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Poésie en rives du monde

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Sans titre. The Handwriting on the Wall: Authors’ Notes as Art. Microscripts by Robert Walser at the Drawing Center (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic unless otherwise noted) In grade school, cursive and print were treated like indicators of who we are.

The Handwriting on the Wall: Authors’ Notes as Art

As I remember, girls’ writing was meant to be neat; boys’ was generally unruly. Sometimes more was read into our penmanship as well — whether we’d be artists or doctors (doctors having awful handwriting). The idea seemed to be that how we write reveals something about the way we think and relate to the world. Born in different eras and on different continents, Walser and Dickinson both led intensely private lives and shared an inimitable approach to notes. Emily Dickinson, “Clogged | only with | Music, like” (1885), pencil on two pieces of envelope (click to enlarge) Dickinson, slightly more than Walser, was fond of envelopes. Whereas Dickinson’s handwriting is loose, Walser’s is cramped, tiny, indomitable. Tagged as: Drawing Center, Emily Dickinson, Robert Walser, Writing. Criss-Crossing Cultures: A Triptych.

Admin note: sorry it took us so long to put up this post by Clarissa, which is a wide-ranging dispatch from a trio of events back in late October, 2010.

Criss-Crossing Cultures: A Triptych

But art is timeless, right? -- Christina Chia Clarissa Lee also blogs at HASTAC (, and Criss-Crossing Cultures: A Triptych When we speak of cultures, we seldom discuss water or the ocean. ARTiculating the Caribbean * Image: Fausto Ortiz, Ataduras de Mar, 2010 This exhibit at the FHI Gallery presents four Caribbean artists, one of whom has unfortunately passed on, Gelsy Verna, a Haitian-Canadian. For Cozier, consciousness for the Caribbean artists exists in the liminal spaces of nationhood. As far as Ortiz is concerned, he tries to represent such the imaginary of psychical and socio-economic violence through the play of light and darkness in his photographs. Wole Soyinka and The Beatification of Area Boy * Image: The Beatification of Area Boy, courtesy of Duke Theater Studies We now move across continents to Nigeria. Epilogue. The ‘link poet’ is no more. Rashtrakavi G S Shivarudrappa died after a long illness; his fans say 'the lamp is now without light' No 'bhava geethe' (light music) concert by C Ashwath, Ratnamala Prakash or Shimoga Subbanna was complete without G S Shivarudrappa's poems.

The ‘link poet’ is no more

Spoken of in the same breath as Kuvempu and K S Narasimha Swamy, GSS was just the third poet in Kannada to be designated Rashtrakavi (state poet). His two predecessors were Manjeshwara Govinda Pai - who got the title from the old Madras government - and Jnanpith awardee K V Puttappa (Kuvempu). GSS died at the age of 87 on Monday after a long illness. But his attention to detail and the meticulousness that characterised him remained to the end, as his family members attest. Bibliothèque Jan van der Marck. Past forward films. Unhealing Wound - Story. #119.