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Les stratégies mobile gagnantes pour les PME. The Varied Regional Buying Patterns of Mexico’s Consumers. 2011 Trends » *supercollider. I’ve never done one of the semi-mandatory annual trends prediction posts that greet every new year, and had no plans to start now.

2011 Trends » *supercollider

Profil type de l’internaute français - France - Seoplayer. Étude succincte visant à identifier le profil type de l’internaute français, basée sur le profiling sociodémographique des internautes en France établit par Ipsos, les lieux de connections favoris, les principaux fournisseurs d’accès à Internet et la répartition par sexe et par age des internautes français déterminés par Médiamétrie.

Profil type de l’internaute français - France - Seoplayer

IDC Home: The premier global market intelligence firm. Technology Research & Business Leader Insight. Healthy Living Drives Chilean Interest in Light/Diet Foods. How Adults Use Mobile Phones  Here is the latest infographic out from Flowtown, this time on how Adults are using mobile phones, and with it, comes a few interesting stats to take notice of… Like the 90% of 18-29 year olds that sleep with their mobile phone, this is a stat that doesn’t mean too much directly, but helps establish the connection between a person and their phone as a very powerful tool for marketers come day light hours!

How Adults Use Mobile Phones 

You’ll also notice that 18% of 18-24 year olds send over 200 text messages per day. Be Sociable, Share! Cell Phone Infographic, Cell Phone Statistics, Infographics, Mobile Phone Infographic, Mobile Phone Statistics, Mobile Phones, Social Media Infographics. BEST GLOBAL BRANDS 2010: Apple fails to break into top flight. The company, headed by Steve Jobs, boosted its brand through carefully controlled messaging and an endless wave of buzz surrounding new product launches, but somewhat surprisingly failed to make the top 10.

BEST GLOBAL BRANDS 2010: Apple fails to break into top flight

It has recently taken a knock in public perception due to problems with reception encountered by its iPhone 4 handset, which led to the offer of a free rubber casing for those who were dissatisfied with their purchase. The brand barometer placed soft drinks manufacturer Coca-Cola as its top global brand, with technology brand IBM taking second place, Microsoft third and Google fourth. Are Twitter Followers Better Than Facebook Fans?

Marketers looking to push out the most effective messages to opt-in recipients must understand how audiences differ across channels and what causes them to connect with brands.

Are Twitter Followers Better Than Facebook Fans?

Marketing venues that seem similar may differ strongly if their users have different needs and motivations. According to the final edition of ExactTarget’s “Subscribers, Fans and Followers” report, the differences between email, Facebook and Twitter also include their influence on customer loyalty. Daily Twitter users who followed a brand were more than twice as likely as daily Facebook users who “liked” a brand to say they were more likely to purchase from the brand after becoming a social media follower. What’s more, Facebook fans were the most likely group to actively disagree with the question. Subscribers to opt-in marketing emails fell in the middle. The pattern among Twitter followers, email subscribers and Facebook fans was similar when asked about whether they would recommend a brand. State of the Media: Hispanic Media Use. To recognize the contributions and culture of Hispanics in the U.S., the period from September 15 - October 15 is designated as Hispanic Heritage Month.

State of the Media: Hispanic Media Use

Best Social Media Stats and Market Research of 2010 (So Far) Data junkies, stats addicts, web trivia buffs rejoice — here are a deluge of social media, search and other marketing research facts and figures from 50 articles and blog posts published so far in 2010.

Best Social Media Stats and Market Research of 2010 (So Far)

How are marketers planning to allocate budgets this year? What percentage of Fortune 100 companies are on Twitter? Global Trends in Healthy Eating. Eating healthy is a goal for most people, but often times a difficult one to regularly achieve.

Global Trends in Healthy Eating

Work and family responsibilities often make time scarce, and it is easier to go out to restaurants or prepare ready-made meals at home. The recent recession also prompted many to search for value, and sometimes healthy options such as organic produce and other environmental considerations took a back seat as they are oftentimes considered more expensive than “standard” products. The Nielsen Company gauged the world’s view of healthy eating, organics and other related issues earlier this year as part of a global online survey, polling more than 27,000 consumers in 55 markets from Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East/Africa (consisting of countries from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and South Africa), North America and Latin America. The views were diverse, but at the very least, most people want to do right when it comes to the foods they consume.

Organic Growth Takes Root. Marketers Educate via Video. Remember Three-Screen Marketing Plans? So 2007. Time to Get Ready For Six Screens - Advertising Age - DigitalNext. Hubba Bubba: Pop-up killer. Luxury - Live the Good Life. The State Of Mobile Commerce In Europe. I booked my first hotel night via a mobile device a year ago.

The State Of Mobile Commerce In Europe

I didn’t even think about the fact that it would be considered an “mCommerce” transaction, as I simply booked it directly on the hotel group’s Web site via the browser of my mobile phone. The site wasn’t actually optimized for mobile devices, but it was possible to enter my credit card details via a secure Web transaction. That’s not ideal, so I wonder how many mobile transactions that firm has missed simply because it doesn’t provide a compelling user experience. European mobile commerce is still at an early stage.

Digital content is still the primary product purchased via mobile devices, but European consumers show growing interest in using their mobile phones for all sorts of shopping activities. Buying products from a mobile phone hasn’t taken off, as a mere 2% of respondents reported purchasing products from their mobile phone and only 5% are actually interested in doing so. Social Media and Young Adults. By Amanda Lenhart, Kristen Purcell, Aaron Smith and Kathryn Zickuhr Overview Since 2006, blogging has dropped among teens and young adults while simultaneously rising among older adults.

Social Media and Young Adults

35+ Examples of Corporate Social Media in Action. We’ve discussed some tactics to get your company better engaged with social media. Lest you think there’s a limit to how you can connect with business and customer facing audiences, we’ve assembled this list of more than 35 companies who are experimenting with social media in a host of different ways. This list is by no means exhaustive, and it represents a wide variety of businesses, industries and social media tools.

Case Study Library. Influencer Guidebook (2013) Social Media Case Studies SUPERLIST- 23 Extensive Lists of Organizations Using Social Media (UPDATED) Are you using content marketing as part of your digital strategy to grow your business? If so, you're not alone. According to the Content Marketing Institute, the lion's share of marketers (some 92%) report using content marketing. Latin American Baby Boom Presents Opportunities for Retailers and Manufacturers. Best Practices: 10 Tips to Online Community Success - destinatio. What is pervasive creativity in the era of Social Media? World Map of Social networks.