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Vengeances anon

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Anonymous Punks the FBI. Police arrest five over Anonymous WikiLeaks attacks. Five people have been arrested in conjunction with an alleged Anonymous DDoS attack on websites including that of MasterCard.

Police arrest five over Anonymous WikiLeaks attacks

Photograph: Jonathan Bainbridge/Reuters Five people were arrested yesterday in connection with a spate of online attacks last month in support of WikiLeaks. Police said the five males, aged 15, 16, 19, 20 and 26, were arrested in a series of raids at 7am in the West Midlands, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey and London. All five are being held in custody at local police stations. State of the Nation. Like Barr's previous statements to FT, the entirety of his research is not only terrible, but in many cases less informative than is the public record.

State of the Nation

The entry on me, for instance, is entirely inaccurate despite the fact that I have not been a clandestine participant since coming out of the closet months ago. As noted by Bernard Keane, the situation is rather hilarious. More to the point, it should demonstrate that HBGary Federal is not only incapable of protecting its clients and informing on folks who were among the first to get involved in Tunisia and Egypt - it is incapable of protecting itself. Here are the 60,000 e-mails that were acquired today.

Justice Anon

Westboro. HBGary. Amanda T. Rehtaeh P. Suicide d'une ado victime d'un viol collectif : des Anonymous se font enquêteurs.