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Real-Time Software Development Resources, Tutorials & SDKs. PayPal APIs. eBay APIs. Developer Center. API Docs. The TED API provides an easy to use RESTful interface with lightweight JSON or XML formatted responses to TEDTalks library and its associated data.

API Docs

In order to obtain the data during the private beta period you must qualify for the API key through the TED API-50 open call. This documentation serves as a starting point for developers interested in participating in the contest to better understand different types of data set we are making available. General format TED API has one entry point: and a version number appended to the entry point. A resource is an entity that can be requested as a collection or one at a time. To access a resource as a collection: STEAMWORKS. FedEx APIs. UPS APIs. DHL APIs. FollowTheMoney APIs. Apiary — Home. NY Times API. NPR APIs. OpenSecrets APIs. Our APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) provide access via web programming to the data we display on OpenSecrets.

OpenSecrets APIs

You may use our APIs to display OpenSecrets data on your web pages or to create mashups using live up-to-date data. Who Can Use OpenSecrets' APIs? Access to OpenSecrets' public, RESTful API functionality is available to anyone who: registers, abides by our terms of use, and is accessing our data for non-commercial purposes. Commercial republishing of OpenSecrets' data generally involves a fee. Factual APIs. Use the read call to query from tables using any combination of full-text, parametric, or geo (lat/lng) searches.

Factual APIs

Syntax Reads are always implemented as a HTTP GET requests. names]&q=[search terms]&geo=[geo filter]&filters=[row filter]&offset=[offset]&limit=[limit]&include_count=[true/false]&sort=[column:asc/desc|blending JSON] iCloud APIs. DropBox APIs. Read our docs Docs are organized by language, from .NET to Swift.

DropBox APIs

Create your app Getting started is simple and quick from the App Console. Test your ideas. Box APIs. Programmable Web. Mashery Customers. Windows Live APIs. SharePoint 2013 using REST. Microsoft APIs. Web tools/APIs. Google APIs. Flickr APIs. How to connect Android with PHP, MySQL.

Android Push Notifications using Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), PHP and MySQL. Instapaper APIs. Simple Developer API: Adding Pages to Instapaper The Simple Instapaper API allows third-party applications to add URLs to Instapaper.

Instapaper APIs

If you want to do more than adding URLs from your application to an Instapaper customer's account, use the Full API. Use of the Simple API constitues agreement to the API Terms of Use. Basics All API methods are accessible via very simple HTTP calls. Simply hit the provided URLs with their respective parameters, and a simple text response is sent. For convenience and easy client processing, the resulting response body always contains just the numeric HTTP status code (except when the redirect option is specified). All parameters may be passed via POST or the query string (GET) or any mixed combination. The API is available via HTTPS only. Authentication can be done via HTTP Basic Auth instead of the username and password POST parameters.

Authentication This method validates an Instapaper username and password. URL: Delicious API. Pinterest API. Pocket APIs. Evernote APIs. ShareThis APIs. CrunchBase APIs. Tumblr API. Welcome to the Tumblr API!

Tumblr API

There isn't anything we enjoy more than seeing talented designers and engineers using Tumblr to invent whole new forms of creative expression. We've put a tremendous amount of care into making this API functional and flexible enough for any projects you throw at it. Join us in our discussion group to talk about how to use it, what could be better, and all the amazing things you're going to build with it. Follow our Developers Blog for important news and announcements. Please use the API responsibly, and send us your feedback. If you're looking for documentation for the old API, you can find it here. What You Need Get an OAuth key: register an application You'll need this to get your API key, even if you don't ever need to use a fully signed OAuth request.

For more details, see Authentication below. Console Check out or developer console to test calls, and see live examples of using our official clients: API Console Overview URI Structure Blog Hostname Response Format. Reddit API. WolframAlpha APIs. Fitbit APIs. SecondLife API. Amazon APIs. Wikimedia APIs. DBPedia API. The DBpedia data set can be accessed online via a SPARQL query endpoint and as Linked Data. 1.


Querying DBpedia The DBpedia data set enables quite astonishing query answering possibilities against Wikipedia data. 1.1. Public SPARQL Endpoint There is a public SPARQL endpoint over the DBpedia data set at The endpoint is provided using OpenLink Virtuoso as the back-end database engine. There is a list of all DBpedia data sets that are currently loaded into the SPARQL endpoint. You can ask queries against DBpedia using: the Leipzig query builder at the OpenLink Interactive SPARQL Query Builder (iSPARQL) at the SNORQL query explorer at (does not work with Internet Explorer); or any other SPARQL-aware client(s). Fair Use Policy: Please read this post for information about restrictions on the public DBpedia endpoint. 1.2.

There is a public Faceted Browser “search and find” user interface at and a corresponding faceted web service over the DBpedia data set at Usage details can be found in the. WikiLocation APIs. How to call the API The API is REST-ful and operates over a standard HTTP GET protocol.

WikiLocation APIs

The base URL is: The method is added onto the URL with additional parameters being provided via the querystring. There are two optional parameters which are available on all methods. Yahoo APIs. Twitter APIs. Twillo APIs. Twitter Trend API. FaceBook APIs. LinkedIn APIs. HTML5 Home. Trello API. Eventbrite APIs. RTM API. Zoho API. BestBuy API. Edmunds APIs. offers four distinct APIs: Vehicle API, Editorial API, Dealer API and Inventory API.

Edmunds APIs

Although access to these APIs is free, their availability to developers varies based on the access tier to which the developer belongs. We currently offer three access tiers: PUBLIC: All registered developers using the data and content according to our Terms of Service.PARTNERS: Developers working with on strategic products and applications that include the data and content.

Netflix APIs. TVDB API. General Information Any company or project must abide by the rules on our API registration form.


Please avoid making more API calls than are necessary to retrieve the information you need. Each series has a zipped XML file that contains all of the series and episode data for that series. If your program has the technical capability of handling these files, please make an attempt to use them since they'll be mirrored by more servers and will reduce bandwidth for both the server and clients. TMDB API. Rotten Tomatoes API.