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Artistes contemporains

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Magiciens de la terre - artistes - version de travail. Arthemis- arts of my own way_2015. Issey Miyake Fan Club. Gallery Inokumatei Kyoto. 本田このみ木版画「雑踏」(2014)

Makoto Fujimura

Gou Hayakawa Art Works : Nihonga - Japanese painting - Gou Hayakawa Art Works : Nihonga - Japanese painting - Delro Rosco. Today I finished up a small collection of paintings inspired by a hike at Kuaokala, a forest reserve over-looking Ka‘ena Point, on the island of O‘ahu.

Delro Rosco

Looking at the paintings, I realize that my work is not by any means pristine but it is that rawness or directness that presents an honest look into what’s going on in my life. This includes hoping and praying for others, the struggle and oftentimes disappointment but also the yearning for hope or even jubilation. These experiences are revealed through layering, color choices, textures and the hiding and revealing of these layers. As I recall the experience of this hike with a group of friends and boys, I celebrate the beauty of this place and think of the youth of tomorrow and hope for the presence of God in their lives.

Psalm 24: The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him. For he laid the earth’s foundation on the seas and built it on the ocean depths. Who may climb the mountain of the Lord? Sei Arimori / peintre Japonais - painter - schilder - Artistes Japonais - Artiste Japonai. Sei ARIMORI Peintre d'origine japonaise, enseignant l'Art à Tokyo Photos de l'atelier de l'artisteAtelier: Ryugasaki, Ibaraki-ken, Japon "movements of green (I)"2013210×383mmTempera, gold leaf on panel "Red movements (I)"2013765×460mmTempera, gold leaf on pane "Quiet silence"2013207× 377mmTempera, godl leaf on panel Texte version Anglaise Exposition personnelleKaneko Art Tokyo2012 Photo expositionKaneko Art Tokyo Dans un monde qui aime tant catégoriser les êtres et les choses, dans une société qui se sent rassurée lorsque chacun s'en tient à un rôle et une place clairement définis, Sei Arimori oppose son besoin de liberté, sa volonté d'affranchir l'homme et l'art des barrières qui lui sont imposées, des étiquettes réductrices.

Sei Arimori / peintre Japonais - painter - schilder - Artistes Japonais - Artiste Japonai

Amoureux des couleurs, de la dimension artisanale du travail pictural, Sei Arimori ne se laisse cependant jamais enfermer dans une pure démonstration de savoir-faire stérile. L'art de Sei Arimori agit donc à un niveau spirituel. ギャルリー東京ユマニテ / Galerie Tokyo Humanite. Visual Art & Collectable Hand-Painted Glass. FUKUGAN GALLERY. One Day One Work. Fotografando vagalumes na floresta. Parece ser algo que vemos somente em contos de fadas, mas um fotógrafo japonês conseguiu imagens extraordinárias de longa exposição com os vagalumes nas florestas do Japão.

Fotografando vagalumes na floresta

O resultado é simplesmente espetacular. Tsuneaki Hiramatsu é um fotógrafo amador que vive atualmente em Okayama, Japão. Nos últimos anos, Tsuneaki se aventurou dentro das florestas do Japão para capturar as rotas de voo de vagalumes à noite. Para conseguir as imagens oníricas, Tsuneaki fez uma série de fotografias de longa exposição de oito segundos. Confira! A conversation with Mariko Mori. She may be remembered as an ’80s fashion model or more known for her Cindy Sherman-esque photographs in which she inserted herself into everyday scenes while dressed in futuristic costumes—think cyborg in a convenience store, metallic astronaut in the subway and blue plastic mermaid in a public swimming pool.

A conversation with Mariko Mori

But what is less recognized, however, is Japanese artist Mariko Mori’s latest work that is now on display at the Japan Society in New York City. The exhibition Mariko Mori: Rebirth focuses on Mori’s most recent installations, which are rooted in natural wonders and prehistoric rituals. Compared to her bold photographs of the ’90s, the sculptures, paintings and photos currently on view are placid and meditative.

But despite these qualities and primeval inspirations, the pieces continue to reflect her futuristic qualities—ancient Celtic rock formations are reimagined by perfectly smooth, color changing stones made of translucent corian. Emily McDermott | Ocula | New York. IKEBANA SOGETSU Time-line. Takuboku Kuratani 《The occurrence in the forest》 SHOJI UCHIDA. Wataru Yamamoto’s ghostly images of leaves. Wataru Yamamoto is a 27-year old photographer currently finishing up a Master’s degree at Tama Art University.

Wataru Yamamoto’s ghostly images of leaves

In a series titled “Leaf of Electric Light,” currently part of the Bio Art exhibition, Yamamoto uses a process known as Kirlian photography to create ghostly, ephemeral images of leaves. Originally thought to be able to capture some form of mystical energy field, or aura, of living organisms, Kirlian photography involves using high voltage to generate an electric discharge of an object, which is then captured on film. Although science has largely debunked the myth of the so-called energy fields portrayed, the process – as Yamamoto proves – is still useful in photographing objects in new light. His work is currently on display at the BioArt exhibition in Tokyo. Related posts Trending this week. Nude. 弥生美術館・竹久夢二美術館.