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Landon Schertz

My name is Landon Schertz. I currently work as a soccer referee and an evaluator for new soccer referees. In addition, I am an academic tutor for students from primary school through college level in various subjects, including English, math etc.

Landon Schertz : How to find the right tutor for your kid? Whether your kid is having a hard time understanding the grammar rules, or Newton’s laws don’t just make sense to him, it is important for them to understand the concepts of all subjects with the right assistance.

Landon Schertz : How to find the right tutor for your kid?

Before they fall behind in the class, and their grades start sinking, you need to find the right tutor like Landon Schertz for your kids. Many worried parents take care of this issue by hiring a tutor for their kids. Notwithstanding, every family has different needs, and tutors have numerous levels of understanding and know-how. So, it is essential to understand your child’s special educational needs, thus you need to look for the expertise and experience of the right tutor. Here’s how you can do it – * Decide upon the mode of teaching- in-person or online Now that we are living in an era where almost everything is available online, most kids are opting for the online mode of teaching. Check with the school authorities or your friends for recommendations. Landon Schertz : Why Opting For A Private Tutor During Summer Break A Good Idea? Summer vacations are a great time to rejuvenate your mind and relax your body after the tiresome term of your school.

Landon Schertz : Why Opting For A Private Tutor During Summer Break A Good Idea?

Children end up meeting their friends, take fun trips, complete case studies, and assignments to further hone their skills. In this time, they also could learn about skills such as pottery, painting, or play sports that encourage their physical and psychological development at a steady pace. Landon Schertz : A Career Guide For Arts Graduates. Landon Schertz : Your child is going to complete his/her schooling and as a parent, you are worried about their career choice and what areas they will be able to pitch in.

Landon Schertz : A Career Guide For Arts Graduates

Career planning is crucial for discovering a student’s will and interests in a particular field- be it architecture, science, arts, or sports. With advanced solutions to career planning, one can easily get to know and experience a wide range of options or self-discover the areas of interest based on hobbies and individual fondness.

Similarly, students who are about to finish off their graduation degree courses are also in dire need of career counseling that helps them carry out their academic skills into successful career choices. Everything You Need To Know About High-Dosage Tutoring - Landon Schertz. Landon Schertz : Tutoring is one of the prime reasons students get additional help in their educational journey as they are exposed to the personalized academic process and focused learning; They can raise their issues one-on-one, anytime.

Everything You Need To Know About High-Dosage Tutoring - Landon Schertz

Most students face issues when they cannot clear their doubts in the classrooms and struggle to soak in conceptual knowledge. Here, tutoring plays an important role in helping them to catch up with that left curriculum and boost their confidence significantly. Speaking of this, there is a concept known as High-dosage tutoring, which is similar to conventional methods of tutoring. 5 Signs Your Child Will Benefit From Tutoring - Landon Schertz. Tutoring is one of the prime reasons why students feel confident after school hours and strive to cover their curriculum with an effective approach.

5 Signs Your Child Will Benefit From Tutoring - Landon Schertz

It involves a mentor and a student, in most cases, further the batch could range from more than one to four at a time. Thus, ensuring that the attention span isn’t stretched and students get to realize their areas of improvement conveniently. In basic terms, Landon Schertz as a tutor is a person that guides students via their queries and provides assistance in various subjects where the students lack proper understanding. Debunking 5 common myths about private tutoring - Landon Schertz. Whether a student already excels at school, is simply too young for tutoring, or incorporates a terribly busy schedule, there are many reasons why folks might believe tutoring isn’t appropriate.

Debunking 5 common myths about private tutoring - Landon Schertz

What some parents might not realize is that there are several tutoring advantages for each kid at every level. The common myths/misconceptions regarding tutoring will entirely change the approach of your kid reaching his or her tutorial potential. Debunking 5 common myths about private tutoring. What To Expect From Your First Tutoring Session? - Landon Schertz. Tutoring could be a productive practice if you know what areas you need to cover in your tutoring session.

What To Expect From Your First Tutoring Session? - Landon Schertz

Often, children are confused as to what concepts/subjects they should take into consideration as they don’t get such chances in a traditional classroom. How Can One-on-one Tutoring Help Your Kid? With the busy schedule of parents and them being at the office most of the time, there is hardly any time left that they can devote to their child’s study.

How Can One-on-one Tutoring Help Your Kid?

It often leads to a negative impact on their learning capabilities and reduces their academic pace. That is where a private tutor comes into play to make the most of your child’s potential by guiding them in the correct direction. At a younger age, when a student requires an extensive attention span, a private tutor could aid their learning practices and shape their minds to get a comprehensive insight into their key interests, hobbies, weaknesses, or things they seem less confident in. Tutoring practices ensure better results and a credible private tutor helps a student by not only imparting bookish knowledge or make him/her understand the concepts but also enhance the social duties, interpersonal relations, and personality development. How to encourage the interest of your kid towards STEM courses?

STEM represents science, technology, engineering, and math.

How to encourage the interest of your kid towards STEM courses?

In the mid-1990s, the National Science Foundation (NSF) in the United States started utilizing the abbreviation “SMET” to cover these four areas in a solitary term. And later, in 2001, American scientist Judith Ramaley, who likewise worked at NSF, reworked the letter arrangement, and STEM was made. From that point forward, this abbreviation has been utilized in numerous nations outside the United States.

Numerous comparable abbreviations contain another extra letter for the name that assigns a particular region, for instance, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), STREM (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, and Mathematics), eSTEM (ecological STEM), STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine). If you are planning to encourage the interest of your kid towards STEM courses, then here are some tested ways you can opt for – Have your kids try math at any place you are.

Signs Your Kid Is Struggling With Online Learning And What You Should Do About It - Landon Schertz. With the introduction of various means of online education and distance learning, the schooling routine of children has become much more flexible and easy.

Signs Your Kid Is Struggling With Online Learning And What You Should Do About It - Landon Schertz

Now they have access to remote learning with new heights to achieve and get an instant benefit of setting up their learning pace. For instance, a student gets the opportunity to study more or less depending upon his flexibility and time available, which helps him/her to improve the educational base slowly and steadily. However, there seems to be a struggling point in the online learning experience that students experience, that they may lack the facility of steady internet service, a smart device, or a quiet place to devote to studies.

Even if it helps you to learn much more efficiently, it may require you to devote a part of your day and take out time to learn via online means. As parents, you should be able to observe the changes in your kid’s behavior and studying pattern. How To Prepare For ACT, SAT, Or PSAT? - Landon Schertz. SATs, ACTs, and PSATs are a category of examination tests that further permit you to enter the journey of degree college. These are the sole parameters that filter out the suitable applicants from a vast pool of high-school students, who wish to join a college. It reinforces situations of self-reliance, boosts their confidence, and puts them in a need to act logically and analytically. Most colleges have pre-determined their list of entry-level examinations which is essential to be cleared by every student applicant, thus ensuring their readiness and ease to cope up with the curriculum.

If we talk about each test examination in brief, then ACT stands for American College Testing, which is usually a small and basic test that comprises multiple sections such as analytical mathematics, standard English grammar questions, logical reasons, and passage reading. ACT 2020 Changes And How Will They Impact The Students - Landon Schertz. ACT or American College Testing is a standard assessment test that is essential for every college to conduct, to provide student admissions. The test comprises four academic sections, i.e English Grammar, Mathematics and analytical, logical reasoning, and essay writing/reading. These sections act as parameters to judge the academic potential of a student applicant and help colleges to simplify the admission procedure. A higher score on your ACT assessment puts you in a better position at the time of initial admission sessions.

The actual purpose to conduct the ACT examination is to realize the aptitude of the students who wish to enroll themselves in the college. As a student, you must score your level best in the ACT examinations as it will help you to upgrade your college application and invite better reviews from college faculties. Recommendations For Students To Ace Their New Year In School - Landon Schertz. A new year in school is always about fun, excitement, and anxiety- ending the last term with full closure, in terms of emotional, academic, and psychological aspects. Students join their school in the new year thinking that they’ll learn new things, score better, and discover their interests. The beginning of the new year offers various new subjects, encourages students to learn creative things, and focus on recognizing their interests in life.

Getting to realize that you’ll be admitting to a new school year can be pretty intimidating, and as a parent, you might want your little kid to be prepared. Parents should also encourage their children to organize themselves for the new school year, make a fixed routine to ease out the stress, and gain confidence. SAT Subject Tests And AP Exams- The Difference. Landon Schertz : SAT tests are basic reasoning tests that are required to pass while getting admission to a college.

These standard practice tests include analytical-based questions that are quite easy and increase the probability … Read More Landon Schertz : SAT tests are basic reasoning tests that are required to pass while getting admission to a college. These standard practice tests include analytical-based questions that are quite easy and increase the probability of your new admission. Landon Schertz : Top Tips To Revise An Essay. Essay writing is a great way to push your limits in terms of new ideas, information, and clarity over different things. Mostly, every theoretical subject taught in school includes writing an essay and the formation of a piece of information to enable students to work on their writing skills, form-critical judgements based on the content material. It also boosts their learning abilities so they can grasp more knowledge effectively and turn ordinary information into detailed and meaningful articles. When students are exposed to numerous essay writing sessions, it helps them work on their communication skills and present analytical arguments, thus honing their intellect and motor skills.

After writing an essay, it is important to proof-read it to find errors, whether grammatical or subject-wise. 5 Reasons Why A Private Tutor Would Be Beneficial For Your Child. Schooling and education have become strenuous and require multiple sessions on and off the school timings. As the syllabus is getting more contentious, the need to get associated with a tutor seems viable. 5 Ways In Which A Tutor Can Aid Students With Exceptionalities. Tips To Choose The Right College. Choosing a perfect college for your child might be one important task of a parent and given that it will help him/her gain clarity over a suitable career, it is necessary to give this step ample time.

There are often too many options of various colleges that claim to be the best and a viable choice for you but the decision to opt lies in your hand, based on different parameters of how they offer you the desired experience. Apart from imparting education and counseling programs, a college also helps you work on your social interaction skills, personality development and decide what career to choose for the future.

There might arise times when you’d feel stuck, having a lot of names of top colleges but would be unable to pick one. Private Tutoring And Learning Centers: Know The Difference - Landon Schertz. The idea of imparting education has changed a lot with the introduction of learning centers and institutes that help students cover a particular course in which students seek help along with their everyday schooling. They also deal with practice assessments, routine revision, and prep-tests to ensure that every topic is thoroughly taught and understood by the students. Joining University During A Pandemic? Here's What You Need To Do - Landon Schertz.

This year’s pandemic has hit us all very hard. Being a student has been nerve-racking during the lockdown, given the fact that colleges/universities were not operational and the burden of the incomplete syllabus entirely fell on their shoulders. Ways You Can Overcome The Challenges Of Online Learning. With the commendable enhancements in technology and hi-fi automation services rendered to an individual, the fundamental approach of education and learning has been strengthened up.

Online learning has taken over conventional methods of learning. It has become the town’s talk with its reliability to enlighten readers with many topics or subject matter. 5 Tips To Ace Revision For Finals. The prime motive of holding an examination is to test an individual’s performance over a time span, say one year or based on his/her academic term. Studying Skills That Can Help You Prep For College. Reading Time: 3 minutes 87 Views. 5 Career Streams On the Rise That You Can Opt For. Tips To Write Your Personal Statement For College. A personal statement holds the sheer responsibility of presenting your core skills and knowledge to the college/university committee based on which they decide to grant admission. From a student's point of view, a personal statement is perfect for highlighting their best side and prowess as to why they should be taken into the respective course/subject. Apart from an ideal admission application, your personal statement will influence your probability of being selected in the first round itself.

An individual can include his/her necessary information in the application as well as the personal statement. 5 Time-Saving Mock Exam Tips. Business. 5 Ways you can improve your child’s remote learning experience. 5 Ways a private tutor will help your child with a learning disability to transition to college. 5 Ways learning advanced vocabulary will help you prep for college. Here are a few ways a private tutor can help your homeschooled kids develop social skills. What To Expect From Your Initial Private Tutoring Sessions? Tips To Get Your Scholarship Hunt Started. Tips To Select A Unique College Essay. 5 Easy ways you can build your child’s interest in STEM subjects. How To Prep For The SAT/ACTs Amid The Coronavirus Scare.

Why Does Your Child Need A Test Prep Tutor? How Can Your Child Benefit From Studying Anatomy And Physiology? Everything you need to know about choosing the right tutor for your child - Landon Schertz. Signs your child would benefit from private tuition - Landon Schertz. Why is opting for Math advisable to students - Landon Schertz. Helpful tips for students starting high school - Landon Schertz. Ways to Make Your Tutoring Business Shine in 2020. Various Career Paths On The Rise For Your Child To Consider. Three Keys to Successful Homework Assignments During Remote Learning. Debunking Common Tutoring Myths. LSAT or GRE? The better choice! - Landon Schertz. Steps to get into a medical school - Landon Schertz. 5 simple steps to help you prepare for LSAT - Landon Schertz. Career options for Chemistry graduates - Landon Schertz. 5 Key differences between SSAT and ISEE - Landon Schertz. 5 Reasons To Study English Literature - Landon Schertz. Why is it necessary for students to learn about history?

Wondering what could be your career options if you like Anatomy and Physiology? Reasons To Take AP Classes In School. Tips To Ace GRE. Career Options for Physics Graduates. Career Options for Mathematics Graduates. Private Tutoring- The New Normal? How to become a doctor? - Step by step guide. Why are PSAT and PACT important? How to get into a Catholic school? Do SATs get harder with each passing year? Here’s how to ace it. - Landon Schertz.

Guide to building a career in Environmental Science - Landon Schertz. Steps to writing a great college essay - Landon Schertz. Why is STEM important for children to learn how to be innovative? - Landon Schertz. Reasons why STEM careers are so much in demand - Landon Schertz. Top Helpful Certifications for Tutors in the US- Landon Schertz. Top helpful certifications for tutors in the US - Landon Schertz. How to become an EMT? EMT – Responsibilities, Education and Certification. How Has COVID-19 Added to the Increased Demand of Tutors in 2020? Ways to Make Your Tutoring Business Shine in 2020. About - Landon Schertz. Landon Schertz.