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Langstaff & Sloan Inc

Langstaff & Sloan have provided residential and commercial electrical services in the GTA since 1991. Our commitment to providing professional and reliable electrical services has made Langstaff & Sloan an Authorized Contractor of Toronto Hydro Energy Services.

Full House Rewire: How Do You Know It's Time. If you have a feeling that something may be up with the electrical system in your Toronto home, you’re probably right.

Full House Rewire: How Do You Know It's Time

There are several clear signs that you may require full house electrical rewire, especially if you’ve been experiencing any problems with your home’s electricity regularly. Knob and Tube Wiring: How To Deal With It? You’ve found a home you love in Toronto and are going through the process to make the purchase final.

Knob and Tube Wiring: How To Deal With It?

As you’re completing the necessary steps, you hear the home inspector say, “knob and tube wiring.” While these words can be concerning, understand that there are ways to handle the situation. The cost to replace knob and tube wiring can be significant, and that often drives people away. However, when you work with a certified electrician who has extensive experience dealing with old wiring, you’ll get a much better idea of what needs to be done, costs, and how you can complete the work in a professional and reasonable way.

Knob and Tube Wiring Removal Knob and tube wiring was used up until about 70 years ago because synthetic wire insulation hadn’t been developed yet. The Most Common Problems in Commercial Electrical Systems. While they may not provide the same type of comfort as a home, it’s very important for commercial buildings to operate properly to keep everyone safe.

The Most Common Problems in Commercial Electrical Systems

Why Your Circuit Breaker Needs to Have the Right Load Capacity. Electrical wiring services may be needed for a variety of reasons, but an issue that is commonly faced by both residential and commercial properties includes an overloaded circuit.

Why Your Circuit Breaker Needs to Have the Right Load Capacity

Based on what space is used for, different homes or buildings in Toronto need different amp services. While a 200-amp service is good for a home larger than 2,000 square feet that has central air-conditioning and electric heat, it’s important to be aware of how many amps your space may need based on your specific usage. So, what does happen to your circuit breaker if you don’t have the right load capacity? Well, what you’ll experience at the very least is a power outage which may result in a few plugs not working or something larger that affects your entire home. More seriously, an overload can cause circuit wiring to overheat, which can melt the wire insulation and lead to an electrical fire. Is an Electrical Panel Upgrade the Right Thing to Do? Signs of overloaded circuits include: How to Find the Best Electricians Near Etobicoke. If you’re in need of an electrician in Etobicoke to complete work in your home or in your office, it’s very important to take the time to find one that’s reputable and experienced.

How to Find the Best Electricians Near Etobicoke

Just because someone says they’re an electrician, that’s not enough of a reason to trust them to do a job correctly. Hiring a professional licensed electrician in Etobicoke means it will be easier for you to get the work done properly and feel confident in the solutions provided. By taking the time to research electricians and making the right hire, you’ll get the best results and set your home or office up for safety and for success. Leasehold Improvements. Commercial Electrical Contractors Toronto. Whether you’re building a new home or looking to upgrade your current home, pot lights can be a key element to add to your space.

Commercial Electrical Contractors Toronto

For over 26 years, Langstaff and Sloan have been one of the top choices for electrical contractors in Toronto due to our speciality electrical services, including the installation of pot lights. Here are the top four reasons you should consider installing pot lights in your home: Modernize Your Space Pot lights offer a clean and streamlined look to your home. While hanging lighting fixtures, table lamps, and floors lamps provide a more traditional look to a room, they tend to stick out. This is problematic in basements with low ceilings too.

Make Your Space Look Larger The ability for a pot light to ‘hide’ or ‘shrink’ into the ceiling is one of the strongest pros for installing this type of lighting in your home. Service Upgrades - Langstaff & Sloan. Knob And Tube Wiring: Should You Rewire. What Is Knob And Tube Wiring?

Knob And Tube Wiring: Should You Rewire

Knob and tube wiring refers to the first generation of electrical wiring. It was installed in homes between 1900-1940. While it was once considered cutting-edge technology, knob and tube systems are largely considered risky, and having this type of wiring may make your home non-insurable. Knob and tube conductors are characterized by single wires wrapped in a cloth-based sheath. The conductors run in parallel pairs and are supported by porcelain tubes and as they travel through wooden framing members, and porcelain knobs as they travel along wooden framing members.

Is It Safe? Here are 3 technical issues to be concerned about: There is no ground wire. Some inspection agencies claim it is not inherently dangerous provided that: The insulation is in tact – You really cannot see very much of the wiring in most homes, although it is generally most affected above ceiling mounted light fixtures because of long term exposure to heat from light bulbs. Electrical Contractors Ontario. Commercial Contractors Toronto. Rubber Wiring For Residential. Electrical Construction Company. This has been our specialty since 1996 and we generally always have at least one of these projects in progress.

Electrical Construction Company

One of our strengths is that we will take ownership of the patching required to repair the holes made by the rewire itself. As a result, our holes tend to be more “patching friendly” and our projects are completed faster. We will always treat your residence as a home not as a jobsite. The start of the process is a written, detailed quotation which provides an itemized list of individual costs for your consideration. We will take the time to help you make the right choices for you. In the end, by choosing Langstaff & Sloan Inc. you will have found that we: Q. Q. Commercial Electrical Contractors Toronto. Contracting Companies Toronto. Journeyman Electrician.

Electrical Construction Company. From the late 1970’s until the early 1980’s many builders used Aluminum wiring in the construction of new homes and at the time it was a less expensive than copper and approved method of wiring a home.

Electrical Construction Company

By the late 1980’s this practice of wiring in homes had become redundant therefore all the related devices in a home such as switches, receptacles, and light fixtures compatible to aluminum slowly began to be phased out. Fast forward to today and these devices with Aluminum rating are pretty much nonexistent and very expensive if available at all. This presents a very dangerous scenario as Copper rated devices are being installed in Aluminum wiring systems which can produce arcing at connection points and in extreme cases be the cause of a fire. We can offer a solution whether it is: On the completion of the job we will also arrange an E.S.A. Electrical Services. Commercial Electricians Toronto.