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Weaving, Weaving patterns, Hand weaving. Halsduk-i-tynderoedraell. Vävningens olika metoder. Ordlista Bakbindningskäpp: Fäster varpen vid garnbommen.

Vävningens olika metoder

Bobin: Att rulla upp varp på om man inte har tillräckligt många varpspolar. Bröstbom: Den främre bommen i midjehöjd. Dockor: När man lindar upp garn mellan två fingrar. Gangewifre Weaving. Weaverly. Helgas Webstube. Helgas Webstube Startseite Aktuelles über mich Shop Galerie Webstühle Das offene Fach Links Kontakt Anmelden Das offene Fach Das offene Fach ist ein Ort fr Fachliches rund ums Weben.

Helgas Webstube

Es ist offen, das bedeutet, was ich da reinlege, knnt ihr fr euch herausholen. Alte Schtze: Grnes Tischtuch Alte Schtze: Herrenhemd Alte Schtze: Leinensets. Features of Fiberworks for Mac. Fiberworks Silver/Silver Plus Version 1.1.8 for Intel Mac This version is equivalent to Windows Fiberworks Silver/Silver Plus, but without the Sketchpad.

Features of Fiberworks for Mac

It comes as a single application which can be validated either as Silver or as Silver Plus. Silver Plus includes Loom Drivers for ARM, AVL Compu-Dobbies I-IV, Leclerc, Louet (including new Louet 2014 USB interface), Macomber/Dobbytron, Noble and Toika. When you run the new program for the first time, it will give you a program ID number in the format 12345-T-67890. Upon purchase, we will provide the necessary validation code. You may use the unvalidated program without payment, but it acts like a demo with Save, Print and Weave functions disabled. Kerstin's extras. EVA STOSSEL'S WEAVING BLOG. Textil Hemslöjd - Väva själv. PATTERN. Evelyn Oldroyd. I think braided twills looks like it woven striped ribbons.

Evelyn Oldroyd

I used the same 60/2/3 Silk as the previous samples. There are drafts for braided twills in many weaving texts, here is one version from Oelsner. Like this: Like Loading... Drafts for the previous samples, from A Handbook of Weaves by G. I purchased this silk from Robin and Russ and used it as Warp and Weft for these samples. There are 4 different skeins of space dyed yarn making up this wild warp and woven with the same in a two block turned twill on eight shafts. The sachet is now over 12 years old and is tucked into my sample box.

Warp and Tabby – #60/2/3 Tussah Silk Pattern Weft – 30/2 silk used double Ground weave Sett and Woven at 20 epi/ppi, Pattern picks 20 epi I see there is one fairly long float and for a sachet it doesn’t matter, but for other uses one might like to adjust those floats. The reeled silk has a wonderful weighty feeling to it and the fabric drapes beautifully. Warp: 8/2 Reeled Silk, white 60/2 Spun Silk, blue. Weaving Techniques. Textile practice. Startsidan - Riksföreningen för handvävning. Article Archive. Winnie Poulsen. Forbered jer på et maraton-indlæg.

Winnie Poulsen

Jeg har været på en uges kursus på Skals med Winnie Poulsen med fokus på brugstekstiler - og det er værd at skrive om. Vi var 13 vævere, og Winnie havde forberedt 13 opsætninger; vi startede mandag med at lave trend og sætte væve op - og sluttede fredag med efterbehandling, men så blev der også vævet fra tidlig morgen til sen aften. Jeg kom hjem med kufferten fuld af væveprøver og har nusset om dem de sidste par dage, så nu kan de præsenteres: Grydelapper i cord - trenden er cottolin og elastotvist, islættet klude og hør. Jeg har ikke tidligere gidet væve med klude; men det var nu faktisk rigtig sjovt! Gangewifre Weaving. I feel very exposed when weaving a twill.

Gangewifre Weaving

Even the slightest inconsistency in the beat seems to show up as a warp coloured streak and even though I know that when the cloth is off the loom and relaxed and then after it has been finished most of the blemishes will be gone it still bothers me. I have come up with a few things to help me. The first has been to stop listening to the radio when I weave. I listen to Classic FM and I suspect that the change of tempo of the music impacts on how I weave. The music and the talk from the presenters lead me away from the weaving. Following on from stoping the distraction of the music I am trying to focus just on the weaving,to watch the weft being beaten in, to feel the tension in my shuttle and just to be with what I am doing.

My weaving software (WeavePoint) plays a sound whenever the weft colour changes. The combination of this and the vibes thing seems to be helping but time will tell. Handvävda tankar. Art Education Blog: Curved Line Drawing. High School Drawing and Painting students started off the school year with this hatching project.

Art Education Blog: Curved Line Drawing

The class discussed ways to create Space and completed a few Hatching exercises before beginning their final project. Step 1 Break up the composition using curvy lines. Step 2 Using Sharpie, color in background space black. Step 3 Begin to add hatching wherever lines (or ribbons) overlap. The steps are very simple, yet the results are striking! Student Artwork (A few students chose to use crosshatching instead of just hatching) Wetterhoff - Etusivu. Martinsson & Eriksson.