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Scarless Breast Augmentation, Los Angeles. The Talpiot Medical Leadership Program. The Talpiot Medical Leadership Program A Revolutionary Program to Build Medical Leadership for Israel Introduction Why is Talpiot Needed? Recommend surgeons in Melbourne, Australia ?, Message Boards, Cosmetic Surgery Message Boards, Forums, Skin Care, Chats. Dr. Garth Fisher. Breast Augmentation. Breast enlargement surgery, also called breast augmentation or breast enhancement, is a cosmetic procedure performed to enhance the size and shape of the bust line using breast implants.

Breast Augmentation

Women interested in breast augmentation will first have a consultation with plastic surgeon Hebert Lamblet, during which he will evaluate candidacy and discuss the desired results of surgery. During breast augmentation, Dr. Lamblet endoscopically guides a textured cohesive silicone-gel breast implant into position beneath the pectoralis muscle through a small incision in the armpit (axillary approach). Compared to other methods of breast augmentation, the endoscopic axillary technique results in a more naturally shaped breast, with minimal scarring, bruising, and swelling after surgery. Once the breast implants have been placed, Dr.

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