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Getting Started at Genealogy Today. I don't know where to begin on my genealogy Welcome to the wonderful world of genealogy.

Getting Started at Genealogy Today

Whether you've been working on your family history for several years or just getting started, Genealogy Today has resources to help you with your research. The Internet has changed the face of genealogy forever. Once relegated to challenging library work or long distance traveling, genealogy now has a powerful "instant access" aspect. So potent is this new component of research, many are so overwhelmed that they end up failing to get accurate and verifiable information. One electronic resource we recommend is Climbing Your Family Tree, an interactive tutorial CD-Rom that lets you click and visit sites as it describes how they fit into your research efforts. Once you've gotten a good overview of the different types of techniques and source documents, come back to Genealogy Today and let us guide you through the process of researching your family history. Where's MY Family Tree? - A Newbie Column at Genealogy Today.

By Christine Sievers Most Recent Articles Two metaphors come to mind for genealogical research.

Where's MY Family Tree? - A Newbie Column at Genealogy Today

One is a jigsaw puzzle whose pieces were scattered around the room. The other metaphor that genealogical research brings to mind is a good mystery story. This column will give you some of the tools to help uncover the mystery of your family tree, and I hope will help you to answer the question, "Where's MY Family Tree? ". Archived Articles The Federal Census Online There are two types of online census sites, free and paid. Introduction to the US Federal Census After finding the death, marriage, and birth records of your ancestor, it is time to start searching for census records. Birth Certificates Since we are working backwards, the birth certificate is the last vital record for your ancestor. Marriage Documents Pt. 2 - Church Records By the late 1800's, registration of marriages were records kept by almost all of the states. Who Said Aunt Tillie Eloped? << Genealogy Columnists. Resources for Genealogists and Family Historians.

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Resources for Genealogists and Family Historians

Resources for Genealogists Home > Research Our Records > Resources for Genealogists Now online - Start Your Family Research Learn how you can use the resources at the National Archives to explore your family's ancestry. Browse Popular Topics Explore genealogy resources related to specific topics: Events Tools for Genealogists Genealogy-Related Articles. Genealogy: Getting Started. Genealogy, one of the most popular pastimes in the United States, is the study of the history of a family.

Genealogy: Getting Started is the repository for resources, records and documents that reveal the details of families who lived in Lancaster County since its founding in 1729. These records serve as the puzzle pieces needed to see the picture of your family. There is always a professional staff member on duty to assist you in using our collections and help you put together the puzzle. Begin your genealogy with present generations and work back in time.

One good way to start is to interview relatives. As you begin, take the time to read a variety of beginning books on genealogy to familiarize yourself with the kinds of resources and techniques used in this type of research. Taking an introductory class in genealogy is an excellent way to learn from those experienced in researching family history. You can access our online library catalog from your home computer. About Genealogy - Learn How to Research Your Family Tree.