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Today we're announcing an update to the Chrome Web Store policy: extensions in the Chrome Web Store must have a single purpose that is narrow and easy-to-understand. While this has always been the intent of the Chrome extension system, not all extensions have lived up to this ideal. These multi-purpose extensions can crowd your browser UI and slow down your web browsing - sometimes significantly. We're making this policy change to fix these problems and give users more control over their browsing experience. A simple and speedy browsing experience has been part of the core principles of Chrome since the beginning. Chromium Blog

Chromium Blog

bananas azuis bananas azuis Quem nunca ouviu falar em "clowd computing"? Porque é que a famosa nuvem é tão importante? Esta tecnologia permite reduzir e optimizar recursos, sendo economicamente mais rentável. Mas o que realmente é importante é que ela altera a forma tradicional de gerir os seus ficheiros. Até agora, você usou o seu disco para guardar ficheiros. Ora imagine que os passa a guardar na internet.
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