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Portail de Recherche du Grand Nord: Faire la recherche de photographies - l'Université de la Saskatchewan. Alaskan and Pacific Northwest Coast Totem and Wildlife Art-Raven Totem II. This detail (from another artwork) gives you a closer look at how this piece was made.

Alaskan and Pacific Northwest Coast Totem and Wildlife Art-Raven Totem II

The totem is first sketched onto birch wood and then each piece is cut out, sanded, primed, and stained or painted. (The reddish areas use a red oxide stain for their color.) The totem is then reassembled on the painted masonite. This one is framed with a satin white frame without glass that gives it a spectacular look. The striking color combination and professional presentation will add traditional class to any decor.

These totem originals have a very contemporary look while owing their origins to traditional design structures. This technique is perfect for artwork needed for large home areas and corporate settings. Médiathèque en ligne. Native American Genocide. The American Indian Holocaust, known as the “500 year war” and the “World’s Longest Holocaust In The History Of Mankind And Loss Of Human Lives.”

Native American Genocide

Genocide and Denying It: Why We Are Not Taught that the Natives of the United States and Canada were Exterminated Death Toll: 95,000,000 to 114,000,000 American Holocaust: D. Stannard (Oxford Press, 1992) - “over 100 million killed” “[Christopher] Columbus personally murdered half a million Natives” “Hitler’s concept of concentration camps as well as the practicality of genocide owed much, so he claimed, to his studies of English and United States history. Native Americans have the highest mortality rate of any U.S. minority because of U.S. action and policy. Smallpox was instrumental in killing the American Indians The term Genocide derives from the Latin (genos=race, tribe; cide=killing) and means literally the killing or murder of an entire tribe or people.

The U.N. Tradional Navajo Songs, by Joe B. Begay. Traditional Native Mmerican Music. LA CHAIR DU MONDE. ANTHROPOLOGIE DU CORPS(5).signes du corps et peintures corporelles. Il serait vain de chercher des «origines» aux multiples décorations corporelles car elles appartiennent à la condition humaine et, sous une forme ou une autre, les sociétés remanient le corps de leurs membres.

LA CHAIR DU MONDE. ANTHROPOLOGIE DU CORPS(5).signes du corps et peintures corporelles.

Pinyon - Chá'oł - Navajo Ethnobotany from Dykeman Roebuck Archaeology. Index Yucca Pigweed Big Sagebrush Goosefoot Juniper Lupine Common Bean Piñon Pine Corn Purslane Tobacco Navajo Name: Chá'oł ’Neeshch’íí, “piñon seeds”; Atlish, “piñon butter”; Deetsiin, “piñon logs”; Deetsiin bijeeh, “piñon gum” Classification: Pinus L has 75 species and 70 accepted taxa overall Species: Description: According to the species account from USDA Forest Service Fire Effects Information System (FEIS), Mature singleleaf pinyon is usually found in open woodlands (Lanner 1999; Meeuwig et. al. 1990:380-384).

pinyon - Chá'oł - Navajo Ethnobotany from Dykeman Roebuck Archaeology

Singleleaf pinyon needles are long-lived (5-12 years) (Graves 1917; McCune 1988). Singleleaf pinyon trees are long-lived. Zora Neale Hurston Digital Archive.


Susie Silook. By Heather Igloliorte Sedna with Mask, 1999 Walrus tusk, sea mammal whiskers, baleen, whale bone, metal, and pigment 12 7/8 x 10 x 4 1/4 inches Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco Bequest of Thomas G.

Susie Silook

Fowler [2007.21.389] While the form and aesthetic appearance of Susie Silook’s (1960-) ivory artworks reference the centuries-old circumpolar tradition of carving in walrus tusk, her subject matter is decidedly more contemporary. Her works, usually carved from a single piece of ivory and mounted on a base so that they stand upright, are deeply embedded with the oldest Inuit carving traditions, yet her subject matter diverges from the typical historic and pre-contact imagery of hunting and camping scenes (or land and sea animals) that you might expect to see carved in walrus ivory. INUIT. « On a peur de Sila qui donne les tempêtes On le combat pour arracher la nourriture à la terre et à la mer On a peur de la mort et de la faim en nos froides maisons de neige On a peur des âmes des morts et de celles du gibier qu'on a tué » Paroles D'inuit Recueillies Par Knud Rasmussen.

Ivoire : Le rôle de l'ivoire : outils. Les masques Inuit. Masque figurant le corps d'un oiseau portant son âme sous l'aspect d'un homme à face lunaire.

Les masques Inuit

Cette fois-ci, direction le Grand Nord arctique, à la découverte des masques fabriqués par les populations autochtones : les Inuit. Faits de plusieurs morceaux de bois sculptés, assemblés et parfois peints, les masques inuit, souvent ornés de plumes ou de fourrure, ne sont jamais identiques. Chaque masque est une œuvre originale qui a été créée pour représenter une histoire particulière, un voyage transcendantal précis et unique. Masque de "l'Homme de la lune" au pouvoir fécondateur. Pour mieux comprendre ces œuvres, il faut savoir que dans la culture inuit, le monde est divisé en deux : il y a le monde du quotidien rythmé entre autres par les tempêtes de neige, les périodes de famine, les dangers de la chasse, les maladies… et le « monde-autre », peuplé par les esprits malveillants, responsables des différents maux qui touchent les hommes.