EtherPad: Realtime Collaborative Text Editing

EtherPad: Realtime Collaborative Text Editing

Etherpad lite allows you to edit documents collaboratively in real-time, much like a live multi-player online editor, allowing you to write articles, proposals, press releases and the like, together with your friends, your fellow students or your colleagues, working on the same document at the same time. It even supports rich text editing! Additionally, Etherpad lite provides access to all data through a well-documented HTTP API and supports import/export to many major data exchange formats. The built-in plugin system makes extending the core functionality a breeze, regardless of whether you're adding support for inserting images or videos or allowing users to collaborate on tables. Try the live demo !
KatMouse - mouse wheel utility for Windows KatMouse - mouse wheel utility for Windows Mouse wheel enhancement for Windows (screen shot) written by Eduard Hiti. Purpose The prime purpose of the KatMouse utility is to enhance the functionality of mice with a scroll wheel, offering "universal" scrolling: moving the mouse wheel will scroll the window directly beneath the mouse cursor (not the one with the keyboard focus, which is default on Windows).
Microsoft has over 150 FREE Windows XP, Windows Vista & Office Programs available for download — finding them all is extremely difficult . . . until now. Alt-Tab Replacement in addition to the icon of the application window you are switching to, you see a preview of the page. ConferenceXP enables you to see & hear others in a virtual collaborative space, called a venue. You collaborate on an electronic whiteboard or PowerPoint presentation, send messages and more. Feeds Plus is an Internet Explorer 7 add-on for RSS pop-up notifications. FolderShare keeps important files at your fingertips – anywhere.

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The Road to Know Where: Ultimate List of Free W...
AltDesk is virtual desktop manager for windows ... AltDesk is Virtual Desktop Manager for Windows, which makes your daily work easier. Modern computers' power is enough to let you run numerous applications at the same time. You can surf the Internet, listen to the music and chat with your friends at once, but the more tasks you launch, the harder it becomes to manage them. That's when you might start thinking of getting the second monitor. AltDesk gives you a better choice. It creates several Virtual Desktops you can easily switch. AltDesk is virtual desktop manager for windows ...
Current version is released on 2013-11-11 Other Editions: iTunes for Mac OS X | Winamp | Windows Media Player Contents Overview The Now Playing plugin allows you to easily publishing what you are listening to! Brandon Fuller | Now Playing: An iTunes for Win... Brandon Fuller | Now Playing: An iTunes for Win... is a tool for automatic branch management. It allows branch maintainers to merge changes from and to their branch very easily, and automatically records which changes were already merged. This allows displaying an always updated list of changes yet to be merged, and totally prevents merge mistakes (such as merging the same change twice). You can think of svnmerge as the equivalent of yellow sticky notes on a Subversion branch that record which revisions have been merged in already from one or more other branches, plus some useful functionality for viewing, managing and updating that information. See our feature list for a more detailed description. - SubversionWiki - SubversionWiki
Pylot | Open Source Web Performance Tool What Is It? Pylot is a free open source tool for testing performance and scalability of web services. It runs HTTP load tests, which are useful for capacity planning, benchmarking, analysis, and system tuning. Pylot generates concurrent load (HTTP Requests), verifies server responses, and produces reports with metrics. Pylot | Open Source Web Performance Tool
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Update: Bamboo SP Analyzer now available (08/04/2012). Introducing Bamboo SharePoint Analyzer SharePoint Analyzer is the latest beta product available as a free download from Bamboo Labs, our Research and Development incubator. Introducing Bamboo SharePoint Analyzer - The Ba... Introducing Bamboo SharePoint Analyzer - The Ba...
SQL Nexus Tool - Home SQL Nexus Tool - Home Formal training has taken a front seat thanks to a recent EDC survey for Motorola. And though EDC’s teaching-firm report is just this month being formally released, some people within Motorola are already lobbying for a stepped-up commitment to formal training. Their argument takes the form of an obvious question: If 40 hours of formal training yields 160 hours of informal learning, what would 80 hours of training yield? The desired answer, of course, is 320 hours – two months’ worth of leveraged, on-the-job learning. But Frasier worries that the relationship between formal and informal training may not be so straightforward. A learning environment is a wonderful thing; it can also be, Frasier understands, a fragile thing.
SQL Server Storage Engine & Tools ( : ...