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Notebook. I’ve been trialing the beta of Photoshop CS6 for almost a week now and I must say, kudos Adobe, you finally have listened to the masses.


By far their best release to date, mostly due to features we’ve all been longing for: layer searching, layer styles on groups, copy and paste shape attributes, and paragraph and character styles (finally!!) – to name a few. Typography. With beautiful type comes great responsibility. Yesterday I happened to catch a glimpse of a tweet linking to an article titled, The Problem with Free Fonts, and as a typography fanatic I had to click and read.

With beautiful type comes great responsibility

I’m not sure if the article title was a bit misleading, but I was a hint disappointed by the depth of the articles positioning. [Please note: I have nothing against the article, writer or website. I just felt that the subject needed to be further touched upon.] To keep things short, the article only went into enough detail to say the problem is that they become “bludgeoned to death through massive over use.”

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