweats on your head, without the dumpy look. It's so cushy and comfortable! And yes, I am wearing the shirt with the bottom cut off in the picture. Hey, I needed something to match okay? This could match, too. Scrounge around for an old t-shirt. Fold in half lengthwise and pin in place. Fold the headband right side out. Make a flower or two and hand stitch it over the seam. The Real Deal: It cost me pretty much nothing. The Knotted Headband Tutorial. My husband came home one day with a headband he had found in a parking lot (I know...sooo sanitary) and said "I bet you could make one of these" so I did...because I'm all for stealing awesome ideas.

The Knotted Headband Tutorial

Difficulty: Medium Time: 30 minutes Cost: Under $10 Fun-ness: Why would I do a boring project? Materials: Yarn (100% cotton for a crisp look, acrylic for a softer look) Size H or J hook Ribbon (approximately 1/2 inch wide) Hot Glue Gun Directions Step 1: Creating the Chains And that's it! So wear your headband with pride! Love the headband, but don't want to make it yourself? Embellished Headband Tutorial by Ruffles and Stuff. Hello everyone!!

Embellished Headband Tutorial by Ruffles and Stuff

For those of us who haven't met, I'm Disney, and I've got a little craft blog called Ruffles and Stuff! I love sharing my projects and tutorials for all kinds of crafts, and I love to take old, seemingly useless things and make them into something beautiful! Guest posting on Ucreate feels a little like being asked to guest host for The Today Show or something, but despite being a little nervous, I'm super excited to be here! I wanted to show you a little tutorial I worked up, that I call the Cheater's Guide to an Anthro Headband.

I saw these the other day, and absolutely adored them! What you'll need: A thick elastic hair band Ribbon, lace, or any other trim which catches your fancy A sewing machine (or needle and thread) Optional: Glue gun Embellishments 1) Your first step is to snip your elastic band in half and measure it. 2) The average headband is about 19", so add as much trim as it will take to equal 19" when added to your elastic, plus 1" extra for seams.