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Water Features Add Beauty and Improve Your Environment. Fall Color Comes To San Diego Yards - Juniper Landscape. Posted by San Diego Landscaper on Wednesday, 29 July , 2015 If you think San Diego cannot produce stunning fall color, think again!

Fall Color Comes To San Diego Yards - Juniper Landscape

With the right mix of plants, you can enjoy beautiful fall foliage in lovely yellows, oranges and reds that will remind you of fall much farther north. Is Your Lawn Fire-Wise? - Juniper Landscape. Posted by San Diego Landscaper on Wednesday, 18 May , 2016 Remember all that rain we had from El Niño back in the winter months?

Is Your Lawn Fire-Wise? - Juniper Landscape

As much destruction as they caused, their potential for causing harm has not passed. Organic Urban Garden. Organic produce has become one of the most demanded staple items in the world.

Organic Urban Garden

We have all heard stories about the chemicals that are used in growing and preserving food, and many people have decided they do not want to risk exposure for themselves and their families to the possible side effects from those pesticides and herbicides. However, organic produce is also quite expensive at the store, often costing double or triple the price of “regular” produce.

This problem has sparked a growing interest in small-scale home production of organic produce. At Juniper Landscape Company, a premiere landscape designer in San Diego, we support our clients’ efforts to bring more fresh, wholesome produce into their homes—through their own back doors! Keep The Good Times Rolling by Extending The Life of Your Patio Furniture. Posted by San Diego Landscaper on Wednesday, 28 December , 2016 There are few things more calming than chilling on your patio furniture.

Keep The Good Times Rolling by Extending The Life of Your Patio Furniture

In this issue, we’ll tell you how you can keep the good times going by taking care of your patio furniture. Cleaning Your Patio Furniture Whether your patio furniture is metal, wood or wicker, there are specific ways to keep it clean. Metal furniture is actually pretty easy to clean, as you can rely upon a simple combination of water and mild soap to clean the surface. San Diego Outdoor Lighting Options - Juniper Landscape. Posted by San Diego Landscaper on Wednesday, 29 July , 2015 Lighting is an easy way to add drama and interest to a space as well as highlight important elements.

San Diego Outdoor Lighting Options - Juniper Landscape

Lighting is not only found inside, but is an important element outside the house. When choosing the right outdoor lighting options, consider the following factors to make your yard its most beautiful. The Benefits of More Light. Landscape Designers. San Diego Landscape Designers understand the way that beautiful pavers can add to our unique landscape looks.

Landscape Designers

With the marriage of desert, ocean and hill country, pavers can be adapted to a multitude of design looks and provide not only durable hardscape additions but also elements of color and texture to your landscape. Interlocking concrete pavers are a great alternative to plain concrete and can be used in many of the same applications. 6 Tips for Hanging Outdoor Holiday Lights. Posted by San Diego Landscaper on Wednesday, 23 November , 2016 Watching Chevy Chase as Clark Griswold put up lights around his home in National Lampoon’s “Christmas Vacation” is a holiday ritual for many people.

6 Tips for Hanging Outdoor Holiday Lights

In this article, we’ll teach you how not to be like Clark when putting up your lights and decorations. Plan your holiday lighting design. Even the most creative among us should stay away from “winging it” when it comes to holiday decorating. Developing an overall game plan before you start is the way to go.Establish a focal point. Before you hang the first strand, measure the length – including the distance to your power source.

5 Common Landscaping Mistakes. Posted by San Diego Landscaper on Wednesday, 29 March , 2017 Learning from the mistakes of others is often the most valuable – and most affordable – ways to make sure you do something the right way.

5 Common Landscaping Mistakes

With that in mind, in this issue we’ll take a look at some of the most common landscaping mistakes by DIY-ers who surely were just trying to their best. 5 Common LandscapingMistakes Planting Without Planning It’s one thing to be fired up about doing something in your yard. It’s quite another when you don’t take the time to think things through. What Fire Pits Can Do For You. Posted by San Diego Landscaper on Wednesday, 20 January , 2021 San Diego home and business owners enjoy the beauty and benefit of a year-round climate that encourages outdoor living.

What Fire Pits Can Do For You

Our area is blessed with naturally stunning landscapes and mild weather all year long. It is only logical to take advantage of this good fortune and spend a portion of our time outside. While this is easy to do in the daytime, in the evening, or during chilly weather it may be less enjoyable. This is where fire comes in! Fire pits can be created from a variety of materials and run on several different types of fuels.

How Are Plants Taking Care of Climate Change? Posted by San Diego Landscaper on Wednesday, 25 October , 2017 Are plants taking it upon themselves to offset some of the effects of climate change?

How Are Plants Taking Care of Climate Change?

It sure looks like it, thanks to a just-completed project carried out by researchers at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography here in San Diego. In this issue, we’ll share their findings. What is Bistro Lighting? Posted by San Diego Landscaper on Wednesday, 14 March , 2018 Our backyards and patios should be much more than just areas of our property. They should be outside rooms built around enjoyment. One of the easiest ways you can almost instantly transform the vibe of your backyard or patio is to install bistro lighting. In this issue, we’ll talk about it. Why Landscape Design is Important in San Diego. If you’re a resident of San Diego, you have the unique privilege of admiring the beautifully landscaped areas throughout the city. Find Out Why Decomposed Granite Could Be The Answer To Your Landscaping Needs. Posted by San Diego Landscaper on Wednesday, 2 May , 2018 One of the most versatile landscaping materials you can use around your home or business is decomposed granite.

Whether you want to dress up your driveway, flameproof a fire pit, establish a pathway or merely use it for ground cover to create an outdoor living area, decomposed granite has many uses. You’ll Never Guess Why Soil Health is So Significant. Posted by San Diego Landscaper on Tuesday, 5 June , 2018 The importance of your soil’s health goes far beyond the appearance of your lawn and garden. In fact, in one way or another, our very lives are dependent upon the soil. To put it bluntly: no soil, so edibles. In this issue, we’ll talk more about the important role soil plays and share tips for good soil amendments. How To Keep Your Poinsettia Looking Brilliant Year Round. Posted by San Diego Landscaper on Thursday, 14 December , 2017 With roughly 40 million plants sold annually in the U.S. alone, the poinsettia is practically synonymous with the holiday season. But did you know that San Diego plays a vital role in the development of the poinsettia?

We’ll talk about it in this issue and share tips for how you can keep your poinsettias looking fantastic long after the holidays. The Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass. Posted by San Diego Landscaper on Wednesday, 21 February , 2018 One of the ways to keep a green lawn throughout the year, even during periods of drought, is installing artificial grass. In this issue, we’ll talk about the benefits and drawbacks of artificial grass and how long it typically lasts. What are the pros and cons of artificial grass? While some of the benefits to artificial grass are fairly obvious, there are a few that aren’t. No water needed and very little maintenance required.

Now for the cons… How to Select The Right Outdoor Audio-Visual Equipment. Posted by San Diego Landscaper on Tuesday, 22 May , 2018 If you want to throw the ultimate backyard movie night, kick your outdoor parties up a bit or just want to enjoy your favorite tunes while poolside, installing an outdoor audio/visual (AV) system is the way to go. Before heading off to the nearest big box store though, there are a few things to consider to make sure you’re getting the right equipment.

How to Test Your Soil Using Baking Soda & Vinegar. Unique Fire Pit Designs. Tired of Spending Time On the Hose? Consider an Irrigation System. How Landscaping Increases Home Value Article. Herbs, Fruits, and Vegetables - Plants That You Can Eat. Monitor Irrigation During Rainy Months. What Makes a Landscape Design Beautiful? The concept of beauty is completely subjective; many people have vastly different ideas of what “beautiful” looks like.

The same goes for landscape design. Some prefer a wild landscape design, with a rainbow of colors and a huge variety of plants. 4 of the Most Beautiful Gardens in San Diego. Posted by San Diego Landscaper on Wednesday, 28 October , 2020 The natural beauty of San Diego not only delights its residents, but people around the world. Visitors travel far and wide to see the parks, gardens, and other landscaping design of the greater North County area. If you’re a San Diego native, you may have enjoyed these stunning parks more times than you can count. You have the opportunity to stroll through these stunning landscapes whenever you want! Contemporary Landscape Design. Top Pool Shapes For Your Yard. 4 Benefits of Rock Gardens. How to Prepare Your Yard for a Barbecue. The Beauty of Indoor Gardening. Learn How To Spruce Up Your Patio! How to Grow The Perfect Rose.

Learn The Difference Between An Arbor And A Pergola. How to Celebrate National Pool Opening Day! New to Gardening? Read This First. Tips for Your Home’s Curb Appeal. Is Landscaping Tax Deductible? Find Out How Gabion Walls Can Reduce Your Environmental Impact. Most Durable Plants for a Low-Maintenance Garden. Pros and Cons of Installing a Fountain or Water Feature. All-Natural Methods to Keep Mosquitoes Away. Succulents: One of the Top Gardening Trends. How to Choose the Best Plants for Your Yard. Why Your Yard Needs a Focal Point. Plan & Create Your Perfect Garden. Most Fragrant Flowers. 5 Best Herbs to Grow if You Love to Cook. 5 Ways to Attract Birds to Your Yard. 8 Ways to Brighten Up Your Yard.

Attract Hummingbirds and Butterflies With Native Plants. Planning for Small Garden Spaces. San Diego Summer Gardening: Grass 101. Grass: Who Knew It Was So Easy!! Is Gardening Safe in Polluted Cities? Celebrate Earth Week with an Urban Garden and Reap the Benefits. JCMS Attends Spring Home & Garden Show. The Purples Have It: Bring Violet To Life In Your Yard. Sage and Southwest Boulder and Stone Team Up with Juniper. Be Smart With Irrigation. Why Over watering Kills Your Plants. Are You Making These Irrigation Mistakes With Your Lawn? Know When To Bag & When To Mulch. Survey Reveals Millennials Love Gardening. California Residents Face Water Shortage for Lawn Care. California Residents Face Water Shortage for Lawn Care. California’s Drought Affects Pools. Ornamental Edible Landscaping. Enjoy the Summer With an Outdoor Barbeque.

4 Reasons to Opt for Our Landscape Designing Services. Deciding Between a Saltwater and a Chlorinated Pool. How to Recognize Heat Damage in Your Plants & Garden. Know When and How to Fertilize Your Lawn and Plant Life. Building a Dry Garden Instead of a Yard. Lawn Edging Options. Low Maintenance Front Yard Ideas. Getting Ready For The Holidays. California Drought Leads to the Use of “Gray Water” Lazy Lawn Care Tips. Keep Your Mower Running By Following These Tips. Why Adding a Water Feature is a Fantastic Idea For Your Yard.

Grow Healthy Grass In Your Lawn With These Simple Steps. The Truth About Landscape Lighting. Discover the Many Uses of Rocks and Boulders in Your Landscaping. Spruce Up for Fall with San Diego Landscaping. Find Out How a Water Feature Can Transform Your Landscaping. Let Juniper Landscape Take Care of Your Lawn’s Spring Cleaning. The San Diego Landscaping Professionals at Juniper Landscape Company Win Award at the 2012 Spring Home/Garden Show. Why Homeowners Remain Loyal to Certain Landscapers in San Diego. Winter Landscaping In San Diego – Ideas to Consider. How to Maximize the Beauty of Your Yard in San Diego While Minimizing the Expense. Now is the Time to Attack That Annoying Bermuda Grass. Low-Voltage Lighting Can Add a Whole New Dimension to a Yard. Tis the Season - For Rodents to Find a Winter Home. Commercial Landscaping Services Can Boost the Value of Your Home.

How Successful Commercial Landscaping Service Prioritizes Tasks. Learn How to Create Your Ideal Staycation Destination. How an Outdoor Grilling Area Can Bring Sizzle to Your Lawn. Discover What You Can Expect For Your Commercial Landscaping. Let Juniper Landscape Take Care of Your Lawn’s Spring Cleaning.