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Founded in 1994 by Gregory P. LaMonaca, our firm is dedicated to serving the needs of our clients throughout the Main Line, Pennsylvania and beyond, with a team-oriented approach. To learn more about our company and its philosophy, go to the about the firm page.

Get Legal Advice On Child Custody Issues In West Chester PA. Top Family Lawyer in Norristown, PA. Different types of divorce issues in NORRISTOWN PA. Best Divorce Lawyers In Montgomery County PA. Best Norristown Divorce Lawyers. Child Custody Lawyers in Media PA. The Different Kinds of Divorce. Types of Cases Tried and Role of Court Family. Family & Divorce Law Attorney. Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support. When filing for child support, you’ll need to provide the name, address, place of employment, and social security number of the other party.

Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support

If you don’t have this information, the Domestic Relations Office or your attorney may help you. If you have any related court order, such as a restraining order, you should also bring them. What Are Birth Mother Rights after Adoption. Top Ten Child Support Questions. How Can I Enforce A Court Order ? When a court issues a child support or spousal support order, it may seem like the legal battle is finally over.

How Can I Enforce A Court Order ?

However, the existence of a court order doesn’t necessarily mean that an individual will adhere to the agreement. Sometimes child and spousal support recipients have a hard time receiving payments due to the other party’s deliberate attempt not to fulfill their obligations.In 2011 alone, noncustodial parents in the US owed custodial parents over $100 billion in support payments. In 75 percent of the cases, these parents refused to pay even though they could afford the fees.In such scenarios, the recipient party must take certain steps to enforce the order. Each state has specific remedies to help individuals enforce court orders and collect overdue payments. What Are The Most Common Cases Seen in Family Court converted.

What Are The Most Common Cases Seen in Family Court? The family justice system helps to resolve cases regarding family matters and domestic disputes.

What Are The Most Common Cases Seen in Family Court?

These issues are resolved in family courts and family lawyers Media PA typically represent clients facing such problems. Here are the different types of cases heard in family court. Marriage Dissolution When a couple decides to end their marriage, they can file written permission in court, seeking for marriage dissolution. Family courts can dissolve a marriage either through a divorce, which ends a valid union, or an annulment which decrees the marriage invalid. Legal Separation Couples can petition the court for a separation order which doesn't dissolve the marriage but recognizes that the couple is no longer together. Protection Orders Victims of domestic abuse who feel their attackers may harm them again can file a petition requesting a restraining order. Adoption. Benefits of Having Legal Consultancy Law Team. How Can the LaMonaca Law Team Approach Help You?

Benefits of Having Legal Consultancy Law Team

How can our LaMonaca Law team approach help you? At LaMonaca Law, we utilize a team consisting of a tailored group of attorneys, paralegals and support staff. As soon as your case enters the firm, it will be analyzed, discussed, and assigned to those team members who can best address your specific needs and goals. Much like each case has varying facts, each member of LaMonaca Law has different strengths. We match those strengths with the needs and goals of each client, making our team approach both valuable and effective.

We have also developed specialty teams, including our Forensic Support Team, Appellate Unit, and Child Custody Unit. In addition to our specialty teams, as a case moves through the legal process, there are times when other professionals or experts are also included on our teams. How Pennsylvania Calculates Alimony And Pre-Divorce Support. As part of divorce cases, couples have to resolve issues relating to child welfare and the division of assets and debts.

How Pennsylvania Calculates Alimony And Pre-Divorce Support

Alimony is also a vital element that spouses have to agree on before finalizing a divorce. It’s a monthly payment that one spouse makes to the other, based on a court order or a mutual agreement. Alimony is usually a post-divorce payment to help smoothen one spouse’s transition from married to single life. It is payable to the least earning spouse from the higher-earning spouse. In Pennsylvania, there’s no discrimination between husbands and wives; whoever earns more pays the alimony. The Difference Between Contested and Uncontested Divorce. Termination of Parental Rights in Pennsylvania. 1.4 How LaMonaca Law Team Can Help You What’s the Benefits. Is There Child Support for Children Over 18? – The Scientology Forum. Child support laws require one parent to make monthly payments to the parent with primary custody, to cover the cost of raising the child.

Is There Child Support for Children Over 18? – The Scientology Forum

While parents have to support their children, they only have to do so until the child gets to the age of maturity. This age of maturity differs by state. What separates you from the crowd in your country. Child Custody Determination for Underage Parents. It’s no longer uncommon for teenagers or minors to become parents, leaving them to wonder about their parental rights.

Child Custody Determination for Underage Parents

Underage parents have equal responsibility and parenting time as adult parents. In most cases, the court determines custody of a minor’s child, the same way as children of parents over 18. However, the age and maturity of the parents may influence the court’s final decision. If you’re a minor and you’re concerned about your child’s custody, you’re not alone. Several underage parents have questions on how their unique situation affects their child’s custody. In this article, we’ll highlight some child custody information that may be useful to minor parents.

Establishing Paternity Like any family lawsuit involving unmarried parents, an underage father will have to establish paternity before having any parental rights. Who Gets Custody Of The Children During A Divorce. Family Lawyers Norristown Pa - Lamonacalaw. Establishing paternity under the law is the determination of a child’s “legal” father.

Family Lawyers Norristown Pa - Lamonacalaw

The legal definition of fatherhood differs in each state, and it’s not always the same as the biological definition. If both parents are married when the child is born, the husband is assumed to be the legal and biological father. For unmarried couples, there’s usually no assumed legal relationship between the child and the biological father. The legal relationship establishes if the father signs the birth certificate when the child is born. Child Custody Lawyers In Media Pa - Lamonacalaw. Best Family Lawyers, Divorce Lawyers, Child Support Lawyers In Media Pa - Lamonacalaw. Divorce lawyers in delaware county pa - lamonacalaw. LAMONACALAW. LaMonaca Law in W State. LaMonaca Law - Media, Pennsylvania, USA - Law - Legal. LaMonaca Law W State St, Media, United States, PENNSYLVANIA, 19063. 4 Things to Know Before Filing For Divorce. 4 Things to Know Before Filing For Divorce. Getting divorced is not as simple as it sounds.

4 Things to Know Before Filing For Divorce

It is an emotional process that can get complicated and take longer than expected to complete. There’s more to the divorce process than merely signing papers and sending them to a court. The entire process starts from the moment you decide that the only step to take concerning your marriage is getting divorced from your spouse. After making that decision, there are several things you should know about the process before actually filing for divorce. Some of these things to know involve making difficult decisions, and it is best to know them before time. 1. The first step in the divorce process is getting a divorce attorney. 2. Documentation is quite vital in divorce cases. 3. In most cases, judges place restrictions on buying, selling, or getting rid of properties while the divorce cases are still in court.

You should also consult with your lawyer on how to handle joint credit cards and accounts. 4. Please follow and like us: 5 Unique Ways Family Lawyers Can Represent You. Family law is a branch of law that deals with issues relating to family matters and relationships such as marital agreements, divorce, adoption, surrogate parenting custody issues, domestic partnership, amongst others.

5 Unique Ways Family Lawyers Can Represent You

Family lawyers are legal representatives who specialize in family law. It’s always best to hire experienced local and professional family lawyers to ensure smooth and efficient handling of your case. Most people are unaware of the crucial roles family lawyers play. Qualities Your Divorce Lawyer Must Have. Family & Divorce Law Attorney.