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Key Benefits of Topping Up Your SIP – L&T Mutual Fund. L&T Mutual Fund Fixed Maturity Plans - L&T Financial Services. Fixed Maturity Plans - Series XVIII Fixed Maturity Plans - Series XVII.

L&T Mutual Fund Fixed Maturity Plans - L&T Financial Services

ELSS Mutual Fund, Equity Linked Saving Scheme - L&T Financial Services. Plan your tax saving investment now With calendar year-end rapidly approaching, now is the time to make some tax-smart moves for FY2019-20.

ELSS Mutual Fund, Equity Linked Saving Scheme - L&T Financial Services

Most of us defer our tax saving investments till the last few months of the financial year, for example, Tax Savings with Mutual Funds Tax is probably one of the most feared words today. Most of us explore the depth of investment options that are there for tax-saving – Public Provident Fund and National Savings Certificate being the old horses in the race. Basics of Income Tax Tax! Disclaimer: The tax saving shown has been calculated for a person aged less than 60 years in the highest income tax slab having annual income less than Rs 50 lakh, as per Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961 for the Financial Year 2018-19 and includes applicable cess. Loan Against Home/Residential Property. Loan against Property is the best way to know the value of your property.

Loan Against Home/Residential Property

If you have a dream, we at L&T Housing Finance Ltd. will ensure that nothing comes in the way of fulfilling that dream. Live your dreams with a Loan Against Property! We are only a call away. This multi-purpose Loan puts funds at your disposal to use as you wish. What's more, this Loan is available at a reasonable rate of interest and can be repaid comfortably over a period of 15 years.

Loan Against Property, Mortgage Land Loan. Top Up Loan, Home Loan Top Up. Sometimes life presents you with situations that exceed your financial capacity.

Top Up Loan, Home Loan Top Up

In times like these, an additional loan can be of great value. A Top Up Loan is a facility that enables you to take a loan over and above your existing loan, against the mortgage of your property. So when it comes to buying a new car, or a new home appliance, emergency medical bills, or business requirements, you will be prepared.

L&T Housing Finance offers to enable you to borrow an additional amount over and above the existing loan against the mortgage of a property. LTHF provides Top Up Loans for: • Buying of consumer durables / furniture / vehicle • Finance for children education / marriage • Meeting medical expenses • Business requirement • Any other personal expenses Eligibility criteria: Clean repayment track record of 12 months/24 months Cap as a percent of original loan is at 10%/20% depending on the repayment track record.

Loan Services

Home Loan Balance Transfer. Two Wheeler Loan, Bike Loan EMI Calculator. Investing a Lump Sum Or SIP in Mutual Fund. Should I invest a lump sum in Mutual Fund or should I go the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) route?

Investing a Lump Sum Or SIP in Mutual Fund

- is a dilemma faced by most investors. When you invest a lump sum, you are instantly hostage to market timing. The investment will work only if you can time your buys at all market lows and sell your investments when the market peaks. In theory, all this sounds very appealing and, worse still, doable. In reality, it is quite the opposite. It is for this precise reason a SIP is recommended when investing, especially in equity mutual funds. SIPs are expected to curb volatility, both on the upside as well as downside. You will experience a sideways market, an up market, a down market and plenty of volatile phases. So if they get their market timing absolutely bang on every time, lump sum investors may amass more wealth over time, though opting for SIPs is more realistic from a logistical and psychological standpoint.

5 Simple Steps to Follow while Investing in SIP. Most people think they need to have a lot of money before they can start investing.

5 Simple Steps to Follow while Investing in SIP

These days, with as little as Rs 500 you can get your feet wet with mutual funds. Investing in mutual funds allows you to take part in a larger pool of funds that will be managed by a professional fund manager. This presents a lot of advantages, the best of which is that you do not need to come up with a large sum to be able to invest in a variety of investment funds—say equities or bonds. Mutual funds are also suitable for those who may not have the time and capacity to manage their own portfolio. Unlike directly investing in stocks or bonds which require you to devote time into managing your holdings, investing in a mutual fund somewhat frees you from these responsibilities. If you think mutual funds are for you, here’s a step-by-step process to starting an SIP today: First decide if you want to invest through intermediaries (banks, financial advisor) or directly via an AMC.

Common Myths About Mutual Fund. One of the biggest hurdles in the journey of investing is getting over the widely believed myths that bear no foundation or truth. But we believe it because everyone does. To start investing, one must, most importantly refrain from giving in to false notions and myths and believe in what the facts. Here are some of the most common myths of investors about investing in mutual funds Mutual funds do not need large amounts to start with, you can start with even as low as Rs. 500 per month, through a tool called Systematic Investment Plan in a mutual fund wherein you are allowed to invest a regular monthly instalment in the fund, basis which units would be purchased in your folio. In fact, the earlier you start investing, the better it would be for your money as it would get to undergo compounding for a longer period of time.

Mutual funds by itself invest across asset classes such as equity, debt and money market instruments, which provide investors with the benefit of diversification of risk. SIP Mutual Fund Benefits, Plans & Myths. Financial Solution for Home Loan, Mutual Fund & Two Wheeler Loan. Best Mutual fund, SIP, Home Loans & Car Loan Plan. Investors - L&T Infrastructure Finance Company Ltd. Estate Planning,Trust & Wills - L&T Wealth Management. Family Office Services by L&T wealth Management. Investment Modes Offered by L&T Wealth Management. L&T Wealth Management Products & Services.

Suite Of Products - L&T Wealth Management. Debt & Capital Markets - L&T Financial Services, India. L&T Financial Services's Debt & Capital Markets business is emerging as a key debt capital franchise over the past few years with deep rooted knowledge of underlying market dynamics, coupled with strong distribution and structuring capabilities.

Debt & Capital Markets - L&T Financial Services, India

We provide complete solutions to our clients by offering diversified financial advisory and investment banking services, innovative ideas and unparalleled execution to our client base across all stages of the business cycle. L&T Financial Services has successfully managed several debt issuances of mid and large size which includes plain vanilla loans or bonds, and structured transactions to meet the specific requirements of the clients and the projects.

L&T Financial Services’s clientele for debt issuances include many large and medium sized private sector companies in India. We provide complete solutions to our clients by offering: Customised debt capital products. Housing Loan EMI Calculator, Home Loan - L&T Financial Services. Housing Loan EMI Calculator, Home Loan - L&T Financial Services. L&T Housing Finance, India - L&T Financial Services. L&T Two Wheeler Finance, Bike Loan Online - L&T Financial Services. Real Estate Finance, Construction Loan - L&T Financial Services. To ensure timely delivery of residential and commercial units, developers require capital during project construction period viz., from under-construction stage to the handover stage.

Real Estate Finance, Construction Loan - L&T Financial Services

L&T Finance offers developers requisite funds for their proposed or ongoing construction projects across the life cycle of project development. We partner with developers & builders to support end-end project requirements of Residential and Commercial projects. We believe in establishing long term relationship with developers and our philosophy is to partner developer group through networking model in catering to their project needs on a continual basis. We offer financial assistance for Residential & Commercial Office Projects during their entire project lifecycle that includes Pre construction finance, Construction Finance, Refinance, Inventory Funding and Lease Rental Discounting. The Real Estate team at LTFS brings together rich experience from the domains of real estate, finance and banking. L&T Mutual Fund Investment in India - L&T Financial Services.

Tractor Loan, Farm Equipment Financing - L&T Financial Services. Housing Loan EMI Calculator, Home Loan - L&T Financial Services. Two Wheeler Loan, Bike Loan EMI Calculator - L&T Financial Services. L&T Financial Services: Home Loan, Mutual Fund, Two Wheeler Loan.