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Summer Dresses for Women Over 40 to Match Your Personality. Looking for Dresses for Women Over 40 - See What Winner #4 Chose. Dresses have been a popular favorite in our fashion trends contest.

Looking for Dresses for Women Over 40 - See What Winner #4 Chose

This contest invited readers to get creative and design a Polyvore outfit based on a Spring 2013 fashion trend. The winners came up with some fabulous looks for stylish women over 40. Winners 10 and 9 played up Spring’s hottest colors, Emerald Green and Monaco Blue. Nautical shades and soft, feminine looks with lace came from our winners 8 and 7, while Winners 6 and 5 were all about bright colors and bold animal prints. Today, we raise the curtain on winner # 4! Fashion is going green these days in more ways than one. Long Tunic Tops to Wear with Leggings. Neon Colored Clothing for Women. Love them or hate them, acid tones have been a huge color trend the last few months and seem to be going strong this summer.

Neon Colored Clothing for Women

We’ve seen electric pink, fluorescent green and in particular lots of acid yellow.Many celebrities have shown up at award ceremonies and galas in this shocking shade. Sometimes it’s worked and sometimes it’s bombed. How To Wear An Ankle Pants or Capri Pant Over 40. Hi Deborah, I’ve seen lots of ankle length cropped pants out there this season and I think this length will probably be more flattering on me, compared to Capri pants which end at my calf.

How To Wear An Ankle Pants or Capri Pant Over 40

My question is what heel height would work? Make-up over 40, women over 40. Do you feel compelled to update your make-up wardrobe every season?

make-up over 40, women over 40

Do you go to the cosmetic counter, see what your favorite cosmetics company is promoting for springtime, and then fall into the trap of spending hundreds of dollars in order to feel “on trend?” Guest Expert Beke Beau says, You may be throwing away good money for products that won’t accomplish what you hoped they would, that is, to make you look better. The busy bees who work for the likes of Estee Lauder and L’Oreal (mega companies that own most of the brands you know and love) get their creativity all tied up in a bunch to come up with seasonal campaigns that will draw you to their offerings.

Each season, they offer a coordinated palette of colors and textures that they want you to assume will work on anyone. While aging skin and basic color theory prove otherwise, you are still left with expensive piles of products that aren’t right for you. What to Wear in Las Vegas Night Clubs. Funky Clothes for Women Over 40. Forty and beyond doesn’t mean frumpy!

Funky Clothes for Women Over 40

Now is the time to have fun and explore your personal style. And this week’s readers have done exactly that. Take a look as these readers share photos of their hip and funky way of dressing . Funky Style Clothes - The Maxi Maxi dresses are still in full swing this season, and there’s a good reason for that. Jyothi, a yoga instructor, is excited about breaking out her funky dresses this season. If you think you can’t wear a maxi, because you’re not as slim as Jyothi, think again.

Camouflage is in Fashion Funky clothes for women over 40 come in all sorts of prints including an all time favorite, camouflage. Sherri, a fun-loving 49 year-old, looks ready for action in this sleeveless top, that she’s paired with skinny, side-zip black jeggings. Hip Meets Comfort (Funky Work Clothes) Ela is the owner of Delacor Studio which means she has the fun job of trying on all the latest looks that come into her store, including many funky style clothes.

Best Fitting Jeans for Women Over 40. Hi Deborah!

Best Fitting Jeans for Women Over 40

I love your website and have a question I think most of us are beginning to ask ourselves: Are colored jeans appropriate? And not just the red ones, I’m talking about the bright yellow, turquoise, and bright blue ones! Most of the colors are turning up in skinny styles which are harder for us fabulous fifty-somethings to wear (unless you’re a size 2). I love the colors, but aren’t sure if they will scream ‘desperately clinging to youth’ or will look chic and current. Any ideas of how to pull this off would be greatly appreciated! Hi Trish, It’s easy to dismiss this trend as only for young, skinny starlets, when in fact colored jeans can work at any age. Done right, colored jeans communicate you are modern, fun and vibrant. Summer Dresses for Women Over 40 to Match Your Personality. Best Fitting Jeans for Women Over 40. How Can I Find Stylish, Age-Appropriate Clothes On A Budget?

Hi Deborah, I’m not an enthusiastic shopper and I’m a stay-at-home mom and wife to a pastor,so–I like to wear conservative, inexpensive AND stylish clothes.

How Can I Find Stylish, Age-Appropriate Clothes On A Budget?

Quite a challenge! I often put on my clothes and realize they look old, or make ME look old! I’m petite, too, so it’s even harder to find great clothes at a great price. How can I find great clothes without spending much money or time? Yours, Ann Hi Ann, I feel strongly that women have years of being “brainwashed” to think that to save money, you need to buy inexpensive clothes, when in reality what we need to do is train ourselves to shop a lot smarter and with a strategy in mind. 1) Know what colors look best on you and stick with a narrow palate that will all mix and match. 2) Don’t buy in quantity. 3) Try shopping at consignment stores for brand names that are higher quality 4) Don’t be afraid to have things tailored. 5) Be super picky before purchasing an item. 7 Ways to Tastefully Wear Leggings or Skinny Pants Over 40.