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Android 7.1.1 Nougat Developer Preview 2 Update Release Date & Features – Software Application Development Solutions. Good news for all those eagerly waiting for Android updates. Google has all set to roll an update to Android 7.1 developer preview by announcing a new release, the Android 7.1.1 Developer Preview 2. This renowned search engine has released Android Nougat in the month of August and is now ready with its beta version, but its testing is in underway and will soon be over by the time the latest software gets launched in first week of December. As per the sources it was found that the Android N 7.1 will at first come to Pixel as well as the Nexus devices. Few of the nifty features of this new release include SDK build and platform tools in Android Studio, App Shortcuts, which mimic the 3D Touch features in Apple’s iOS 9 (all you need to do here is to long press and hold any of your favorite app icon to quickly and easily jump into precise actions), and a new restart setting.

Like the news, stay tuned for more updates on Android. Like this: Like Loading... AWS Cloud Consulting Company: Our Testing Services – Help you stay top of your customer's mind. Owing to the sheer increase in the use of smartphones and tablets among B2B and B2C markets, the need for mobile apps have proven to be as important for every user today.

But to manage and ensure performance of your applications for various operating systems, quality testing of mobile apps is much appreciated to deliver a host of services, improve brand reputation, compete and prevent loss of productivity. And Etisbew, a fast-emerging service provider of mobile testing services is a perfect solution for firms who wish to make sure that their mobile apps are working as designed. With years of experience in the industry, Mobile Testing Experts of ETG offers functional as well as the non-functional testing services to ensure a high level of quality in every application. Our end-to- end mobile application testing services across various platforms, devices and carriers include: Functional Testing (manual and automated): Make sure that the app works perfectly in hands of potential users.

Etisbew: Accelerate your business performance with the full spectrum of testing services from Etisbew. In today’s fast-paced technological world to stay at par with the evolving market standards, it’s imperative for every entrepreneur to maintain high-quality and result-oriented testing competence. Etisbew, one of the emerging forerunners of this domain provides superior Automated, Cloud, ERP, Ecommerce and Web Application Performance Testing Services for our clients never-ending hunt of quality guarantee. It’s a well-known fact that evolution in technology, increasing complexity of software architecture of internet-based applications, development and operations, mobility and customer centricity has had an enormous impact on traditional way of testing to automate every feature for the constant and on-time delivery in the development environment. And obtaining testing services from experts is important to purify every insight of application for better usability of application or product.

The Quality assurance or testing team of any organization mainly concentrates on two things. Migration to Windows Azure – Software Application Development Solutions. Microsoft introduced Windows Azure platform as Microsoft’s cloud service which provides customized storage and computing resources. Window Azure is perfect for running big data applications, hosting collaboration systems and also shifting applications out of the over-taxed data centers.

If an application is responsible for handling large volumes of data or controlling considerable CPU resources, then in this case shifting to Widows Azure can be really useful. After migrating to cloud the whole system becomes scalable on demand and no extra server configuration is needed. The same technologies are being supported by the Windows Azure which has been used by millions of IP experts and they already trust those technologies. Advantages of Migrating to Windows Azure Integrates with your existing IT environment- At times your cloud service provider asks you to make a choice between your cloud and your data center but this is not the case if you migrate to Azure. Like this: Like Loading... Salesforce Support Services: Ten Common Mistakes Architects Make When Building a Application.

Abstract is changing the way software is written and deployed. Companies are realizing the enormous advantages of deploying business applications in very short timeframes without having to invest in hardware, software, and IT infrastructure – let alone the number of people it can take to maintain on-premise solutions. Thanks to, building and deploying a SaaS application has never been easier. However, to realize the ROI, it is essential to understand the SaaS model and the technologies behind it. is a paradigm shift and, as such, requires a different way of architecting, designing and building your application, to experience success. Do not make wrong choices that can increase scope, timeline and cost Mistake #1 – Not leveraging the automatically generated screens to reduce development time Visualforce allows you to design any conceivable user interface. Mistake #2 - Writing Custom Code instead of using configuration.

ColdFusion Applications Hosting & Maintenance services. Etisbew provides application maintenance and ongoing support services for all application maintenance requirements of our clients. Etisbew has precise and established application maintenance process which offers efficient capture, reporting and resolution of maintenance requests. Our proven application maintenance model incorporates industry best practices and helps organizations stabilize, enhance and expand applications so as to meet budding expectations and changing needs. Our application maintenance services include: Ongoing maintenance and support services Code reviews Design and architecture updates Upgrades and patches Service Level Agreements based support services Support & maintenance of application systems We develop tailor made applications to meet our client's specific IT requirements, seamlessly integrate various diverse systems, and extend support services for the applications throughout the application life cycle.

Etisbew Provides Quality Coldfusion Development Services To Its Clients. We are specialists in ColdFusion development with a team of expert ColdFusion programmers who have worked on scores of ColdFusion applications and provide a range of ColdFusion Services: Develop new ColdFusion Applications Maintain existing ColdFusion Applications Code and Database optimizations Overhauling running Application Database migrations in existing applications Converting ColdFusion Applications to .Net Below are the advantages of having Etisbew as your ColdFusion technology support partner: Team of expert ColdFusion programmers Highly experienced team of ColdFusion web developers 24x7 ColdFusion support Experience in handling all versions of ColdFusion Experience in all databases for ColdFusion Applications Develop optimized and search engine friendly applications ColdFusion Experience Databases: Through our ColdFusion application development experience we have successfully integrated a variety of databases technologies with the applications.

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